5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. My blue Dark got shipped yesterday :dance
    2. @Katzen, I am excited for you and can't wait to see him! :celebrate

      @Iron_Dog I have a similar problem with joints on some wings I worked on, so I feel ya. Still his arm looks great!
    3. Bumping this up with Thaddeus pix, he has been moody lately, forgotten on his comfy couch.
      [​IMG]DSCF3913e by SteamWitch BJDmama, on Flickr
    4. [​IMG]

      Here he is my blue dark :Verdigris
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    5. :bump

      Here's a little spam of my Tumnus and Edmund.

      My demon Edmund is so annoyed with studious Tumnus. Edmund wants more attention, and he's not getting it! What's a demon to do?

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    6. Thank you, SteamWitch! I really should take more pictures of my 5Star SD-sized dolls.

      I like Thaddeus' new face-up! It looks great! :thumbup
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    7. Thad is looking fabulous with his new face. (Don't tell him I said that, his head is big enough already)
    8. Thanks Molliebean, he does look good (and I won't tell), but he is cursing at himself atm because his thumb was twisted and the full photo wasn't usable. So I told him I didn't post it, hehehe. He is also upset that his minion, Rory, is sitting with Kilian right now. I better get a move on and remedy that before the fireballs mess up my already messy room.
    9. Hello! I've been thinking about buying a Super Star 70 male body! It has a good price and it looks beautiful! But I don't have and 5Star dolls so I am not sure. Is it single or double jointed? Does it poses well? And what is the head girth of Black and Bright? I am thinking about buying this body to use it with a head that fits 8-9 wig size (Cloud strife DIM minimee head). Thank you very much!!
    10. Dark wears a 8-9 stretchy wig. I don't have a body but I love Dark's head and the resin is lovely.
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    11. Thank you!! I think this body will be perfect for my project!!
    12. Dark/Bright uses 8-9 wig. Tho I am partial to AOD body over 5Stardoll because of the look of the body and less engineering issues. But that's me. In my honest opinion, if you want slender but with muscle tones, go with AOD. I found 5stardoll a bit too lean and slightly emicapted. Several of my 5SD heads ended up on AOD body.
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    13. What I like about my 5stardoll bodies is how they are sort of stiff....They all stand like rocks even in high heels.
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    14. Hello!
      I've come here to ask if anyone knows how the super star female body looks and poses.
      (I'm toying with the idea of a doll who is capable of supporting another doll in her arms)
    15. Hello @Acyd !. I don't have a Star female body, but I have a Star Adult, and she is able to support another doll (I did it with a BID Bonnie and a 5 star child Amy) without help, on heels :D
    16. @Enid Black Wow, that's a proof of stability!!
      I think I'll seriously consider that body for the floating head I'm waiting for.
      Thanks for the information!