5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. Aaaah, so that's what that little piece is for. Uhm...trouble is, that piece somehow disappeared yesterday while I was restringing Temulun. Whoops? :-) So far she seems to be posing okay, but that's great information on what to do when I do find the piece. Thank you!

      What kinds of poses are you looking for? I should have some time to take some pics for you in the next day or so. In the meantime, there are a few shots of her here, in my blog, when I was fitting some clothing to her. I could get her to stand at that point, but that was about it.
    2. Saffron,
      no, she has LLT head. This producer doesn't make bodies, and I can choose some what I like.
    3. Thank you! I appreciate it!

      I am looking for nekid pictures
      - how she stands from the front
      - sits from the front
      - sits with her legs closed
      - and if possible with legs crossed (the boys can not do this)
      - sitting from the side with her torso straith up
      - sitting while slouching
    4. So, quick question, what clothes can fit the Super's body? I'm preparing for my Edmund, and I'm trying to find clothes for him. Are there any other companies that have comparable measurements? I did some research on the DoA wiki, but haven't found anything promising yet.
    5. I am making clothes using the Adam Harris pattern company patterns - they need to be shortend in the length of the arms by 1 cm - but otherwise they fit very well (the patterns are made for 60 cm YID boys from Iplehouse). I'll try and make some pictures this afternoon.
    6. Awesome! Thanks for the information. I'm trying to determine if I need to commission someone, or if I can rope my man into sewing a suit for my incoming Edmund. :)
    7. I'm so excited, my dolls have finally come in! Sadly, my Michelle had the S-hook problems as well. Her neck/head and high heeled feet. My friend helped me fix it, luckily so she's okay! Although they forgot to send me the extra head from the free event. D:

      Here's the two darlings of mine! Sunhee and Jin!

      Default Face-up for Michelle

      My Box Opening
    8. @Gooberso1: Yay, congrats on your dolls finally arriving!! <3 Finally, another Michelle! Her default faceup looks soft and naturally pretty! And I love bangs on her, I really need to get around to buying Annette a wig with bangs. Funny how we both got Michelle and Tong Tong. xD I can't believe they forgot your free head though! ; . ; Are they going to send it to you?
    9. I was really surprised by her face up to! I thought it would look more harsh and bright, but it's absolutely beautiful! I have two more wigs on the way for her, a dark gray long one with little braids and purple/pink wig! I just love her so much already, I just need to restring her soon. D; Yeah I went through the box a few times in shock. Bit no head. D: they said they'll send it in three weeks so time to wait again. xD bit, it's totally worth it!
    10. I agree, I thought she would end up looking like she was wearing too much makeup, but it's actually the opposite effect! xD Good to see. Oh, I'd love to see her in the gray wig, I was considering buying one in that colour for my Michelle! Right now my mission is to get her a nice auburn one with bangs as her "natural" colour. :3 Oh dear, yours needs restringing? Mine came really tight but I'm leaving her as is, she kicks a little but she seems to pose well otherwise. I'm wondering if we should bring up the head slot issue and heel feet issue to 5star, it seems like the manufacturing is off. Even though I fixed it myself, I wouldn't want them to be totally unaware of the problem and have upset customers in the future! x_x
      Yes, totally still worth it for a free doll head! x3 Will you be getting another Super head or a smaller one?

      Edit: I sent 5star an e-mail about the Michelle head and feet, not sure what they'll do about it in the future but I figured I should at least let them know. ^^'
    11. I got my event dolls today! They all arrived safe and perfect! Here is my tan Edmund...wearing temporary everything! I love this guy very much! His skin is just beautiful!
    12. Wow, I didn't know what to expect from the tan skin, but it actually really suits him and he looks gorgeous! :D
    13. Thanks Saffron! I take terrible pictures so he is even prettier in person!
    14. LOL I feel the same way with my photos, I swear I never do Annette any true justice. xD I wish I could see more 5stars in person!
    15. I finally got some outdoor pics so you can see his skin color better.
    16. Eee!! He is soo cute!! Edmund looks awesome in tan!
    17. It's such a subtle tan, I love it! :D It makes him look like he got some sun, very natural. xD
    18. I love it too. I am so goofy in love with this guy..he is just so pretty. I can't wait to get his loin cloth made! He told me his name too. His name is Tarantula. Figures. I hate spiders.
    19. LOL, he can make any name sound good!
      Can't wait to see the loin cloth! I guess this means he will be showing a lot of skin. >.>
    20. Got to show off that remarkable tan!