5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. If they are sold out, chances that they discontinued the adults dolls. They might have new ones coming in soon. The summer event should be coming up soon and that's probably when they might introduce some new sculpts.
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    2. 5Star is kind of notorious for discontinuing dolls and doll-bodies without prior notice. (Which I think is kind of a bummer!) :ablah:

      But, it would be nice to see some new SD sized sculpts. It's been a while since 5Star issued a new Adult sculpt.
    3. Makes me glad I got Saraf when I did as I'd never be able to find him 2nd hand since he's a Dark in the special request dark grey.
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    4. Same ^^ I'm super glad I got Sky (Kevin) when I did. I'd be sad if they discontinued the entire line, especially Kevin and Eric, but I am curious to see what they're going to do next.
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    5. Wow, I hadn't notice that O.o...

      I'm so happy I got Meike (Michelle) last year O.o...
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    6. That's a pain, I still hadn't gotten hold of my second Angelo to be my first's twin! :(
    7. I see the Adult bodies are still available for sale seperately, even if full dolls aren't. They're cheaper than they used to be, too. If I had money, I'd get a body for my Eric Elf while I still can...
    8. They're nice. Not the best poseability but can be fixed with sueding. I personally preferred the older version over the current one.
    9. Personally, I think their bodies are fabulous. My Star20 (Adult) body is by far the best posing body in my collection, although he did need his hip sockets sueded simply because they "pop" out of joint occasionally. Other than that, mine holds poses exceptionally well and is very flexible. Plus, they're almost spot-on SD13 size so finding clothes and shoes for them is a lot easier than it is for some other dolls.

      It seems 5Star doesn't have a Q&A board any more. That's disappointing.
    10. Thank you! :) I used to have him as a Ringdoll Crystal but this sculpt is better for his character.
    11. OH GOSH...

      I've just realized (after 18 months, so, yeah) that the reason why my 5Stardoll Michelle's left arm bends stupidly at the elbow is because they probably sent me two right forearms...

      I'm going to try to contact them again (I contacted them with the photos when I got the doll, but they didn't answer), but... is there anyone here with an SD female body with two left forearms? XD XD
    12. Did 5Star ever get back to you about your problem with your Michelle?
    13. Anyone ever got the 71cm body? I am considering getting it soon for a floating Tumnus head I have. How is the body and how does it look?
    14. I just ordered their 71cm Dark so when he gets here I can take photos. It may be a while though.
    15. Looking forward to it!
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    16. Anyone here got older 5stardoll super male body? I need to see the picture of the body to compare to a doll body I have. Not the recent ones, but the ones that came before Bright and Dark (I have the newer version, so it's no need). Please show me some pictures! Thanks!
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    17. [​IMG]

      Old Angelo. :) Note: I swapped out his hands for AoD ones.
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