About OrientDoll So-type

May 30, 2006

    1. It seems they add a tracking number right after you place the order - it won't work until they actually post it. The moment it hits the system, the EMS site has better tracking than USPS site does - you can find out when it hits the plane and arrives into the country - it's quite exciting.

      It's good they are getting faster - when I orderd my So, it took exactly 30 days without a face-up - and I checked that tracking number every day hoping it would show up before they updated my order to shipped.
    2. I use several of the Kelly pieces for my 3 Orientdolls. I do find, though, that many of the dresses fit more like a blouse. A bit short for the dress look. The jelly shoes are a good fit, the solid type shoes tend to be on the small side. I have 2 girls and 1 boy from the So set. I love them.
    3. She left Seoul today!!!
    4. would they fit into the Kelly fairy outfits?? or some of the holiday outfits?? just wondered...
    5. Mendokusai: adorable little ones! Congratulations for your new family members <3
    6. I cut the straps off the Kelly Mary Jane shoes and the shoes now fit the So perfectly.
    7. They're cute!

      I was only able to find Bratz kids clothes on dolls today at Wallmart. How about the Baby Bratz - do you know if those fit? The tiny little dolls with bathing suits looked like they might work but the Kids stuff looked too large. I didn't have mom's doll with me, however, to compare visually.
    8. i didn't take my dolls in, but i got one of the bratz kids dolls since it came with both a pants outfit and a skirt outfit. one of the shirts didn't fit (which is why the boy is shirtless), but the other fit perfectly... and the pants are a little tight at the waist (they keep coming un-velcroed) but the skirt fits perfectly. the pants also were slightly too long, but they were already rolled up, so i just had to roll them up one more.

      i thought about the baby bratz stuff, but the legs and waist seemed like they might be too thick. i think i would suggest taking the doll in to compare those, but it's possible that they could fit? as long as you aren't wanting something long (like pants or a long skirt).
    9. oh cool. I like those Bratz Kidz clothes. I'm getting a Wishel, though, and I think they're just a bit cubbier, so they might not work for me.
    10. I just ordered my SO Ui tonight. I was looking through all the brats clothes today when my son decide he needed to go to ToysRus! LOL I was looking more at the baby Brats sizes, but now I'll have to grab both and try them on when she gets here!!!
    11. I just got some glass eyes for my Ye from pupapadoll and they look great. I got the 6mm size.
    12. Where can you get cute wigs for these lil guys? I wanna find a cute wig able to be in pigtails possibly? Either in white, or purple shades. I really wanna get a vamp ui girl for my goblinish char. I really love her she's just so cute. I was looking at bratz baby cloths and my gosh they look so tiny... those itty bitty shirts O.o they really fit?! I've never seen tinies in person before so =P I donno how to size or portion some.... I also cant seem to find kelly cloths anywhere! Only kellies they have at stores around here either dont have shoes (cuz they're ballerina and have painted pointy feet, from movie) Or wizard of oz dolls lol...

      Where can I find kelly+shoes outfits? Oh also, anyone have pics of them in 6mm eyes?
    13. The Kelly stuff is highly available on eBay; I just picked up a few $1 shoes there. The shoes are damned tiny; one of them fits on my fingernail. Can't wait to see what my Ui looks like when she gets here. ^_^;
    14. I just got my Ui today! Yay! OMG she is extremely tiny!:o It made my stomach turn! :ablah: She's growing on me though :lol:

      I just ordered a tiny wig from Tinybear! She does custom dying so I'm sure she could make you whatever you need ;)