43cm ** NaBi KiSS **

Nov 1, 2007

    1. That sounds like a cool way to make some extra cash! Will she be printing up more dolly Ts?
    2. SUre, she can do any prints for you if you have anything in mind. If you want, you can even mail in a blank tee you have, and she'll print whatever you want on it...just email the print you want. It'll be $10 plus $2 shipping back to you in USA. Her screen print machine cost a lot, which can do almost any type of prints, so she has to charge that at least. In fact, I will make a market place for her on DOA, so others can view too.

    3. Cool! I'll have to start looking through my images!:)
    4. Thanks Garden of Dolls, I love my Nabi Kiss!!! I think she's such a cutie -pie!:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    5. Gothic is so gothic and that's the way i like it !! She is gorgeous!! You did the face up well its awsome!!!;):lol::D:fangirl::aheartbea:)
    6. I have a Nabi Kiss bjd her name is Onyx!!!
    7. There is a picture of Onyx on my signature as you can see !! Isn't she pretty??!!;):aheartbea:):lol:
    8. Onyx is lovely, I don't know why Nabi Kiss isn't more popular, she is a lovely sculpt :aheartbea

      Ashley - are you going to release Nabi with the double jointed body?
    9. She look stunning! :)
    10. Hi Kayjay,
      I may in the future...but, I kind of want to make her head size (I mean face size) smaller. Here's her little sister Nabiya...I gave her added eye liner above her eyes, and makes her look more babyish..she does have the similar lips:

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    12. amazing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    13. Pretty! Promo pics faceup could be more detailed through..
    14. Hmm...I wonder if anyone's subscribed on this thread...It has been way too long since the last post, since Nabi Kiss is discontinued. I have a new doll that is formed from a small ingredient of Nabi Kiss and Nabiya, a combination of both, and so Narah is born...Would I need to start a new thread on Narah...I wonder...I probably need to, but I wanted to show her off to show the resemblance of sister hood in Nabi Kiss & Nabiya. New Narah is new and improved version~~ Some photos here and more on Flickr:

    15. Is this doll still being made?
    16. Babylove - Nabi Kiss is no longer being made but does come up on the secondary market now and then.

      Here's an updated photo of my Nabi Kiss in tan!
      Nabi Kiss (2)
      par Mu Shu, on ipernity
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    17. I've been given this doll and I think she is a Nabi Kiss. How long ago were these dolls discontinued? She's a sassy little thing and I would love to know more about her.
    18. sazzlynn, she is a cutie! I don't know about her, hopefully someone will come on here who does.