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5StarDoll Tinies Discussion Part 4

Oct 14, 2016

    1. Hey everyone!

      I'm gonna jump into this thread now since I just recently ordered my biggest doll haul yet to take advantage of the current event 5stardoll is having. I ordered a Jadite and a bibi and I'm getting a little Tony as the free doll. I'm so excited. I hope I put in the event doll order right though, I wrote it down in the order notes and sent them an email after I ordered.

      After looking through the thread I am in love with everyone's tinies.
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    2. Justjordy0: What a great deal! There are so many nice dolls out from all companies, but 5Stardoll prices are so reasonable. I like the new Alice. I wonder if the faceups are really done that way though.
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