5StarDoll Tinies Discussion Part 4

Oct 14, 2016

    1. I'm always temped when I see a Jadite, but I also remember I have bought dolls and not even painted them yet..... so I get to feeling guilty about buying any more dolls. Hopefully, I can catch up with some things on the to-do list by the end of summer.
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    2. Mollym, I totally understand what you are saying. I've got project dolls that have been waiting months for some attention. :eek: (But, Jadite is such an awesome sculpt. How can you resist? :doh:sweat;))
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    3. Anyone have any spam to share? And any idea of what their tan looks like? :whee:

      Also, does anyone know why 5Star has most of their stock removed?
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    4. thank you! ^_^
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    5. So cute! Thanks for posting him. :D

      Where did you get his glasses?
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    6. Ive had them for awhile so I dont remember honestly, sorry
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    7. Fabric Friends is no longer a dealer for 5SD. DDE hasn't gotten any new dolls in a while and only has 2 in stock. Wonder if 5SD is shutting down?
    8. Wow! I hope not!

      I know that the Coronavirus has had a serious impact on many doll companies in China. But, 5-Star's website still appears to be up. It even has a notice that due to factory equipment upgrading, all orders will be delayed about 40 days.

      I personally don't order through dealers for 5Star dolls. 5Star is usually so accommodating I order through their website. And, when I have questions, they always get back to very quickly.

    9. That message has been up since before the Virus which is a long time to be upgrading.
      How long does it usually take 5SD to ship out a doll? DDE said they don't do pre-orders for 5SD because they don't know when they would get the doll.
    10. I'm currently waiting for a doll direct from them and paid May. 8th. I did ask about Covid-19 before I ordered and they said it had affected production.
    11. Before the pandemic, my 5Star orders usually took 3 months, maybe a little more. Not an unreasonable amount of time. My problem with Denver Dolls, and don't get me wrong, I love Denver Dolls, but I was told that they only place an order with 5Star after they've gotten a certain quota of doll orders. They do not place individual orders. Happily, when I order directly from 5Star my order goes in immediately. They are very responsive and Ive been happy with their customer service. :thumbup

      Now, with the delays brought on by the pandemic, its anyone's guess at how long it could take. My most recent doll purchase was from another company that usually delivers dolls in a 3 to 6 month window. Because of the pandemic, it took 10 months for the doll to be delivered.

      Oh Bristol, congrats on your order with 5Star! What cutie did you order? :D
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    12. @Rabbit-moon I ordered Yami! She was too cute and purple to resist. I was thankful that they decided to re-release her. :D
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    13. [​IMG]
      my Amy (Sage) and Kane (Dandy) 5sd are my fave yosds! Waiting for me red Aiden to get painted and hopefully he’ll be back soon!

      Dandy is wearing a Harry Potter doll robe. XD
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    14. Bristol, Good choice! Yami is adorable! :fangirl:

      Can't wait to see her when she arrives!

      DollyBillz, your girls are beyond cute! So adorable in their little outfits! :D

      Don't forget to share photos of your Aiden when he gets back! I would love to see him! :aheartbea

      Thanks for sharing!
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    15. Yami arrived today! She's so friggin' adorable! I just opened her and need to find something for her to wear before taking a pic. I also got her with the default face-up and it's sparkly like Fairyland's. :D

      What's strange is that she was sent in one of those decorative photo boxes like at Micheal's instead of an actual doll box.
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    16. Congrats Bristol! Yami is such an adorable sculpt! You are going to love her! :aheartbea

      Can't wait to see photos of her! :love

      (Also, that does sound strange about the box. :? Post a photo of the box, too, if you get a chance.)

      Again, congrats! :thumbup