5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. Hey guys! I just got my Michelle last week. ^^ Unfortunately I've ordered a blank face as well but she should be shipping out for her faceup at the end of the week.

      5SD has been amazing to work with in customer service, and they fulfilled every request I made in the order comments. I regret not specifying a pair of shoes that I wanted, but I got the perfect wig and eyes. I'm impressed with how nicely strung my Michelle is. She feels so nice! My only disappointments were: a) the S hook is too wide to fit through her neck slot and b) one of her heel feet was defective and had the hook embedded in the resin, so I basically dug it out. Now it's fine.

      Mine is in normal yellow skin, here's what she's got so far without her faceup (having issues with eye gapping, gotta try to fix that):



      I expect her to look totally different afterward so that's when I really plan to take photos of her. I like that her face is so blank and so versatile - if you're looking for a good boy doll, her head would be great. Her face is huge though, I didn't expect that because my Heliot's face is so much smaller. xD
    2. Michelle really is lovely. I need to get shoes for my guys. I only have the pair of canvas ones I got with them as a freebe and it's really not their styles.

      Here's my Tumnus, His name is Etienne. He's such a pretty boy, I can't help but love him. He's waiting patiently for me to make him some clothes.

    3. @radient_blue; I got the same type of shoes with mine, as you can see it's not my girl's style either. xD Etienne is such an awesome name, I'm impressed with how great he looks. Those eyes are stunning!
    4. I've had an easier time finding nice shoes for my girls than for the guys. Dressy mens shoes are so hard to find, it's all sneakers and goth boots. Not that I don't like those, just that Etienne has his own ideas of style. His eyes are Glib Poppy acrylics. I was surprised by how well they work for him as I just got them to test the color before choosing more expensive eyes. I think he'll keep them for awhile.
    5. My red Tumnus, Carmine:
    6. He looks good in red. I like the white wig, it's a wonderful contrast.
    7. Michele looks great - I can't wait to see her face-up!

      And Tumnus really is a pretty boy - I hadn't seen him in red before, it's amazing! I love the white wig, too.
    8. eeee! I'm so excited guys! I've been hemming and hawing about my first doll. I knew I wanted an elf who didn't have humongous ears and was under $300. I was eying RS's Long (on Gang's body), but I didn't like his nose so I gave up the search for the most part. Then months and months later, happened upon Angelo and HAD TO HAVE HIM.

      I already got half down for him and am paying the other half as soon as they're back from vacation :) I can't wait to start making him clothes and doing little photoshoots. He's just totally enchanting. I can't wait to make some fantasy and future/science fantasy outfits for him. :D His ears are just...soooo cute.

      I found this thread after committing to buying, so I'm glad that this company doesn't have like, an awful, awful rep because their face sculpts (and prices!) are right up my alley.

      I want Edmund next I think...the boyfriend doesn't like him because he thinks he looks depressed lol. I don't see it.
    9. Angelo is a lovely elf. I'm planning on getting him in tan sometime later this year. I have an Edmund as well as a Tumnus, but he doesn't have his face done yet. I think he looks more grumpy than sad, but that may just be me projecting over his broken finger. That's the only complaint I've seen with 5star and they've been super nice about sending replacement hands.
    10. @radient; That is true, I rarely see a variety of dress shoes for the guys. I feel like there's more variety for girls in general, with clothes and everything.
      I've really got to order Glib eyes one of these days! Maybe I could find a pair that won't gap like crazy on Annette. She specifically came with those eyes but the gapping is ridiculous! I don't know if she needs a bigger size or if round eyes would work better. Her eye wells seem way too big, but I can't imagine her with the irises of 18mm eyes.

      @Kukla; Ooo, Carmine's faceup looks great, they really know how to complement the red skin. As with everyone else, I think the white hair looks awesome!

      @Milliner; I can't wait, either! Sending Annette out this week or next for her faceup.

      @Patches; Congrats! Angelo really is a beauty, I was hoping he'd get a lot of attention when I saw he was released. :3 I don't always like elf dolls but I do like him!
      5SD really is great, I am amazed that a company with some of the lowest prices out there has such amazing customer service and well made dolls. I'm positive you'll be impressed!
      I always thought of Edmund as being good for a snooty character, hehe. xD I don't think he looks depressed!
    11. All y'all dolls look awesome!! I almost regret not getting Tumnus, but I am heels over head for Edmund, I cannot wait for him. He's coming with the default faceup.
    12. I am getting Edmund too...the waiting is killing me.
    13. I've got an Edmund coming, too! But, I won't be seeing my boy until March.

      I have a question: does anyone know a good resin match for 5Star yellow resin? If the hands are too small on my boy, I may have to change them out. (I have a thing about small hands on a boy doll. Euwww!)
    14. Ooo, look at all the Edmunds that are going to be here! :'D I hope the wait doesn't drag by too slowly for you guys.

      As for resin matching, I don't think I can be of much help since I have nothing to compare to, but I would think a company that specifically offers yellow resin would probably be okay? (I would probably try DZ or AoD?)
    15. March for me too! He was/is my Christmas present...lol.

    16. I really like Michelle's profile...now I don't know if I want her to be a boy or a girl!
    17. I would love to see a boy Michelle! ;D As soon as I saw her head blank I was surprised that she was such a clean slate.
      Mine should have her faceup done by the end of this week. :3
    18. Yay!!! I cannot wait to see her with face up!!! I want my dollies now!
    19. I hope your wait goes by fast, it'll be like having another Christmas when they get there! :0
    20. Wow, heyxxkelsey! All three of us are waiting for a Edmund! We're going to have some major Team Edmund love going on when our boys finally arrive! I will love seeing how different the styles on everyone's Edmunds will be!

      Thanks Saffron! I have an extra pair of AOD boy hands in my Parts-Stash. It will be interesting to see if the resin matches.

      Wow! Nice Christmas present, Molliebean! Here's hoping both our boys arrive early in March!