A Place To Post Photos?

Apr 30, 2019

    1. I feel very uncomfortable using instagram due to some personal issues, so I need a new place to post!
      I know people use twitter and flicker, but I wonder if there are other sites? Help is appreciated <3
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    2. How about Tumblr? I've seen some people posting pics there. :XD:
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    3. I like Imgur.
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    4. I use ImageShack for photo hosting. I have a subscription there that lets me post unlimited stuff.
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    5. I use Post Image for hosting images. I can’t say I personally recommend Tumblr, given there can be a lot of negativity there — depending on your personal reasons to not use Instagram, Tumblr could potentially not be a good fit for you.

      A much less known choice is VSCO. While it’s a primarily photo editing app, it does have the option to upload your photos into their public community space and sometimes I’ve seen a few doll collectors there. I guess it depends on what the end goal is: do you only want to host images or do you want to engage with the doll community?
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    6. Deviant art?
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    7. I don't have any issues with flickr and like that you can be public or private I tried a few others but this was the best for me
    8. I use Flickr for the BJDs. And lately I've been using IMGUR for my Sims 3 pictures (that used to be on Photobucket).
      I like them both, but I think I prefer Flickr. I do have a sub there, so I don't know how the service is for their free accounts...
    9. I use tumblr to host pictures. You post privately, then use that to embed an image. You can still tag and organize things, but its private until you share it
    10. Perhaps try Tumblr, Deviantart, Flickr or Vero.
      (I use Instagram because I use it to post bjd and cosplay photos only.)
    11. EDIT: You are able to use Flicker and Deviant art to host pictures I will add more when I figure more out

      I don't know what site I have to post pictures onto in order for them to show up here! I would be very pleased if Deviant art worked. Why must posting photos be so tedious here :(
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    12. Flickr is what most people use.

      Ive seen some confusion about how flickr now has paid accounts, thats only if you choose the upgraded account. You can still get a free account it just has a limit on the number of photos you can upload before needing to delete some to make room for more.
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    13. As a newer member of the forum you will probably find it really helpful to read through the FAQ here.
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    14. Tbh I'm not a new member, I'm just really bad at navigating DOA rip
      But thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
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    15. I use Flickr. Choose the "share" icon, choose BB Code, then paste it into the post/comment box. On market place listings or forms (not just posts/replies), delete everything before https: and everything after .jpg or whatever your file is. If you're still having trouble, try posting in Ask the Moderators, they should be able to assist you further.

      It IS a pain sometimes, especially if you're sharing a lot of photos, but the reason is because uploading photos here from the thousands of members would crash the site regularly. Since DoA is a free site to join and share, space is limited. I'd rather go through the trouble of using a photo host than have to pay for a membership. :)
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    16. You can use Deviant Art, you just need the image's address like any other photo you want to post here. :3nodding:
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    17. Awesome! Flicker has a very hard time opening for some reason so I'm glad I can use DA
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    18. It seems nowadays all the community moving to instagram for sharing photoes, cause it's easier to follow doll owners and recieve feedback there. Forums was the most popular resource 10 years ago for posting dolly photoes, but now they are quiet. People use them like a wiki with talking heads ^^ Flickr was always popular for photo sharing and still relevant for the task.

      I myself have 2 instagram accounts one for business and one for bjds. So maybe you could give it a chance ^^
    19. I use FB & INS,now I‘m trying use Flickr too
    20. Sorry to bring up this topic, but thank you for sharing your thoughts! I wouldn't say I like to put photos on the internet; I prefer the images that I can hang on my wall; I usually do them at frameshop.com.au. But I can suggest that my friend is using Exposure, which was created as a platform for photographs with an emphasis on narrative, a series of pictures united by a single idea. This narrative includes the photos in sequence and the actual description of what's going on in them. It is more than realistic to put together a portfolio of sorts out of several such photo stories.
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