5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. @Gooberso1; Thank you! <3 Can't wait to see yours, it'll be so exciting once more people start receiving their Michelles. x3 Did you order yours with or without a faceup?
    2. Of course! I'm excited to see more of her too! She has a lovely mold. I ordered her with the default face up except for the blushing of the chin. :3
    3. Saffron, especially for you)


      some photos from our local dollpa are >>here<<
    4. Oh, Innelda_Ishe! Love the pictures of your Edmund! He's perfect! :love

      Seeing how handsome he is in your pictures only makes me more excited for my Edmund to arrive!

      (Gah! I love his nose!)
    5. Rabbit-moon,
      I'm glad to make you happy)
      I love my Akira more from day to day. And why did I want to sell him?)))
      He is in my heart yet...
      Perfect bloodless boy...)
    6. Hello, everyone. I bought a 5Star SD body for one of my dolls because I love their tinies and assumed their SDs would be as poseable. However, she's been a nightmare from the start. The torso top literally slides around the torso bottom; her legs won't stay in one place, and the "lid" piece inside the torso just seems to be there to rattle b/c no matter how I try, I can't get it to stick in place. I tried tightening her strings and sueding the torso joint, but it doesn't seem to have helped. I've never had a doll who was this uncooperative. Is this something that is fixable, or is it just a problem with the sculpt itself? I find myself thinking the resin is just too smooth, but I don't want to rough it up, either. Help?
    7. @nonnimous; I don't have any similar problems with my girl body, so I can't be of much help. I have, however, received defective parts from 5star though; my girl's head slot couldn't fit her S hook and barely fit the string through it, and one of her heel feet's hooks was embedded in the resin so it couldn't attach to the S hook in her ankle. I was able to mod mine just fine, but you might want to actually contact 5star about the problems you're having, since it sounds like you've tried everything feasible. Even if they can't help you, at least their communication is great and they'll get back to you in a timely manner.

      @Innelda; Akira is just beautiful! His wig suits him so well! I'm glad you decided to keep him. ^^ Who are the other large dolls beside him? I've been wondering what other dolls look like next to 5stardoll Supers.

      @Gooberso1; Oh excellent, I can't wait to see an owner pic of her default faceup! It looks really pretty and I'd love to see her with other wigs. Good call on the chin blushing. xD What type of skin will she have?
    8. I hope Edmunds body is OK.....I am terrible at fixing them..*_*
    9. I've had a couple of issues with my tinies from them, but nothing I've had to send the dolls back for. I am going to try once more; I have a heavy duty elastic that I use for my larger dolls; if that doesn't work, I'll contact them. I just wondered if it was a typical problem for these kinds of dolls. Thanks for your answer!
    10. nonniemous,
      Akira's posing is terrible too, but he has bad string tension. I treated his joints by rough sandpaper and he became to pose better. When I change tension, it will be ok, I think.

      On this photo we have (from left to right): Migidoll Ryu+Dollzone body hybride (other blond) and IOS G (brune boy).

    11. Lovely to see so many boys together :)
    12. Cyador,
      oh, they are not mine, this was our local dollpa.
      I have 5 boys: 1 tiny, 2 MSD, 1 Souldoll Vito (52 cm) and 1 SD now.
      But I wait my second SD and girl for him soon)
    13. @Mollie; I hope so too! I'm sure he will be fine. :3

      @Nonnie; No problem! Hope it all works out! Sounds like 5star is kind of hit and miss and doesn't have any typical problems but a bunch of random little ones. xD

      @Innelda; Ohh, an IOS! I was trying to figure out who the guy next to him might be. xD It's cool to see how their sizes compare. I want to get an SD boy to go with my Michelle, but I want to find a man who's the right size compared to her. xD
      Oh, you're getting an SD girl too? I can't wait to see her and Akira together! :D
    14. Saffron,
      I think about body for her now... Maybe it will 5 star Super... I don't know yet.
    15. Your problem is the torso "lid" not staying in place. It causes torso's to slide around and all sorts of stuff. Although not the same company, I asked about solutions when my AoD had similar problems, and they gave some good advice. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?499654-AoD-Torso-solution is the link if you're willing to check it out.

      I'm totally hoping to get an Edmund come May. I'm super excited, as he'll be my first SD sized doll!
    16. I hope, you'll receive him as soon as it possible)
    17. Hey everyone; I finally had the time to restring my SD girl, and wow, has it made a difference. I strung her really tightly, and took the time to spray her with MSD. Now she's posing like I'd hoped she would when I bought her. Thank you all for the advice and commiseration!
    18. Nonniemous, glad to hear that restinging fixed the problems you were having with your girl!
    19. Great to hear she does pose well now. And that brings me to my question: can you please show some pictures of how she poses? I want to know if this body would be an option for a head I have in mind. (I have the 5SD super boy body, so they would match in size).
    20. @Innelda; I like the 5star girl body, but I hope you find one that's right for your girl! Is she a 5star head?

      @nonnie; Whew, glad you were able to fix your girl! I've really got to coat my girl one of these days when the weather is nice.

      @Cyador; I can definitely take some pics of my girl posing when I get home tomorrow! I have her heel feet on right now, but I might be able to change them so that she can stand up for her demonstration. xD I can't remember whether or not I had difficulty putting them on.