5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. I don't have an Edmund but I have a head that might be a similar size and I can check for you. I think it will be small headed, but you might like the look. Worth a shot!
    2. Thank you soo much :D
    3. I am looking at hybrids for a Granado head in New Normal and was considering a Normal Pink male Superstar body because of the collarbone sculpting and broad shoulders. But I am concerned the neck may be too small.

      Anyone here own the 71cm body and a Granado guy head who could take a fit photo for me?

      Or, anyone own Granado New Normal and 5Stardoll Normal Pink?

      Thanks! :eusa_pray
    4. I can. The New Normal Granado is quite yellow though and the 5Star pink is quite pink. You'd be better off doing new normal and white, which is very creamy.
    5. OK, so colors first. The pink is the exact same color as 5Star pink. The yellowed head cap is from my Granado head. White body is creamy white 5Star body.

      For the rest of the hybrid pics, please go here: 5Star Doll

      The pink Minimee head is subbing for Edmond.

      @Lurmark, @Havra
    6. Thank you so much :3nodding:
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    7. Is anyone going to take advantage of 5Star's winter event? It ends on the 15th.
    8. I ordered a body, but nothing special. I was under the necessary amount. I know @rubydoll did and I think she got the /awesome/ little red baby Hellboy guy.
    9. Thank you so much for taking those pictures, @chalyss! It will really help me make up my mind. For reference, can I ask which sculpt the Granado head is?
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    10. Of course! That is a Jupiter head.
    11. Yep I ordered the adult male body, and a cat to bump it up to qualify. I've requested chibi Hellboy but in the same blue colour as his pics on the site. It was tempting to get him in red but I wanted him as an OC and having him too Hellboyish would make it hard to see him as anything else. Besides, Abe was always my fave! Someone in the Doll Profiles has a chibi Hellboy and an Abe, they're awesome.
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    12. Perhaps my search skills are just really bad, but I couldn't find a single discussion thread for 5stardolls, so I thought I'd at least start one for the larger ones.

      I'm interested in the 71cm body so if anyone has one, pictures and your thoughts on the body would be great.
    13. I have the body that came with bright (I made a hybrid), which I think is the one you’re referring to. It’s not bad, and certainly good for the price, with a few issues... it’s very heavy. Very. Heavy. I think it’s just solidly cast, but if that’s a factor for you, beware. I think it’s between that and impldoll for my heaviest 70cm. Pose wise - he stands and poses pretty well for the price - well above mirodoll, by a mile. The other issue is the colour. 5star’s ‘normal pink’ is still far more yellow than any other company I’ve encountered. It doesn’t match any of my others at all (ringdoll, dollshe, iplehouse, dragondoll, migidoll, Modoll etc etc etc). Maybe a normal yellow in other companies would be closer. I’m also not a huge fan of certain parts of the sculpt (the chest looks a bit female to me...) but it is nice for bigger heads if you don’t want the bobble head!
    14. @Fairy Milliner Thanks! I thought it was weird that there wasn't a thread considering 5Stardoll has been around for a while. I think the problem was that I was just searching for 5star and should have searched for 5stardoll as well. I forget that the board search function tends to be very exact unlike my one at work, where less will generally get you more results.

      @Spuggey Interesting, because the normal pink looked very pink to me in pictures, where as normal yellow appeared quite light. Have you ever handled a Volks SD17? They tend to be pretty solid. Funny, you mention the chest because that's one of my favorite parts. I like well developed pectoral muscles. :P

      Anyway, I should probably flag this to get merged with the other thread.
    15. I'm really excited to be buying a Super Star male body in the future but I've heard the 70cm clothes from places like ACBJD will not fit. I was wondering if anyone could suggest where I could find shirts and pants that could fit my future boy.
    16. In regards to the 5stardoll Superstar Male body, in a lot of the pictures the forearms seem gigantic in proportion to most other male bjd's and I'm concerned that it will look odd or stubby in the arm department. If anyone owns one, can you tell me if the proportions look as off as they do in some of the pictures I've seen online? I know some cameras warp the pictures so perhaps that is just the issue and in person it would look more proportionate to the waist? they seem almost half the width of the waist where as most bjd's forearms seem to be more 1/3 to 1/4 of the width of the waist. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
    17. They're rounded, almost kind of chunky, but I really love the look, personally. In person they don't look strange, just... plump-ish.

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    18. I was considering buying Super Star male body but I've heard it's difficult for them to fit into regular 70cm doll clothes from suppliers like taobao/AC/Etsy. I really like the body but I've already got two dolls with the same body that requires custom clothes and I don't want a third. I do have another body in mind but this one is both lovely and cheaper so I wanted to investigate.
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    19. Their shoulders are a bit broader than most slender 70cm guys but the lower half is standard enough. Here is a shot of an uncle sized shirt bought off ebay (mybayer, I think) and it IS tight hanks to those shoulders. The pants I did have custom made for 8 bucks I think, as I needed white. That seller now has the 5star measurements to make more, so a good one to go to if you need pants.
      The 5star is also next to a few other dolls so you can see the differences. The red harnesses were bought from the same person who made the pants. The boots are Angellstudios.

      Bodies are Miro buff 68cm, 5star Super, Impldoll muscle Starwoman, old Granado 64cm.

      And a solo for clothes reference: