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5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. They're rounded, almost kind of chunky, but I really love the look, personally. In person they don't look strange, just... plump-ish.

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    2. I was considering buying Super Star male body but I've heard it's difficult for them to fit into regular 70cm doll clothes from suppliers like taobao/AC/Etsy. I really like the body but I've already got two dolls with the same body that requires custom clothes and I don't want a third. I do have another body in mind but this one is both lovely and cheaper so I wanted to investigate.
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    3. Their shoulders are a bit broader than most slender 70cm guys but the lower half is standard enough. Here is a shot of an uncle sized shirt bought off ebay (mybayer, I think) and it IS tight hanks to those shoulders. The pants I did have custom made for 8 bucks I think, as I needed white. That seller now has the 5star measurements to make more, so a good one to go to if you need pants.
      The 5star is also next to a few other dolls so you can see the differences. The red harnesses were bought from the same person who made the pants. The boots are Angellstudios.

      Bodies are Miro buff 68cm, 5star Super, Impldoll muscle Starwoman, old Granado 64cm.

      And a solo for clothes reference: