5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. How does the Super body pose? Is it worth it to buy one of these bodies for a floating head???
      Can someone do a review for us please?
    2. Im highly annoyed with 5Star right now, we are getting a replacement head after the faceup fiasco BUT now her hand is broken and shes only been played with once or twice >.> she survived a 3 day car ride in a box but as soon as we tried to dress her in something different her finger snapped off......The environmental resin is horrible!
    3. I have a Tumnus
      I am very pleased that the first doll was from this company
      they are wonderful
      and I like how super holding postures :)
    4. Milashelter - Do you have pictures? In which skincolour did you get him?
    5. Cyador
      I can do a survey but only on Sunday
      I have the normal yellow
      I ordered in March, but they seem to have changed over the material
    6. milashelter - yes they have chanced to normal resin instead of the enviromental one. But the yellow skin has never been the enviromental one. I have ordered a super body for a floating head here - and I would love to see some posing pictures. I myself have 2 tinies from 5SD so i know the resin and their excellent finnishing of their dolls. No seamlines in sight!
      Also - which clothes fit??
    7. Cyador
      thanks for the explanation
      I unfortunately do not know what clothes are suitable
      I sew myself
    8. In that case: please show your creations???
    9. I'm expecting any day now an Edward and extra head Tumnus and I need to know their wig size.
    10. Wow, edmund looks awesome
    11. Yess - my 5SD SD body arrived today! I think he looks very good with my Insomnia Shinji head (Dollshe Freshskin - the body is WS). Pitty he came with a broken finger. I have mailed 5SD for a new hand.


    12. Cyador, sorry about the hand!!! The color looks good!

      I still have not recieved a shipping email from them. They told me it should be ship on 9-26 but haven't heard anything yet????
    13. Oh they were late with me too - weeks later. But do not worry - they will come. You can ask on the 1 on 1 care for a new estimated shipping date?

      I have been working all afternoon on a shirt for him - the SD10 pattern needs a little correction on the arms (need to be longer) and I think I want the next shirt a bit longer too. Sewing clothes is very difficult :)
      Do any of you have made clothes for your 5stardoll SD´s?

      ps - they will send me new hand with the free head that should ship sometime this month (and they told me in advance that it would come later, so that head is not late yet).
    14. I'm researching for my next doll and am curious about Becca but the website photos aren't that great. Does anyone have a Becca with photos to share? And possibly give a review, too? ;)
    15. I have a male and I think he is great. He has no thigh joints though so he can not sit with his legs crossed - what I have done and might also a possibilty for you: I bought the body and got a head from somewhere else. For exsample Dollstown freshskin matches the white skin from 5stardoll. So you could buy a head from them and the female body from 5stardoll for only 190 dollars.

      I think that their bodies are great - aspecially for this price.There are not many SD sized dolls available for such a good price. The resin is smooth, heavy and the body is well formed. It can stand and sit up without support - and the bodies are not less posable then for example the Sooms.

      If you want to see Becca´s head without the silly face-up (how they managed to get it that bad i do not know), look in the parts section for the Super female body.
    16. I like the idea of buying the body and head separately. Will totally research that. Thanks for the advice!
    17. I have a 5 Star Tumnus, and I love him. I'm not sure what resin he's made of, but it is their yellow.
    18. Cyador How many weeks total, did it take to received your doll?

      Grouchy Gnome Congrats! I like to see a pic of him. I ordered Edward but for the free head I got Tumnus, I don't know which head I'm going to use???
    19. MrsDiablo Hmm - they take about 7 weeks at the moment, but with the summer event ended it should be 6 weeks again. I got mine after 3 weeks. They must have had him in stock or something :)

      Grouchy Gnome - Congratz! And I too would love to see your boy!
    20. O__O

      I totally overlooked her during their free head and free doll event because of that awful faceup. Now I wish I got her lol. She looks great. They really should get a better faceup artist.