5stardoll Supers

Jan 6, 2011

    1. I'm thinking of getting one (Angelo, but with a female body) but how well do they pose or hold poses? With his basic makeup, makes a PERFECT Vulcan female for the character I have in mind (Why yes I am a Trekkie \\//, LLAP)
      (To anyone who thinks Vulcans never smile, I present you this photo from Charlie X of Star Trek TOS... Looks like a smile to me)
    2. Hehe, I think Angelo would be great for your character. I want to see him as a girl. xD
      As far as posing, I haven't done a whole lot with my Michelle so I'm not sure I can offer much. I haven't even stood her up yet because I put her heel feet on and still don't have her shoes. xD 5stars seem to come quite tightly strung (no pun intended LOL) so their legs can be kicky - they'll lock in a straight position and don't like to bend. But the arms I have nothing bad to say about, I've found the arm posing to be really secure and flexible. I have no doubt that the female body can stand easily, it's very sturdy. :3
    3. Hello out there! (Wow! This thread is really quiet!)

      Anyway, I finally got the Xmas Event dolls that I ordered in December from MOC. Im really happy with them! I got an Edmund, and a free Tumnus head; both in normal yellow. (I also received a free tiny, a gray resin Bat boy)

      The big surprise for me is how much I love the Tumnus sculpt! He's gorgeous! I love that little smile of his! I still love Edmund's cranky, aristocratic face, but Tumnus has turned out to be such a charmer!


      More photos of my boys can be seen in the Gallery Thread:
    4. Oh, your boys are so gorgeous! :D
      I agree, I am pleasantly surprised to see your Tumnus looking so handsome. x3 I don't think I've seen him in YS before. It looks like he can be happy at certain angles and spunky at other angles. The wig and eyes you picked for him look so good. :)
      And your Edmund is such a gentleman! <3 He is a sculpt who never fails to impress me.

      Too bad this thread is so quiet. @[email protected] Hopefully I will have pics to share of my Michelle soon. She's getting her shoes in the next week, but I'm not sure when her new wig will come since it's from Leeke's spring pre-order.
    5. Thank you, Saffron! Im so totally thrilled with these boys! But, I gotta admit, Tumnus has stolen my heart! I love that sweet little smirk. :aheartbea

      Yeah, it's sad that there is so little going on in this thread. I think their YoSD sized dolls are popular, but the 60cm haven't really taken off, yet.

      Im looking forward to seeing pictures of your Michelle!
    6. I love your boys Rabbit-moon! Your Tumnus is just so darned cute. I think he is sneaking onto my wish list! I still haven't got Tarantula's (my tan Edmund) outfit yet but I have put a boy body on layaway for my Michele head so I hope to have him together soon! I wanted to use up my points before may 1st!
    7. Thank you Molliebean! Isn't Tumnus a charming fellow? I really love him!

      Wow! I think Michele will make a great boy!
    8. I shall now try to revive this thread. xD

      I'm pleased to announce that SDF high heel shoes fit the Super high heel feet. <3 I thought they would be a little big but I actually had to struggle to get these boots on, and now they seem to be a perfect fit!

      Unfortunately my girl still doesn't stand all that well. It could be the positioning of the feet, but I have to struggle with her. Her chest piece likes to slide over and make her look like she's leaning all the time, too. xD Sueding might be needed.

      She's borrowing a wig until her new one comes in, and I must say, she's looking very much like the rich but kind French mother she's supposed to be.

    9. She looks great Saffron!

      Sorry to hear you are having difficulty with Annette standing. I always have difficulty getting my girls to stand in high-heeled shoes, so it's not just your 5Star Michelle.

      Thanks for reviving the thread. I need to take some pictures of my boys to share!
    10. Saffron Your Michelle is so pretty! I am having second thoughts about making mine a boy! Too late now...I have a boy body on layaway and sent the head out for a manly face up!

      Yes Rabbit-moon ! We need to see more of those pretty boys!
    11. Hello, I'm new on this thread and on whole forum.... but anyway :D
      Does anyone have an Angelo?
      I'm thinking of buying him in the future but I'd like to see some owners pictures.
      (I can't find any unfortunately...)

      and Rabbit-moon - Your pictures are great! :D
    12. Thank You very much Molliebean!
      I think that I'm really in love with him now :D
    13. @Rabbit-moon; Thanks! Glad my girl's not the only one who has a hard time standing in high heels. :lol: I'll just have to find better ways of posing her.
      Definitely want to see more of your boys! :D

      @Molliebean; Hehe, glad you like her! I think your boy Michelle will be amazing though, I had second thoughts about making mine a girl when I saw her head blank. ;) I can't wait to see the faceup you get for him!

      @Shao-ron; I hope you get an Angelo! He's so awesome. x3

      I love those Angelo pics, he looks way more sassy than I would have imagined. 5star has a way with making sassy/mischievous dolls. xD
    14. Welcome to the Forum, Shao-ron! Angelo is too cute! I love his ears!

      Wow, Molliebean! You totally rock for finding those Angelo threads for Shao-ron! So nice of you!
      And, Im still looking forward to your Michelle boy; I think it's a great idea! Can't wait to see what the face-up artist does with your Michelle.
    15. Thank You Rabbit-moon :)
      His ears was the first thing a saw on his pictures xD
      I just love elves for whole my heart ^^
      And He has a really interesting face ^^ I'm in love ^^

      Saffron Thank You too :) I hope I'll get him soon :)
    16. I think his name will be "Mickey" but that might change when I see him. I requested no pics during the face up...I want to be surprised!
    17. OMG! Molliebean, you are a brave one! I always want to see "progress" pixs when I send a head out for a face-up!

      Who is doing the face-up on your Michelle/Mickey?
    18. @Shao-ron; What sort of plans do you have for him? :0 Are you going to get him with a faceup?

      @Molliebean; All of my dolls' faceups were surprises, too! I just love seeing the final product in all its glory. :) I hope he tells you his name once his faceup is finished.
    19. Rabbit-moon This is the first time I have ever sent a head for face up so I am a bit nervous! They always came with face up or I did it myself. I sent him to LupusDarkmoon here on DoA. I was quite taken with her work and she was having a sale!

      Saffron I think it will be fun to open it up and just see it! :sweat
      I hope so too...I don't like them to be nameless for too long!