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Apr 10, 2014

    1. Thanks for the comparison pic!
    2. Anyone out there with yosd 2d dolls?
    3. At the risk of entering a thread with cricket chirping going on in the background, I finally decided to order one of these adorable dolls. I've been wanting an anime doll for ages and I couldn't resist the cute sculpts from this company. I also really appreciated they offered a male version of their yosd bodies because so many of the anime themed doll companies only offer girl bodies.

      Went ahead and ordered Creme in pure white resin on the boy body. Hopefully the wait will be less painfully long than my Loongsoul order was.
    4. Figured I would move our conversation to the 2D thread specifically for smaller dolls.

      Heh, I couldn't resist Cherry's eyes so I did end up ordering the head. I debated on getting it with a body, but feel more like I want to use it as a spare head to change out the emotions on my doll rather than do a separate character. My Creme is going to be a boy so going with a different style. I got him as a blank so I can make the eyes a bit more masculine although I really love the faceup they have for that sculpt. I have a feeling he will still end up with some cute dresses down the line though because so many of them for the little dolls are super adorable. I already have 3 outfits and 4 wigs ordered for him and he isn't even here yet. XD
    5. @Krissim Sorry for the late reply! Been a busy couple of weeks ;;; But the two tinies I ordered are being shipped out! I'm really excited to work on them and will definitely share some pictures here when they arrive.

      Extra heads are fun! Fun to swap out and much easier to do because they're tinies lol. Are you doing your own faceups as well?
    6. @strow
      Oh so exciting! About how many months did your order take before getting the shipping notice? Also, please do share photos when they arrive! Seems like so few people post any photos of the 2D tinies despite them being so adorable.

      Yep, I plan to do my own faceups.
    7. @Krissim I ordered in May, so it was about a 3-ish month wait. Though during the wait, I was informed that my order would be delayed to October, so I'm extremely glad that wasn't the case, haha ;;;

      Awesome! I hope you'll share photos when your dolls arrive, I love seeing other peoples' customs too ^^
    8. @strow
      Oh wow that is short! Hopefully I'll have as good luck. When I ordered through one dealer they warned me the wait was on the longer side of 4-5 months. Hopefully your order is a sign they got caught back up. I was thinking about adding some accessories to my first order (to save on shipping) but maybe I should double check with the dealer first to see how mine is coming along. I would hate to slow down my order for the doll shipping out over a couple little extras. XD

      I actually just got in two wig orders in today since one of the dealers shipped them out early. They look real cute, so hopefully they will actually fit when my doll gets here.
    9. They arrived today! Whoo!


      I'm surprised at the head size difference between Cherry and Gugu, it was my bad for not double checking the measurements but Cherry's noggin is definitely more like 1/4 scale. They're both on the 27cm boy body, Cherry just looks bigger because his..... head is bigger.


      Heads again, while getting them ready for faceups. Cherry (left) is normal pink, and Gugu (right) is normal yellow. When they have faces, I'll try and get them together with my Yosd for comparison.
    10. @strow
      Oh so cute! Your photos make me even more excited for my Cherry. It is interesting to see the different head sizes in an actual photo. Seems like when they started out with this size of doll the heads were 1/4 and then as they got more sculpts started to also produce sizes closer to what you typically see in a yosd. The larger head sizes were actually one of the things I really liked because it amplifies the chibi proportions. I also enjoy wigs and there are a lot more options that open up for store bought wigs when you can use 1/4 size ones. If you have time measure Cherry's head, I would love to hear what measurements you get. That particular sculpt seemed to be listed slightly different sizes everywhere I've seen it listed. XD

      Please do also share photos once you get their faceups on!
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    11. Bumping an old thread here for some answers, does anyone know if the 2D doll 27 cm boy body measurements are accurate? I've been referring to these measurements stated on their website:
    12. @Satan's.Bake.Sale

      I have the boy body and finally got around to measuring it today to verify if everything lined up with the measurements they list. From what I saw everything seemed to be pretty dead on. The only thing I did note is they list the shoulders as 4cm across but that is just measuring the chest piece. If you include the arms into the shoulder measurement (which seems like you would want to do for making sure clothes would fit) the shoulders would be about 6.5cm across. I'm not sure if that is how all doll companies list their shoulder measurements, but I thought it was odd not to include something with the arms since they will affect how clothes fit.
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    13. Thank you so much for verifying the measurements! It doesn't make sense to me either as it makes visualizing the size a lot harder. Even when I drew out the proportions the shoulder width was kind of a gamble to guess.
    14. I would love to know what owners think of the "new" boy or girl body (the same one as in the company photo a couple of posts up) - particularly the posing and joints. I'm considering a 2D Doll body for a floating head. ^^ Thank you in advance!