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Jan 6, 2011

    1. Forgive my snooping but is there a coyote sleeping behind your dolls?
    2. Don't worry, it's not snooping, Molliebean! No, she's not a coyote, she's a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, it's a dog breed :D. She's Kira, my female, and I have a male too (if you keep "snooping" in the Flickr photos you can see another, darker dog ^^). Sometimes I do photograph them with my dollies, as they kindly cooperate :D.
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    3. And the wig arrived! Well, roughly two weeks from Canada to Italy and no customs, I'm swell :D.

      I had to restyle it a bit a cut the fringe because there was a shorter layer at the base and I had to cut some more hair on the front so the wigcap didn't show, and although it's a bit wobbly, I'm pretty happy about it ^^.

      And my sister managed her face up a couple of weeks ago, AFTER A WHOLE YEAR (between she not having time and the bloody rain it seemed impossible!)...

      Considering that the wig is of the right size but was for a Kaye Wiggs XD

      [​IMG]Meike Hannelore Pappenheim definitive wig by Enid Black, su Flickr

      And here she is ^^

      Next step, the outfit, which has just been commisioned ^^.
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    4. @Enid Black I love her wig! She looks gorgeous! Your sister did a great face up.
    5. Thank you Molliebean! My sister is awesome, I love her face-ups because they're very natural ^^. I have other two dolls with her faceups and 3 more waiting for it, if the weather cooperates ^^. (my sis is awesome at make up in general, I actually had her doing my make-up for my wedding four months ago :D)

      I've been searching for a wig of that colour for months, I found it looking for a completely different one XD. I'm very happy about it! I found it on Etsy, seller Angelssewing ^^.

    6. Lucky you have an artist in the family! :sweat

      That seems to always happen with things...Just come upon them on accident!:)

      This is Marie. I haven't done anything with her and her brother Mickey in a long time. :pout:
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    7. Enid and Molliebean, your Michelle(s) look lovely! That is such a pretty sculpt!

      I haven't done anything in a long time with my big dolls either; I've been so focused on my YOSD-sized 5Star dolls. I suppose, as with any hobby, it is cyclical and I'll get around to my big kids again. I still love my big dolls to bits!
    8. I had to have some surgeries so I wasn't able to play with my dolls for a couple years but just having them around was cheering. :sweat
      I hope to start playing with them more. In the meanwhile my daughter got out of the hobby and gave me all her dolls.. :...(
    9. Oh! Sorry to hear about your surgeries, Molliebean. I hope you are doing better! *sends hugs*. Also, sorry your daughter left the hobby. It must have been nice having someone close to share your interest in bjds. (No one in my family is into dolls, but my husband tries to be supportive of my hobby.)

      I agree, even when I don't play with my dolls, they are a comfort to have around. I hope you get to play with yours more as you feel better. Actually, even if I don't play with my dolls, it's always fun to come to the forum and check out everyone else's dolls. Hang in there!
    10. Thank you Rabbit-moon! I am much better now! Finally! My daughter has always been more into horses, I think she was humoring me. Happily my husband is very supportive also and buys most of my dolls. :sweat

      I love to see what is going on in the doll world! So many new sculpts and so much talent out there!

      Old spam of Mickey:
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    11. @Molliebean That lipstick on Marie is amazing! It gives me hope for the deep red I want to use on one of my girls. :)

      I'm looking at finally getting my second Angelo to be the twin of my first - the characters were identical twins at birth, but one of them is transgender. So she'll still be on the male body but I'm looking forward to playing with her hair and wardrobe compared to her brother. :) Wonder if Telior will consent to be a model for his sister in the meantime...
    12. I've missed you @Molliebean Welcome back!
      I hope to see the dolls you inherited from your daughter.
    13. @Nyara Thanks! I love it too! I hope Telior cooperates!

      @SteamWitch Thank you! It is good to get back into things! 2 of my daughters dolls are off topic and one is an Obitsu Gretal.
      I might get around to posting her one of these days!
      How are my favorite boys Thaddeus and Reed doing?
    14. Thaddeus is well and sassy as ever with a new faceup and Reed has moved on to a new family who really needed his protection.
    15. Thad is looking fabulous as usual! Surprised you let Reed move out! I'm sure his new family is delighted!
    16. I think I was surprised as everyone in my BJD group that I let Reed go. But Reed and his new friend really needed each other. Reed kind of took it upon himself to move on. And there were tears of joy.
      Thank you, Thaddeus is happy with his new look too. He loves teasing and tormenting one of my new vampires.
    17. By the look on the vampire's face... he is aware of Thad's wiles.:3nodding:
    18. Indeed I think so too. They are my two favorite teasers and the both have volatile tempers but they get along somehow.
      If I remember right your Severus (Tumnus) was my favorite.
    19. Hey does anyone happen to know if the 71cm boys come with the body that 5 Star Doll currently has on their site? I just want to know because I know they've changed to a new one but I don't know if that IS the new body or the old one.
    20. Does anyone know why the 5stardoll site is showing all of its Star Adult (62cm) dolls as sold out? I looked on their web site and Facebook page and didn't see anything about this...