5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. I just saw it too! Was going to post in News section but checked here first to see if someone else saw it.
    2. Didn't post in news yet, so you're more than welcome to. :)
    3. @Invie; Oh, so Becca is fairly new too then? It really is a shame that their photos aren't so nice. Different faceup + wig and I'll bet she'd be a totally different doll. Michelle seems very promising, at least! I decided out of all the events I'd take 5star's since it would be the cheapest for me. I'm looking forward to learning more about Michelle and letting everyone know what she's like in person! As soon as she came out, I was relieved to see a cheaper sculpt that I actually really liked.

      @Pinkeed; I just saw Angelo a few hours ago, love his elf ears!
    4. They would come out with a gorgeous elf just now. Angelo is definitely going on my must have list.
    5. I had planned on ordering Edmund for the Christmas event but now I just saw Michelle! Now I don't know who to get! :...(
    6. Hmmm - one of the two - spend a little extra so you make the 300 dollars, then you get a free tiny and a free head. Get a tiny you do not want to keep yourself, sell it on the marketplace and then, together with the points from this order (about 20 I think) you are a long way towards that second sd body you will need (you already have the head...). Am I bad?
    7. I don't think you're bad at all!
      I'll be putting Edmund in tan on layaway from DDE so I can get batboy for only $20. Only question is which head.

      What size wig have you found is best for the supers? Their website isn't loading for me :/
    8. I really want to get the 5SD Edmund and the Ria tiny as my free for the christmas event. I'm going to wait till my paycheck, then order them! I don't know which free head to pick, though.
    9. The wig size was tricky. I bought a 7-8 Happy Camille which has a very nice tight fit on my grey Tumnus head. Monique wigs fit at 8-9, but better with a wigcap on. If you are able to go to a shop and fit a wig on his head it would be better.... Or make a faux fur one yourself?

      The head? I thought you wanted Michelle??? If you have her head her body will only be 190 dollars. :D

      The only negative points about these supers are the way they pack the hands (I had a broken finger, and I'm not the only one - and yes I did get new hands, no problem, but ... such a pitty you know?) - and I would love a thigh joint. That would really improve the posability. I love the rest of the body - beautifully sculpted!

      I need two more...
    10. @ Cyador That is a very clever plan! I ordered Edmund and got Rex as the free doll and a Michelle head! Rex will be brother to my OT boy. I have him on layaway so it will be a while for I get him...argh.
    11. I'm really thinking of taking advantage of the Christmas event and joining you guys with a Tumnus. It's such a shame that there aren't many pictures here, though. I do have a question before I go ahead with my purchase.

      I know that it says no face up on the free items, but could I pay for them to do it? Is that an option, or is it no face up on free items period?

      Thanks for your help!
    12. I'm sure you can pay to get a face up. They probably mean only the blank doll is free..
      I hope you can get Tumnus! I think I saw a pic of him on Flikr.
    13. Thanks for the answer. If I'd read the event details a little better, I would have seen at the bottom that I can pay for a faceup on free dolls. So there's the master plan. Once I have a minute to really sit down and put my order together, it's going in.

      I hear the wait time on 5star is shorter than most companies. Is there an average time?

      Thanks!! I'll be joining you soon.
    14. @ sweetsknit3 I think I got my dolls in about a month...

      Yay! I hope you got your order in!
    15. My friend gave me her Tumnus doll and I absolutely love him!
      I really like Edmund as well, I thought about getting him since they're rather cheap dolls and I love the sculpts. But I keep finding other dolls that keep getting priority on my wish list.

      I also like Angelo because of the ears.
    16. I'll be ordering a female Angelo in tan skin at some point. :D

      Question: I've heard that they use urethane resin, now, not environmental. Is this true?
    17. Yes it is true for all but the red resin - besides that the white, yellow and grey skin have always been in the urethane resin.
    18. Cool, thank you! :D
    19. Joining this thread as I am thinking about making a 5stardoll purchase. just maybe...
    20. Congrats to everyone who have received and placed orders. I love my Preston (Edmund)! I finally got the replacement hands for him.
      I wanted to post a pic of a ws blank Michelle head for those interested in getting her.
      Flash and no flash