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5StarDoll Tinies Discussion Part 4

Oct 14, 2016

    1. You are welcome! Some people wrap the wire in tape, which is a good idea to keep the resin from being scratched or the wire coating from being messy. It's not as hard as it sounds. Good luck!
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    2. Hello guys, sorry if I'm not very active and only butt in from time to time ^^;;; but I received my Jay a couple of days ago and... I'm not 100% satisfied tbh.

      Don't get me wrong, the doll is super cute and I love him so much ; w ; I don't regret choosing that sculpt at all, it was truly love at first sight :XD:

      My only issue is the faceup. Basically I'm going to use black wigs on him, so I paid for customized faceup and asked if they could do default faceup, but with black eyebrows (default ones are light brown, so they wouldn't match the wig at all, you know what I mean?).

      The doll I got has light brown eyebrows though. So I sent an email to ask if that's the artist's style or if there was a miscommunication; the answer was "I think maybe it is a misunderstanding of the artist. Sorry about this."
      And this rubs me the wrong way tbh, because I paid extra money for a customized faceup and asked for a fairly simple customization...

      Oh, the doll also has two little mole-like spots near the eyebrows; they are easily covered by the wig and don't really bother me, but it's still a bit weird.

      Do you think I could ask for a refund of the extra money I paid for customized faceup? :'(

      Pic because he's a good boi and I love him despite everything haha ♥
      (but... does he look bad with black hair and brown eyebrows? ; w ; The more I think about it, the more I'm frustrated...)

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    3. I think having different color between eyebrows and hair is not bad? I see a lot of dolls like that, even i have doll with different color between his hair and eyebrows and i still think he is cute no matter what ;v;
      So, Jay is basically have default faceup only i think? Since you've request to change the eyebrows color but they didn't do it? And if so, i think it's okay to ask refund for the extra money you've sent. This just my opinion ;;;
      Also, i think you can add black pastels or watercolor pencil in his eyebrows to darkened it...? That way, your frustration will decreased ;v;
      (Sorry for my bad english btw ;;;;; )
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    4. Thank you very much for the suggestion! I wrapped the tip using hot glue and i wrapped it with tape after. Now Milo can sit (even though sometimes still falling backward depending the pose of his legs). Other than sitting, now he can pose like walking (even though he is only single jointed) and i think it's a very cool pose!
      Here some of the photos :

      Sitting :

      Walking :
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    5. @vv_megane If the faceup is sealed (and it most certainly SHOULD be) you can put some wc pencil or even pastel right over it. If you don't like the results, then a gentle rubbing with a kneading eraser will take it off and not anything sealed underneath. This is why faceups are done in layers anyhow. Even with your added pigments, it wouldn't simply rub off so easily, but would take some effort. I've done it, added some pigment after sealing and it stayed just fine, but I didn't wipe it away with any effort either. I hope that makes sense. It seems reasonable to me to ask for some refund since you got a default when you actually paid for a custom. Of course, that's up to you and the vendor.

      @riezyoe Milo looks fabulous! You did great! I'm very pleased my suggestion was clear. Those are some great poses you have photographed. Still, often BJDs will fall over a bit when sitting. It's because they're top heavy. I've seen all sizes and types of BJDs do this. Even some of my regular play dolls will because they're top heavy. It's a bit of a worry, but being careful to keep your hands close until you are confident in the pose is a good idea. Also, to be careful to pose your doll(s) on a solid surface whenever possible.
    6. @mollym thank you very much! :XD: Milo only have single piece torso and very heavy. But, because of the torso shape (looks curvy when we see from a side)
      , he is often falling backward (when sitting) as like you've said, it's because his top is heavy and because of the torso shape. Yes! I always make sure to make my dolls pose well (and safe) before i let them and take picture. Because, Milo ever fallen frontward when he is standing back then, makes his nose chipped (thankfully it's only a bit) but now it's closed by the sealant and pastels, thankfully. From there on, when i take pictures of my dolls, i always ask my sister to take picture and i'm the one who keeps on guard especially with my large dolls.
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    7. @riezyoe You're right, after this I started noticing that a lot of dolls actually have different eyebrows and hair colours haha!
      I'm not sure if Jay's only possible faceup is default? When I placed the order I politely asked if they were able to paint the eyebrows black, and they said they were going to follow my request, so who knows what happened afterward ; w ;
      Thank you for the suggestion, it's really useful! And don't worry about your English, it's not my first language either ^^;;;
      (Your Milo is sooo cute btw * 3 * I love his wig and eyes! ♥)

      @mollym Thank you so much for the suggestion, I had no idea I could do that! I'll definitely give it a try. By "wc pencil" do you mean watercolor pencil or is it something else...? (Sorry, I'm still a newbie...)

      Anyway, in the end I pointed out that I paid for a customized faceup and asked 5star if we could find a solution together or if they could refund the money; they immediately sent the refund, they have always been kind to me and answered very quickly to my emails so I can't complain... I'm just a bit disappointed is all ^^;;;
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    8. @vv_megane Yes, a water color pencil. If you get it very, very sharp and make tiny light marks, it will look like hairs.
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    9. so I have a terrible idea...lol. I've been watching yuyu hakusho and I sort of want to make genkai(young and old) and the crew in 5star tinies X3 though rinku could be fun if I only did one lol
      #549 ahalfling, Jul 4, 2019
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