About OrientDoll So-type

May 30, 2006

    1. I ordered my Vampire Ji and she came in four days! Shipping was $23.16. I adore her! Tiny bear made her an aubergine wig and she looks like Lady Bacardi now instead of Rumpot! She has some Kelly clothes but usually wears a tank top off a special Buffy the Vamprie Slayer doll and some shoes from an Only Hearts Club doll...which run a bit large but she likes to play dress up and they do stay on. The Only Hearts Club (is that the right name? it doesn't look right...) bikini fits perfectly too.
    2. I just noticed that the So bodies are sold separately. Could a Nari pon head be put on the So body? Would the resin, either white or normal, go with the Notdoll crystal rose resin? Are the necks and head sockets close enough in size? I adore my Daisy and Pansy, but I've never liked their odd looking little bodies. Can anyone compare the two for me?

      Okay, never mind. I checked the comparison pictures and the dolls don't fit. Except that if they both can wear Kelly clothes, how come the bodies are so different? This size thing is really confusing.
    3. Hrm, I'm a little worried now, heh. I ordered my girl with a faceup, but she got shipped like, the next day. O_o; Maybe it just doesn't take that long to paint a tiny. ^_^;;; (Either way, ack! I figured on having a couple of weeks to get eyes for her, not on having like, three days. XD;;; My poor Dollfie Plus might be blind for a few days... ^_^; )
    4. You're okay, that same thing just happened to me, and the makeup was fine. I think they may just have already-painted heads sitting around.
    5. I didn't see the Vampire head with a body, so I ordered just the head.

      Mine arrived in just days, as well.

      Which body does the doll come with? I'm worried about ordering the boy body and having it be a different colour.

    6. I ordered my vampire boy in parts and had no trouble at all with the colour match
    7. I've ordered two Ji Vampires (in parts) with about two months between the orders. You can't tell the difference at all in the resin colour ... I could interchange bodies and heads and you'd never know.

      Darkwood ... my experience with Bratz Baby stuff is that the tops without defined shoulders fit well and the bottoms fit well. I've had stuff like sleeved t-shirts wind up being tight, as the So body seems a bit wider in the shoulders than the Bratz Baby body.

    8. Thanks sweeties!

      When I look on The Orient Doll site it looks like the resin on the body is super snowy white!

      I got my head with make-up. Do you think that will make a difference?

      Darn! Now I can't remember if I got the snow option on my YE. And he's not with me.
    9. This site is so handy! I just looked at his picture on here and I'm pretty sure its Basic option. :lol:
    10. She came today! Yep, she has her faceup, and it's an adorable one, too! ^_^

      Ahahahaha, I'm afraid I'm going to break her! XD I thought I'd have longer to get her eyes so she just has unakite beads put in there... Looks nice and creepy, actually. :D She's a strange little one anyway... ^_^ Put her in a Dollfie Plus wig which is a little big... Have some weird tentacle-y fur I want to make her a wig from, but that'll take some time. X3 She's wearing a Baby Bratz outfit so she won't be naked. X3

      Ahahaha, Ephram looks so amusing holding her. He has this look on his face like "I didn't do it, it's not MY fault". X3

      Had a bit of a scare as the shipping box got crushed. >_< Inner box and her were fine though.

      Now to get over my fears of breaking and/or losing her... XD

      She's so *little*. o.o
    11. Any place I can get BOY clothes for So type? Besides kelly clothes?
    12. I ordered and immediately paid for a special Vampire Ji because the out-of-stock graphic was gone on the website. I ordered white skin w/faceup. She is my mother's Xmas present and was shipped out within EIGHT HOURS of the payment confirmation.

      The out-of-stock graphic is back.

      I had to hustle to get some Kelly clothes off eBay for her. I suspect she will arrive next week.

      I hope they included green eyes.
    13. Um...how about my twin sister, Margarita_Rosa on the Den...just Margarita in real life...my mom wasn't very imaginative when naming us...you can probably guess my middle name.

    14. I just ordered a So girl body and Ye head tonight...can't wait to see it....going to be a cute fairy or vamp child...:D
    15. On thursday i ordered myself Ui and Dong :3

      i'm getting married in september, and to incorporate our hobby into the wedding (and have a long-lasting reminder) the two tinies are going to be the bride and groom for our wedding cake. i'm planning to dress them up as mini versions of us.

      (and can't forget i have an entire year to play with them until then hehehehehe)
    16. Ah, what a cute idea!

      I love Ui and Dong....did you order the normal or vampire versions?
    17. I tried doing this with a Ken and Barbie as King Arthur and Guenivere with them next to the cake - and I forgot them at home...:doh

      They fit in eyeglass cases (if big enough, both in the same case) so you can smuggle them with you on the honey moon and not worry about someone remembering to take them back to your house!
    18. thanks! just normal versions hehe :)

      oh no!! :o
      LOL!! good to know they can fit in something that small though :)
    19. I ordered a SO body and Ye head last night...I went to check on order and got a tracking number but can't find where to go to check on it...USPS just says there is no record of it...EMS has no area to do a track and confirm...

      can't wait to see her...
    20. It is through USPS but it takes a day or two to get in their system. :)