5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. Me too Rabbit-moon! I hope very early March! I got mine in tan and he is going to be Native American. Just worried about where I could find a loin cloth and moccasins...
    2. My Michelle's faceup is finished!! x3 She looks really pretty. Hopefully this gives people an idea of what she'll look like outside the company faceup. ^^ I'll take many more pics when she's back home and on her body with her eyes in (might have to be a different pair because of the gapping, apparently she can't wear high dome even though that's what she came with).

      http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d163/hollyava/Bjd dolls/DSC00156.jpg
      (Just posted the link since the pic is quite large. ' )
    3. Oooooh, Molliebean! A loin cloth and moccasins...that sounds pretty sexy! Im sure someone in the MP could make them for you.

      Wow! Saffron, she looks awesome! You really did a great job on her face-up! So much prettier than the company photos!
    4. Oh Saffron, she's beautiful! I agree that the company photos just do not do these dolls justice. She's a perfect example of how a "cheap" doll can look just as fab as a higher-priced doll! Great job! Very au naturale looking. I love it.
    5. Thanks so much, guys! x3 Actually, it's my friend who did the faceup, so I will pass on the compliments. x'D I definitely wanted a more natural look. ^^ She looked pretty on 5star's site, but not in the way I wanted her to be. I can't tell you how excited I am to get her head on! (Even if she gets here next week, I have to pinch the S hook to fit it in her head so I might just cheat again and sit her head halfway on. >.<)
    6. Saffron, your Michelle is really pretty!
    7. She looks beautiful Saffron! Oh I can't wait to get my Michele!

      Rabbit Moon It doesn't sound hard to make a loin cloth but Moccasin boots might be tough....I have been looking at Native American dolls on ebay that I could maybe steal the clothes....
    8. Oh! That's a good idea! Do a think an 18" play doll would work?
    9. I have been looking at them...maybe I could alter a fringe shirt somehow. Not many boy dolls to swipe clothes from...
    10. My Akira^

      I finished his face-up today. I want to sell him earlier, but now he stay at my home)
      More photos >>HERE<<
    11. He is gorgeous!! Did you have him on the MP???? I saw him on there and I wanted him!!!! I'm glad you are keeping him!
    12. Molliebean,
      yes, I wanted to sell him, but I don't want this more) I'm glad I didn't sell him before I can make face-up.
    13. Oh! Innelda_Isher, he looks great! I love the Edmund sculpt! :aheartbea

      I like the face-up you gave him! He is so handsome!

      How do you like his body? Does he pose well?
    14. @Innelda; Wow, he's beautiful! <3 His lips are so natural, and I love the smoky grey eyes. <3

      I hope everyone else who ordered a Michelle gets theirs soon! I'm going to start a database for her if no one else has already. ^^

      Thanks again for the compliments, and here's Annette finally back on her body! When I first put her wig back on, it slides around a lot and is probably a bit too small for her... 5star doesn't really seem to know their sculpts too well... the S hook was too big for the slot in her head, the wig is a bit too small, the eyes don't fit because they're high dome... xD Oh well. I swept her bangs to the side to cover her forehead but I'm thinking of getting something different for her.

      I'm hoping to get better photos, my camera battery ran out of juice almost immediately after I turned it on. ; . ;


    15. Saffron - she looks lovely. You have done a great job with her.
    16. Rabbit-moon,
      I like his body and I think that double body is great for photo (I don't usually use chest joint to posing...) But in my opinion he has strange pose of his legs when he sits. He can't sit on his bottom straight. Maybe I grind off it somehow.

      thank you) I glue his eyelashes today, and his eyes looks like more naturally.
      Your Michelle is beauty. I thought to order her too, but I like guys more it seems)
    17. Michelle looks beautiful!!!! I usually like the boys more too but she is really pretty. I am still thinking about making her a boy though...I am just getting her head.
    18. I think she'd make a very cute boy :)
    19. (Got a better pic of Annette the other day so that people can see her eyes and faceup a bit better.)

      Thanks very much guys, couldn't be happier with her!
      I made a Michelle database for anyone who will be receiving her in the future! :)

      @Innelda; Oh, I bet he looks even nicer with his eyelashes! I'd love to see another photo! ^^

      @Mollie; She would make a very sweet boy, it was actually my first thought when I opened her head! ^^

      Haha, I have a lot of friends who love boy dolls more, but I myself prefer the girl dolls. :3 Have to say though, I do feel like I have a soft spot for Edmund and Angelo. They have such pretty faces. Must see Angelo spam eventually! <3
    20. Your michelle looks absolutely beautiful! Her lips are to die for! I can't wait to receive mine as well, and join the database!