Event 30% Discount on selected items in Fantasia’s “Fly me to the moon” series

Oct 21, 2016

    1. [ Special Promotion Notice ] 30% Discount on selected items in Fantasia’s “Fly me to the moon” series

      Fantasia is offering a very special promotion,
      be sure not to miss this great opportunity to get yourself a Fantasia doll for a great price!
      You now have the chance to buy the following dolls of the Fly me to the moon -series for a 30% discount:

      - Isaac, Isaac sleepy
      - Alice, Alice sleepy
      - Vivian, Vivian sleepy

      Promotion validity period : 21st Oct. 2016 ~ 30th. Nov 2016

      This the final sale for all the above mentioned heads and bodies.
      Once this promotion period ends, the Fly me to the moon series will not be available for purchase any longer as they will be replaced by entirely new series.

      If you are interested in this special promotion, act fast to capture this opportunity!

      ※ Order Lead Time is between 10-60 days

      We had manufacturing problems with first manufacturing batches and are terribly sorry for all the inconveniences caused to our early customers. As these issues have now been solved we are able to ship in shorter time.

      ※ Promotion quantity is limited to total of 50 dolls regardless of the type

      Please keep in mind the promotion will end once the promotion period ends or the whole quantity has been sold out, whichever comes first.

      http://fantasia-english.com/ <<- ENGLISH website

      Fantasia doll <<- CHINESE website


      Alice. sleepy


      Vivian sleepy


      Isaac sleepy
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    2. When will you ship the orders for Isaac, Alice, and Vivian from the first order period, please?

      And the discussion thread for Fantasia-Doll is here: Fantasia Doll Elder/Senior Sizes
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    3. Hi!
      The earliest orders have already been delivered to the customers and remaining open orders will be shipped on 26th October. All customers with open orders should have received Pre-Shipment Notifications by now. If you have an open order but haven't received any email regarding the shipment date please contact our customer service.
    4. Thank you very much!
    5. Can you make tan skin available for this order period? :eusa_pray
    6. Hi!
      We are still assessing the feasibility of tan skin option with manufacturing department and we may know the result this weekend or next week or so. If it is seemed feasible there will be an announcement about it in the future. Thank you!
    7. I look forward to that announcement! I really love the elder woman B body- its so unique!! but i want her in tan >3<!