5StarDoll Tinies Discussion Part 4

Oct 14, 2016

    1. Oh excellent, emac! So glad they got back to you and the correct boy will be sent to you. Still, sorry for the mix-up, but you got a lovely purple boy for free. Honestly, I really love that color. My Yami is that beautiful soft purple and I think it's gorgeous.

      Your Aiden10 looks so cute with his plush bunny. :D
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    2. Thanks! <3 The bunny actually came with an adorable plaid hunting cap that fits my MSD perfectly and a little black "leather" collar that I think I can repurpose as a belt or other accessory for YoSD. All that plus the adorable bunny himself for $2 -- and he was brand new with tags!

      And yes, now I have a purple Aiden... I have no idea what to do with him but he is adorable. :)
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    3. It was fun to look back and see some owner photos of Jadite versus just the stock photos. I'm really surprised at how much more vibrant the green is on the one on the previous page though. Is it normal to get that much potential variation in color from the stock photos with this company?
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    4. Hi everyone, it's me again with another noob question ^^" Do you know if there's a chart with 5stardoll's resin colours? I looked on the official website but couldn't find anything... Also, what's the colour of Jay's resin in stock photos? Thanks~

      Nevermind, I sent them an email! Sorry for this useless message orz
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    5. Huzza! My 5Star doll order arrived!:dance

      After I ordered Amy from Denver Dolls, 5Star started their Event Sale, and I had to jump on that! I wasn't expecting these dolls until July, but they all arrived this week! :o

      Please welcome my human Jadite, Aiden10, Bibi, and free event doll, Tony.


      I'm thrilled to pieces with them. Jadite is so cute! I love her face-up! And I love her gorgeous color. (My husband got her for me.)

      I'm so happy to finally have an Aiden10 in red resin. I've wanted one for years. He came with his horns, and his beast hand. However, I wish they had included the beast forearm for that hand. Maybe I'll send 5Star a message and see if it's possible to get it. *crosses fingers*

      Also, over the moon about finally having a Bibi. (another one I've wanted for years.) He's suppose to be tan resin, but that is a very, very light tan, if he is. Actually, it looks more like a normal yellow. But, I'm not too concerned. I think he's wonderful! His face-up is gorgeous! At this point, I wouldn't change a thing about him.

      And, finally, the free event doll, Tony in normal pink, on the new 26cm body. He's a cute little guy.

      Oh! I almost forgot my Amy! She is so pretty! I love her sweet features and little elf ears.


      So, anyway, that is my dolly haul! Now, I gotta seriously get busy buying them some clothes.:sweat:doh:chomp:

      Hope you liked them.:D
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    6. Such lovely bebes, congrats! <3

      Did you pay for the face-ups from 5stardoll or were they from another artist? They are beautiful!
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    7. I'm also really happy to see another consistently nice red resin Aiden from this latest batch of sales. Gives me hope that my replacement Aiden 5 will be the same gorgeous red that my Aiden 10 is. :)
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    8. Thank you emac! I'm so happy with them. Though I gotta say, I am not a big fan of the new 26cm boy that Tony is on. I mean, no chest joint, no waist joint, and no joint in the thighs to swivel the legs. He sits terribly compared to the 30cm 3-part body. At least he doesn't have that huge derriere the previous 26cm body had, and the arms do allow you to have the doll touch his face, after you have wrestled with them a bit. (The dolls did come a little tightly strung.)

      And, yes, I did get the default face-ups from 5Star. 5Star really did a great job on them. I'm so pleased with how they came out.

      Here's a close-up of Bibi's lovely face-up, to give you some idea of how nice the 5Star face-ups are. I love his big brown eyes, too. He's absolutely perfect! :aheartbea


      And Jadite's face-up is glorious! Her face-up is kind of sparkly. :fangirl:


      I wouldn't worry, emac. It looks like this is the deep red color they are using for their resin. Your Aiden5's color should be just like your Aiden10. :thumbup
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    9. Congrats! They are all beautiful! Now I'm not the only one with a Jadite on a human body. She is so adorable. You're lucky, you got the anteni too. They forgot mine and then never sent them after I contacted them. Kept telling me they were inside her head but as I changed her eyes I knew they weren't there. :D I love how she sparkles.
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    10. Thank you Kelli! I absolutely love Jadite on a human body. I love 5Star's fantasy sculpts, but the bug-body really wasn't my cup of tea. But, the antennas were a must. :cockroach2

      I'm so sorry you didn't' get the antennas with your Jadite. Maybe you could try contacting them again. 5Star seems to be more on the ball right now. I asked if I could buy Aiden10's beast arm and they got back to me within a day or two, and were very obliging. It's worth a try. :eusa_pray
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    11. I am jelly of the Jadites in here! She's so cute.
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    12. Rabbit-moon, did you contact them on the website or the Facebook page? I may give that a try.

      After your latest arrivals I think you might have more 5Star tinies then I do. I'm at an even dozen. They need to make more dolls. :D
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    13. Thank you emac! I think Jadite has the cutest face. That little serene smile just slays me!:D

      I can't wait to get her some clothes. She's going to be very casual.

      Kelli, I contacted 5Star on their website. Seriously, you should give it a try. Even if you offer to buy the antennas, it shouldn't cost that much. Poor little Jadite really needs to have her antennas. I wish you good luck!

      And, yes, I do seem to have quite a few 5Star tinies now. I think I have about 15 now. How did that happen?!!!:o (I swear, those little guys multiply like rabbits when you are not paying attention!:doh)
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    14. Such lovely babies omg!! :love The faceups are super pretty too! Congrats @Rabbit-moon :whee:
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    15. Ok, so I've done something kind of stupid and ambitious lol

      Actor Doug Jones, best known for playing Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies, will be in town not this weekend but the next for a convention. Last night I decided I'd try and get my red Aiden 10 and "mint" (moon grey) BiBi at least partially customized as kid Hellboy and kid Abe (face ups, eyes, a simple set of clothes that's similar to the characters' style) to show him at the con.

      I don't think I have time to do any epoxy mods on BiBi's face to remove his ears, nose or lips, but if I can even just get his head colored the same way (with Abe's stripes), I think I'll be happy with the result, and can work on more extensive mods later. :) I sprayed the heads with MSC last night (though I still need to spray BiBi's head cap since he won't have a wig like HB), and I'm going to try and work on face-ups in the coming days. Send me good vibes, please! <3

      I asked on Facebook, but maybe you guys know -- is there any "good" method for painting acrylic eyes? I have a pair of oil slick colored iris eyes that would work as Abe's eyes, but the sclera are white and I need NO white to show. I thought I could just paint the sclera with black acrylic, but wondered if anyone else here has ever tried that.
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    16. Thank you so much Amaterasu! I was very lucky to have had the money to participate in the 5Star Spring Event. Finally got the dolls I've been wanting for years. (I wasn't taking any chances this time, and having a sculpt discontinued out from under me!:sweat)

      Wow, Emac! Doug Jones! I love him! :aheartbea He was so awesome in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as one of the super-scary Gentlemen. And, I adored him as the creature in Guillermo Del Toro's Shape of Water. And, of course, as Abe Sapien he was wonderful. I think he's a brilliant actor! How exciting that you're going to meet him!

      I wish I could help you with your questions about the eyes, but I've never modded anything. I will definitely send you good vibes! (You can do it, grrl!) I hope you get a response on Facebook, or maybe you could ask your question in the DOA Workshop Section.


      I got good news from 5Star; they are going to send me the Aiden10 beast forearm for free! I guess I bought so many of their dolls, they're considering it a "gift". YAY! So my little Hellboy will be almost complete.

      Here's the little hellion to say "Hi".

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    17. I'm so happy you'll get a beast forearm! I don't know how I'm going to do that for my mini Red yet, since the Aiden hand is on the left not the right. -___- But I'll figure something out... Did you have ideas yet?

      And Doug is the NICEST celeb I've ever met. A friend and I cosplayed as Lobster Johnson (him) and Hellboy (me) a few years ago and got a great pic with Doug. He was so complimentary, even though it was really my first full non-"closet" ("normal clothes") cosplay and the first time I'd done body paint too. I can't wait to chat with him again. :) I've bought him some presents -- an enamel pin of Red's Samaritan and another of the Mac Tonight Moon Man character that was his first breakout commercial role lol
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    18. Wow! That's so cool, emac! I'm sure he will be thrilled-to-pieces to be getting presents from a fan! If he does Photo Ops with the fans, you should get a picture taken with him! :love Gah! I'm so envious! (But, also, sending more good vibes for your Hellboy and Abe projects.)

      And, just so I stay on-topic, here's a close-up of the face-up on my free event doll, Tony.

      Interesting treatment on the lips, don't you think? Must have been the same guy who did the face-up for Jadite. But, aside from that, it's another gorgeous face-up done by 5Star. It was so worth it to pay a little extra and have his face-up done by them. (I really hate having to send a head out for a face-up. It's such a hassle.)

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    19. Wow, emac! He looks great so far! :thumbup I have a feeling he's going to turn out brilliant!

      Kudos to you! I'm too chicken, and artistically challenged, to even attempt trying to do a face-up. That's why it's just easier for me to buy the doll company default face-ups. (And, usually cheaper, too. :chomp:)
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