2020 Doll Plans

Oct 16, 2019


What are your doll plans for 2020?

Poll closed Jan 1, 2020.
  1. Buying new dolls

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  2. Paying layaways

    47 vote(s)
  3. Working on the dolls you have

    226 vote(s)
  4. Sculpting

    35 vote(s)
  5. Making clothes/wigs

    152 vote(s)
  6. Practicing your faceups/body blushing skills

    119 vote(s)
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    1. I've never heard of DOLK Rozen Maiden dolls! I can't seem to find anything online either?
    2. My plan was to gather my own Sebastian and Ciel. I ordered both dolls, but unfortunately because of hard world situation, it need more time.
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    3. I need to get Hoshi and Treacle (Incoming minifee) sent off for faceups. Treacle needs to see what fits her so she can build her ‘drobe. i am making wigs for all the girls to match treacle’s alpaca. She will get body blushed by me to match her faceup and definitely the other girls with new faceups will get re-evaluated for a blushing redo. I hope to get a new camera for my birthday too.
    4. So I made this whole prioritized list. I set up to do some blushing this weekend (humidity please drop just a bit more!) and even ordered some new supplies and prepped a doll... and the two I'm working on aren't even on the list at all. :doh

      But hey, I'm working on dolls! I have so many blank dolls after years of having everything possible stop me from working that it barely matters who gets done. So the immediate plans are:
      • Do a head-to-head on Purity Seal vs Munitorium Varnish (This will be posted in the Workshop here)
      • Blush Opiya (DollPamm Arubi)
      • Blush Arioch (FL Karsh/Sia)
    5. The pandemic has gotten me thinking, what with all this time I've had to study my current resin menagerie, and my plans have changed not even a month after posting my original response. And, I didn't even mention my passion projects! Then again, they're off-topic dolls, but I will be working on-and-off on them.

      In the meantime, I am considering re-shelling my resin crew into smaller sculpts over the next year or so. Fashion Doll sizes, to keep the maturity of the characters. I could even keep the Dollshe Saint sculpt for Ethan (avatar doll) that way! But, I've picked out other sculpts over at Iplehouse for him, his girlfriend Sam, and the 3 bandmates I've intended to bring home since getting Ethan in 2017. Reason being is so I can create more space on their shelf, to accommodate another couple from a different storyline [but who I'm already thinking could dress for a Future AU with Ethan and his crew - for more photo opportunities], and to accommodate them easier on my travels and have more choice for future doll meets. I've already - as of yesterday - put an Iplehouse FID Bichun on a 3-part layaway, effectively putting this plan into motion.

      But, Bichun [not the name he'll have, when he gets here] will need a face-up, as I ordered him blank to afford him now, a wig, potentially some eyes (if he doesn't come with brown as 'standard'), and some clothes. So, I need to look into that. As well as an Our Generation or American Girl horse, or something similar, as Bichun's character is a horseman.

      In short, I'm going to be doing a lot of sewing and prepping. Hopefully, some selling here and there. And, a bit of buying.
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    6. For me, 2020 is the year I really get into the BJD hobby! I already have research done on several possible dolls [alas, one of the sculpts was discontinued last month!] and plan on starting my savings officially in 2020. I've got the beginnings of a plan for a budget and already some ideas on what projects I'd like to try first! My idea right now is to work on making my own eyes. I already have the materials- even some molds, though not the size I'd like- to get started on eyes, so why not now?
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    7. Well I just paid off a layaway for a Terra Zenith body from Souldoll As well a a boy from Emperis doll & two other bjd dolls I wanted. Other that these I’m not, at the moment getting any other dolls. Like many I need to focus on what I have first
    8. I wanted to diversify my doll collection, I mainly have msd sized dolls and wanted to branch out, so I was able to get a feeple60 (she's on layaway) and a littlefee, and also trying to branch out to different companies as after the feeple60 comes I will have almost entirely fairyland in my collection, 4 fairyland and 2 non-fairyland (and I love them!) so I bought my first Volks doll (secondhand).
    9. update on the threads I wrote back in Dec 2019. So much has happened in these months, worldwide......my plan for 2020 also changed.
      * 7 boys relatively completed
      * 2 boys in working progress
      * 3 boys on the way home
      no more boys this year or even in the near future.

      * expand cloth/accessories for them reasonably
      * practicing my photography skills.
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    10. My plans are to finish face ups and to begin creating a doll house for my dolls. I think I'm either going to use the Ikea Kallax and put a backing on it or the Pax wardrobe. I only want two or three rooms to begin with. I think just a bedroom and a living area to start with and maybe a baby/toddler room at some point. At this point I only want it to display the dolls I have, not to play with as such.

      I made the base of a bed from cardboard today and will look to complete that with foam, felt and fabric over the next week. That will be my first piece of furniture. I've never made doll furniture before so it's all good fun. We'll see how it turns out!
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    11. I'm not sure if they'll be completed in 2020 plans, but I am aiming to find a white skin body for my Luts Junha head that I just finished a faceup of, get a DC Mini Bella hopefully for my bday and make her a Chihiro cosplay from Spirited Away to go with my articulated Dragon Haku, and one day find an AS doll full set mermaid~.
      I would also like to finish my digital sculpting of a doll and have it 3d printed in resin.
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    12. Well I figured I should update 4 months in.

      1. I still need to finish faceups, but we're down to two needing paint!

      2. Abaddon is on an OLD soom supergem body for now. I love its proportions for him. Hate the elbows with a fiery passion.

      3. I'm still useless on wigs. Everyone is bald.

      4. Outfits are not where I want to be, and I purchased a new girl and I have 0 sd girl clothing that my other girl isn't wearing. And all the dudes need shirts, and I need 4 cowboy hats now lol.

      5. Saint is still not here. A year of waiting has gone by.

      6. Impldoll still hasn't released Josy. That's okay though since I generally lack funds.

      7. Emperor's head has been put on layaway! I'm not expecting it until this time next year because ringdoll. And I'm not too anxious because acquiring a body is going to be awful.

      So I'm chipping away at my list. I purchased 3 dolls: feeple60 summer 16 and a doll chateau Erwin, with a dollshe fashion Khan on looong layaway. Two heads: cedarheart Lillian and waiting on magimapoon Chau Lai. They'll both need bodies, and my boy Jack needs an upgrade from his mirodoll one, but that's a next year problem I think. No more buying new dolls. Only acquiring bodies.

      Though for the first time I finally feel content in my collection. Everyone I NEED to shell is planned or already here (though someone needs to keep me from looking argodoll before I shell 2 more).
    13. My doll plans for 2020 are
      *Saving up for SDM Noa
      * Getting face up supplies (I currently only have watercolor pencils and sealant)
      * I really need to work on Margret's wardrobe, she only has 2 full outfits :sweat
    14. When the year started I actually hadn't made any new doll plans but then everything happened so fast. I ended up getting a Feeple60 Lucywen fullset a few days ago. I'm waiting on a few outfits and a wig for her. Then just last night I sort of let my hand slip and ordered a AoD Zimei from Alice's Collections. Aside from that I'm working on some clothing for one of my dolls and rearranging certain characters.
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    15. <3 Second Half of 2020 update <3

      Okay...so with the pandemic and stay-at-home orders and all, I’ve already nearly completed my initial list for the entire year! (if you’re interested in all I did, you can check out my post #66 of this thread.):sweat I kept it completely updated throughout the first 6 months of this year.

      But since I’ve already gotten so much done, it’s now time to re-assess my plans for the second half of this year. Time to move on...there’s always more to do!:)

      1. My Doll Chateau Gladys A needs a face-up, extensive body blushing, and I will need to start building her a special wardrobe to show off her mechanical body.

      2. I will need to create a kimono pattern to fit my Luts Miyo’s Zuzu Delf body.

      3. Pay off the layaway for my Soom Teenie Gem Taco.

      4. Pay off the layaway for my Realpuki Obi.

      5. Pay off the layaway for my Luts Baby Delf Daisy Elf (she’s a grail so I had to!);)

      6. Finish Lotus Kai’s two remaining stage-entrance kimonos.

      7. Make a wardrobe of simple 1920s shifts for Serendipity out of vintage handkerchiefs.

      8. Continue building my Realpukis’ haunted wardrobe.

      9. If Fairyland releases anymore Realpukis during this year, buy! buy! buy!;)
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    16. With my FID Bichun layaway completion date nearing [Friday!!], I've been occupying myself by sizing up the next doll purchase. When I ought to be thinking about my dad's suggestion of setting some money aside for a car next year [after my current one quit on me and required a new radiator earlier this month].

      With that in mind, when I next get a couple of days off from work, I'll be running through my current crew and being ruthless. I'm thinking of reshelling some of them, so maybe I ought to actually look at removing the old sculpts to see if that's still what I want. I put one away [the one I thought I'd never part with] and I, honestly, haven't really missed him. I have an eight-year-old guy just chilling in a box that I sat him in as he was in the way of something else. He can go now. I have three dolls that should give me half the money for a new car at about £2000. If I'm being utterly ruthless, I probably have enough money sitting on my doll shelves to buy a halfway decent car. That way, I can still do layaways on the dolls I presently want and make room for them.

      Those dolls being a Raccoondoll Mika and Dollnoize Wrath.

      Huh, that might actually be the wisest plan I've come up with in this hobby! :lol: I just have to now secure sales for all those I want to rehome and put the money aside. In a 'car fund'. And sit tight on affording layaways again, after Bichun gets in and "settled".
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    17. I am waiting for my DC Laney, and I just start a layaway for my new hybrid boy. I want to try new technics for doll wigs, and improve my skills in both sewing and face up.
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    18. I want to get my first minifee (I was hoping to buy second hand!)

      Any advice on this is greatly appreciated! I love the Mio head and I love the closed eyes on Chloe, but I've never had a doll from this company before.
    19. Trying to finish my new SD boy! I can’t wait until all of his items arrive! I’m so excited! :cheer

      Finishing my DOLKxDollZone Miss Kitty and Pipos Happy Line Nui layaway payments as soon as possible even though Miss Kitty will take almost a year to arrive! I’m so happy anyway because she’s so cute! :love

      Finishing up my two dioramas finally! I’m almost done with my tiny faerie home! Just need to do the floors! :D

      Getting my YoSDs more clothes! Their three rotating outfits need a break! :XD:
    20. No convention this year, *sigh* so I have a bunch of stuff I made. I may put some of it on the MP. I got the head I was wanting Simply Divine Richard and bought another head the DFH Mechanical head. No new dolls but I have been working on making cool clothes for the ones I have. Contemplating selling some heads too.