5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. I got my order today, my boy with three broken fingers!!:...( My other doll gender issues!!!:( I know I should inform the company but I'm not going stress over it, I'm going to take care of it myself.
    2. Oh you should inform them of the broken fingers - they will send you a new hand. No problem. What do you mean by gender issues??
    3. My tiny is supposed to be a girl but arrived as a boy!:?
    4. Ekkkk! You should contact them immediately.
    5. I'm going to send them a message!

      They told me they'll send me new hands!!
    6. They have a new girl. Michelle has a much prettier faceup than Becca.
    7. I really like the new girl! Her face looks so different from their other dolls that she almost looks like a different sculptor did her O_O! I'm really interested in seeing owner shots of her though.
    8. I took a quick photo of Preston and I decided on using (Edmund's) head instead of (Tumus's) since Preston character is a bit of a snob. Tumus's head has a wicked smirk it wouldn't work.

    9. Hi, I ordered a Michelle, so I'll be able to post some pictures here in a few months, or whenever she gets home.

      MrsDiablo, I like the grey wig! He looks very serious. :) Did you get the new hands, and what happened with your confused tiny, are they sending another body?
    10. [​IMG]
      This is "Thane", my 5 Star Tumnus, sans horns; which I haven't got painted yet.
    11. Congrats on Michelle!! I ordered the new tinies and I picked her head as my free item. I was curious on seeing how she really looks. As for Preston hands, they said they will mail new hands but that it would take 15-20 days so I'm still waiting. In the body situation I had to order a new body but that I would get free shipping, so what I ended up doing was ordering a girl body and a Batboy head and the weapons. It's been 4 weeks now, so, I'm still waiting. for that.
      Hopefully I'll hear something soon!

      Grouchy Gnome even though I didn't get to use Tumnus sculpt for Preston, I love the the wicked smirk he has!!!!
    12. MrsDiablo - I'm glad you will get the new hands.

      I love both Tumnus and Edmund, and I'm having a hard time deciding. I think Edmund's expression fits in more with what I had in mind for the character, though.

      I'm really curious about the girls. Somehow I think their face-up just doesn't do them justice. Especially poor Becca.
    13. Big Favor: For those who own a Tumnus and Edmund, could you please post a photo of their hands? Im very interested in getting an Edmund for a character I have, but I want to see a good photo of his hands before I decide.

      Also, are they still producing their dolls with environmental resin? Im not a big fan of environmental resin
    14. The old ones don't use it (2010 and before), but the newer ones do (most from 2011). I am not 100 percent sure of what they are using at the moment though.
    15. They only did so briefly. They stopped using it in July. And some colours were never environmental resin. I think the tan was, and the normal pink skin. But I'm pretty sure the yellow and white never were...
    16. [​IMG]

      This is my Shinji head on a 5stardoll super body. I like the hands - but it might be wise to ask them if they can ship them unstringed or with extra protection inside the hand (mine got here with 1 finger broken - i got a new set of hands a month later). I had to chose between a RS, a FD or a 5SD superbody - all around the same price (around 200 dollar including the postcosts) and though this one does not have the mobility thighjoints that the other two do, it is very nicely sculpted.
    17. Thank you Pinkeed, Fairy Milliner, & Cyador! I appreciate the information!

      Cyador, thanks for the picture, too! The hands look very nice. Your Shinji is very handsome!
    18. Can't wait to see mine and everyone else's Michelles when they arrive. ^-^ I think she's a versatile sculpt and I'm excited to get her the faceup I want.

      Sounds like most people have the male Supers? Guess I will have to do some experimenting of my own with what will fit the female Supers. I'm thinking of ordering from Dollmore and sticking to loose-fitting things just in case. No clue as to what the heel feet will fit either! @[email protected] I might just have to take my chances.
    19. I'm looking forward too. Most ppl have the male Supers because 5star came out with the male Supers about a year and a half ago while the females have only been out for a few months. Michelle only came out recently and the first girl was never very popular because of the not so nice photos of her on 5stars site. She might look better with a better faceup and better photos but who knows. I would love a michelle. If she had come out earlier I would have gotten her but there are too many events going on right now.
    20. Just wanted to let everyone know that they just put up a new super. Angelo, an elf!