5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. Thanks so much for that information, I really appreciate it. Pants fitting is a pretty big deal so it's good to know he fits most standard 70cm pants.The other body I was considering was the 70cm Akagidoll but it's not quite muscular enough in the arms and the shoulders are a little narrow.

      I have a couple of 70cm bodies that fit standard 70cm clothes, a Universedoll and a Ringdoll with the grown 01 body. This boy is a warrior who wears plate armor (that I intend on making him) and while the Ringdoll grown 03 body he's currently borrowing looks great in terms of muscle it's a nightmare to find clothes for because of the muscular shoulders/arms and big butt and, erm, other male accoutrements.

      He's from a medieval-like world and I've seen some custom EID shirts on Etsy that would be perfect for him. I'm wondering if they'd fit the 5Star body okay.
    2. Thanks for responding to my question about the arms ^_^ Yeah i was a bit worried that that would be the case... see i love the lower body and all the way up to the rib cage.. then the shoulders are a bit too broad for my character and the arms.. like you said seem a bit plumpish. I wonder if there is another doll with a similar sculpt but with a thinner upper body? everything else about this one is perfect, but i think it would be impossible to mod, and putting different arms on it, even if it were possible would still have too broad of shoulders for my character Dx
      I've been having a nightmare of a time finding a good body for his grail shell.