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Adult (or teen) sixthscale dolls?

May 4, 2011

    1. I'm new-ish to the hobby, and I have a 6th scale doll that I'm trying to find a BJD body for (To make a frankendoll). I use my old barbie clothes for the dolls so I want to keep it that same scale. Problem is, all the 12 inch dolls I've seen are child bodies... So what 1/6th bodies are adult proportioned?

      So far I've found:
      Ashton Drake
      Horseman (Tinkerbell doll, specifically)
      'In Motion' Girl
      Soom Mini Gem
    2. There is Limhwa to You (but don't buy from Dollfair, only available on the secondary market for now) Off topic doll is Dollmore 'fashion doll' which is a similar size. Sleeping Elf dolls are Blythe sized and skinny so may well do, as are Resinsoul and Bobobie 27" sized dolls.
    3. Planetdolls are one of my favourites. And the 1/6th scale one is fairly priced.
    4. Lumedoll, Souldoll, and Soom all make mature dolls that are all about 25CM (Lumedoll is the only that makes males, if you're interested.)
    5. Too bad Souldoll won't make their 1/6 boys anymore!

      Soom has some of the prettiest in my opinion. The fairies they are making now are lovely.
    6. Pipos has a 1/6th girl body that you can buy with an optional large bust. Elfdoll also has a 14cm tiny with a more mature figure, but at 14cm it might be better for 1:12 scale.
    7. If your after something more akin to what Pipos makes (which has mature bodies on a chibi doll that scales with Yo-stuff), Surgarble makes a few different bodies that work.