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5StarDoll Tinies Discussion Part 4

Oct 14, 2016

    1. My Aiden-5 in 'moon grey' just arrived. He's so cute!!
      They actually included eyes, a girly wig (which he is not going to be wearing) and a beast arm. No horns, though...

      I'll take pictures later - I've been flooded with incoming dolls lately, I'm so far behind taking pictures! (And I don't even want to think about things like face-ups...)
      I hope this is it for me this year, I really need to concentrate on the dolls I have. (Unless a miracle happens and 5SD reintroduces Yami... Not sure whether I hope they do, or I'd prefer if they didn't. LOL!!!)
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    2. If they sent horns they might be in the head, also congratulations on your cutie ^_^
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    3. Congrats! Can't wait to see his photos :XD: That's weird if they didn't sent the horns along :o
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    4. He doesn't appear to have magnets for horns - he just has the bumps on his forehead. Maybe he's not old enough for horns yet... LOL!!!
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    5. My "moon grey" Aiden didn't have horns or the magnets either. I think you are right - they are too young for horns:)
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    6. Mine doesn’t have horns either. The older sculpts did (from around 2012, I had a couple).
      I was thinking of sanding off the bases, or stubs(?) anyway, but I’m lazy and a good wig should cover them. My poor guy hasn’t gotten any love for a while.
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    7. Oh! So the Aiden-5 is indeed doesn't come with magnets and horns? I just know it! I thought it will be the same as Aiden-10.
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    8. I only have an original Aiden, before there was Aiden-10 and Aiden-5. I'm not sure whether original Aiden and Aiden-10 are the same. They're probably on a different body, but the head looks very similar.

      I have a lot of 5StarDoll tinies. I have Ria as a girl, and she's on one of the first bodies, the one with the tiny, tiny girl hands, and she came in the same shipment as my red Aiden. I think it was the first or the second body they produced.

      My monster twins have a slightly different body, and my Quintus has yet another body. And I have Amy on her original body, and she is slightly taller than the others.
      My Amy(whose name is Aster) is also the only one who is a truly horrible poser. The rest you can just pick up and put down - they're really sturdy. But Aster has wobbly knees and a floppy head, and no amount of string tightening seems to help.
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    9. Bad form to reply to my own reply, I know... But it's been a while, and it's been really quiet.

      But in the meantime, I thought I'd just ask 5StarDoll whether they had any plans to re-release Yami, and they replied they don't have any plans to bring her back.
      But... they did have one left in stock that I could buy if I wanted her.
      So I opened the window, threw out all my good intentions, and said YES. Of course I did. :lol:

      She has a face-up and body blushing, and she's purple. And she just left China this morning, according to EMS. So that's another one to look forward to.
      I will have a full 5StarDoll 1/6 football (or soccer) team soon! :D
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    10. @Fairy Milliner That's great news! I don't recall ever seeing a PURPLE 5 star baby! I'm so happy she was there waiting for you! I understand about good intentions......

      I feel really guilty not posting about mine since I have 3 of these babies. Life has been a whirlwind and I've barely moved them. I've still not started on the sewing I've been planning since the twins (SE 2013) came home.
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    11. I'd love to see your twins, @mollym - I have to admit that only one of mine has a dress - her brother is still in a Ken outfit. And neither of them have a face-up I'm particularly happy with.

      Here's a picture of my four girls: Aster, Angelica, Xanthia and Anemone.

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    12. Hi! I've been lurking around and just enjoying everyone's dolls for awhile, until February when I bit the bullet and picked up an Aiden5 in moon grey and an Aiden10 in grey direct from the company.I haven't really decided on clothes and eyes yet, but I did get company face-ups for both so that I could get an Elaine (1/4 scale) as a gift. I just got the shipping notice today and I'm very excited. It's a shame that they won't be here in time for Doll North though.
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    13. Congratulations Kiki, they are great dolls and the price is very reasonable for bjds
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    14. Congratulations, Kiki! I hope they arrive soon! :dance

      Edited to add a picture of my new Yami, who arrived today. She borrowed a wig - but I think Anemone was ready for a restyle anyway.

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    15. Wow! Congrats Fairy Milliner! Your new little Yami looks adorable! :fangirl:

      I'm so glad 5Star still had one instock to sell you! :dance
    16. I just bought an Aiden with a monster arm.

      ... Small problem is, when I went to change it over to the monster arm and hand... The hand is missing an s hook. Can anyone help me with this or tell me what I can do.
    17. Congrats on your Aiden, @X_UnTold_X . You can either order an s-hook set from nearly any bjd dealer or make one yourself. If you were to make one yourself, a thick paper clip may do the trick. There's some specialty tools used for jewelry making that you can use to shape it and clip it down to size. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck!
    18. Hi, does anyone know how to dealing with single piece torso? My Milo (Tony 1/6) only have single piece torso that's why he has limited pose, he rarely have a proper sitting pose because the body kept falling back. Is the solution only modding it? I still new in this hobby and still afraid on doing something dangerous like modding. I would love to get other solution if there is any. I love the shape of his body honestly, but it really limiting the pose :(

      Also, Milo has a new faceups done (i gave him a fake teeth, i'm glad it doesn't look weird in the photo XD) :
      And update for Oreo as well (brought Oreo to a park):
    19. You don't need to mod him, necessarily. You can put wire in his legs to help him hold a sitting pose. That would likely be the best solution. Here's a thread, but it's old.

      Milo and Oreo are so cute!
    20. Thank you so much! I will try wiring him if so :XD: