5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. @chalyss - I just reread your post and you were asking for pics of heads on the bodies :doh I'm really really sorry I thought you wanted body comparison (which as a picture that shows resin colour isn't really much since the sun won't be up for another few hours and it had to be taken with flash).
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    2. Wow, no, That's great too!! Thank you! <3

      (Ooooh, that Supia is a big girl! I LIKE that! Hmmm..)
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    3. 5stardoll pink is fairly PINK, isn't it? Or more neutral?
    4. @satyrsmoon I see you have the 70 cm girl body ! How do you find it ? I am saving for it but have seen very little feedback on it, so I am curious :)
    5. @Acyd – I just saw your post asking about the 70cm girl body and I will get back to you with an answer soon (really sorry for the wait).
    6. Hello everyone! I might have missed this but does anyone know where to find the measurements for 5star dolls especially the 1/3 boy? Ive been looking to hybrid a dollmore lisa rubik head and its the best candidate Ive seen so far(the price is super nice too >u< ) and Im afraid they might not match if I proceed to buy the body without measuring.
      Also if there's none, Im wondering if its possible to atleast have the measurement of the circumference of the neck and shoulder length? Thank you ; v ; //<3
    7. Omg im so stupid it was under the size detail TvT sorry guys
      My next question is what companies would somehow match for their normal pink? 70%-80% match is fine :)
    8. Hi there, I hope this is ok but I just wanted to stop in and ask something. @satyrsmoon since you have the 71cm boy body, can I just ask, is he really single jointed in his arms like I keep thinking? I only ask because I thought he was, but one pic on the 5Star website is making me question what I'm seeing and believing. Also if you don't mind me asking, is the posing any good at all? I'm torn between this and another body so wanted to see how things stood before commiting to a purchase.

      Oh and can I ask just anyone who is able to asnwer, is their current resin still french resin or whatever it's called with it's slightly transparent look. Turns out the body I'd been considering is far lighter than I'd thought and won't match the head I'm planning to get even a little bit, if photos are to be believed anyway. So now I'm stuck and considering this body instead. :)
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    9. The body are single jointed, meaning the elbows and knees are. 5Stardoll are no longer double jointed (all of their dolls). And it’s not French resin. Their normal pink skin is very light, closest comparison would be loongsoul normal pink.
    10. Ok good to know, thank you. I only had to ask because one of the pics confused me and I couldn't find any official pics of their resin for some reason except ones that looked like the partially transparent type resin so I wasn't sure if they still did that kind or opaque resin or what the colours looked like. I swear I searched things up, I just couldn't find anything. But thank you, I appreciate the response.
    11. No problem and I don’t think they ever did French resin. Their dolls are relatively cheap and I have quiet few of their dolls from before the change and after. The newer colors are much better and nicer but I am not a fan of their joints, which is disappointing. If they do double jointed for the 70 cm body, I would’ve gone after it in a heartbeats. Almost all of my 5SD SD dolls have AOD bodies instead.
    12. I don't know that it was exactly called french but it was never that solid colour I'm used to from most companies. I honestly get confused as to what it's all called. *fail* It's such a shame about their joints, because the more I look at them, the more I wish I could buy about a million of their bodies. And they have some cute heads too!

      Is the joint thing new then? I only ask because I saw someone posting the 70 body on a youtube video in march of this year and the body they had definitely had double jointed arms. Weird. She never showed the legs so I couldn't see what they looked like, but the arms were for sure. I'm so confused now. lol But thank for the help, I'm still switching between this body and another one so I appreciate you taking the time to answer me I've been struggling to plan out this doll for too many years, I just want to buy him! :)

    13. Previously, I said that it appeared, from the company photos of the 5Star 70cm body, that it was single-jointed, but I just watched this YouTube video reviewing the 5Star 70cm body, and it looks like the body does have double-jointing in the arms. There's a point in the video, at 9:00, where you can see the double-joint peanut in the elbow and he can touch his face. However, she mentions later that the legs are still single-jointed.

      So, I stand corrected on the new 70cm boy body. The arms do appear to be doubled-jointed. Apologies for the confusion.
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    14. Thank you, that video helped! My Super Stars will be shipped next week. yay!
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    15. Hi all! Turns out barely after a month I received my superstar body! But anyways, anyone else received their doll or body strung really tight? It was really tight, and being a newbie I am, it took a lot of strength and energy to put my boy's head on! *_*
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    16. It will loosen up after few month. A lot of other companies do string up the dolls real tight. My 5SD Elaine was so tight that she poses amazingly like minifees.
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    17. I had to call in back up with one of my Supers. I couldn't do it.:eek:
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    18. *LOL* YES! The boy especially is SUPER tightly strung and what a fight to get the head on! I love the look of it, though!
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    19. Omg yes, the aesthetics of it is perfect for my boy! But it was such a pain to put on For single jointed legs, I don't mind! It's a lot more detailed and pretty in person too!
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    20. I have a question, I have a 5stardoll Edmund head that I bought secondhand, i'm looking for a body for him. I have fallen in love with the aesthetics og the 70 cm boy body, but im wondering if he'll look super strange as the head is meant for the 62 cm body. The edmund head is 21 cm in circumference and the head that is meant for that body is 23,5 cm.
      Would he look very tiny headed or would it be fine?