43cm ** NaBi KiSS **

Nov 1, 2007

    1. I just got a Nabi Kiss and I've got to say they are even cuter in person! My little Pom is just the sweetest girl. Its really too bad there aren't more of them around on the board.
    2. Showing off her GREEN EYES for you!
    3. Piyoko, I was wondering the same thing! I'm new to DOA, and I love my Nabi Kiss to death. She's just so sweet! Do more people have her than post about her, I wonder?:?
    4. Hi,
      Soryr I'm not MishyBelle, but I can tell you that the basic Nabi's faceup is kind of plainish flat..not much color, blush or shadow. I've been offering OOAK faceups on ebay, and they get sold right away, so I can tell you a lot of others have these dolls as OOAKs, and my ebay feedback for theses dolls have been well received. Here's another one I did....I only have two normal skin ones left.
    5. One more thing about Nabi Kiss dolls...It's kind of not the most positive thing to say about them, but I must say it. The first ones that I got from Bobobie didn't have notches inside the neck sockets in their head, and I found this out through another member, and asked Bobobie to please place them on the second batch ones. So, they did, but they weren't as deeply notched, so there were some quality issue of head turning...There's another issue, where the strings Bobobie used on these dolls were not the best quality, which was kind of a pain in the neck because the more I stretched to make the dolls tighter strung, the more stretched out the strings got. Now, I found out about these things a year later, because I was pregnant, and disliked any BJDs at the time, I didn't visit DOA or any other doll groups, or even play with dolls at all for about 12 months. Something really strange due to my pregnant hormones. However, I'm back to normal doll collecting after having a healthy baby. I've mentioned previous prob to Bobobie, and he's told me he's doing better quality control on all of the dolls, so those probs will not arise again. For all of the purchases on my OOAK Nabis, I'm adding a tiny donut type washer around the neck socket so the head will not twist, and head will firmly pose well.
    6. I recently purchased my Nabi Kiss from you on Ebay with her default make-up. I think she's so sweet. I'm really surprised not to see more postings of her here on the board! I do see what you mean about the Ooak faceups, though. They are much bolder and pretty in photos.

      Here she is tonight, in her jammies, waiting for bed. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, but I can't find my good camera at the moment.


    7. Hi MishyBelle,
      Thanks for sharing your photo! I guess the default faceups look more innocent. Your Nabi does look very sweet and spunky with her rock outfit...oops, I meant rock pajamas!
    8. Reneesme, that is a great name! That is my sister, and my daughter together! I love her look. I really want one of these girls to go with my adorable Winsome (PpoPpo).
    9. That is funny that it is your sister's and daughter's combined names! I got the name from "Breaking Dawn" from the Twilight series. They combined the names of their mothers to name their daughter.

      I think she would be a great big sis to Winsome (cute name!). Their face molds seem similar.

      I love Nabi Kiss's innocent look with her default make-up. It's funny...I wanted a bratty doll, but she's just too sweet to portray that way! So Reneesme is a sweet girl...thus far, anyway!;)
    10. Yay! I just bought a nabi kiss normal skin off of ebay from gardenofdolls! I cant wait to get her! She is so beautiful!
    11. Hi Xenagirl,
      I'm shipping her out to you today. Guess what? I found these donut ring washers from Home Depot, and only cost me $2 for 10 rings! It's easy to pull on the ring as long as you have apair of pliers at home. It keeps the head posing with firm controlled stability. I'm adding them to all of the Nabi Kiss dolls that are left here. Yours included Xenagirl. Please let us know when you get your girl.
    12. I received my Nabi Kiss yesterday, box opening just posted! She's so beautiful! Thanks gardenofdolls! <3
    13. Wow! I never thought I'd see the exact doll I was planning on buying for my first on here. Lol part of me regrets letting her slip away. Here red eyes and lips really stuck out to me(she's the one with the red eyes and lips and came with the black that fades into wine wig)I still come across them and they still stick out to me. I still hope to get one one day...
    14. Tan Nabi Kiss Mia

    15. ok, so heres my nabi kiss! Normal skin.very bright lighting makes her look real pale....not her wig, and very quick clothes made for her( no more naked dollies!) 14mm soom gaslight eyes. I dont know her name yet....just excited to have her!

    16. Thank you both for sharing your Nabi Kiss!
      Mizzbee: You've dressed Mia so cute!
      Xenagirl83: Your Nabi is adorable! It's so nice to hear you're enjoying your new doll.
    17. Xenagirl,

      Congrats on your new girl! She's adorable! I'm sure you'll love her as much as I love mine! They're just so darling!:aheartbea
    18. Here are a couple of girls wearing graphic tops, screen print was placed on by my sister!:
    19. :daisyI saw those tops on Ebay today! They are so cute!:daisy
    20. Thanks, my sister bought a huge printing machine, since she's been out of a job. She's trying to make side money on screen print everything,from caps, kids, adults tees and more, like doll's clothes...just until she can get a full time job.