Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 3

Mar 3, 2020

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    2. Oh double post!!!
      True and Lyric making bad blue moon jokes. (It could be worse!!)
      [​IMG]blue moon by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    3. @ATBryant aaaaand now i've decided I really want a Constantin fullset, and the preorder is over, and I have asked and they may not ever be produced again! Woe.
    4. Oh no! Did the artist mean the fullset or the entire sculpt is discontinued? Either way, it sucks :(
    5. She said she is working on a new doll and is not sure whether any more constantin will be produced or not. My fault for procrastinating I guess but I’m still disappointed
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    6. YukaTanDolls also makes wonderful1/6 boys and the preorder is open right now!
    7. SisterFox Princesses Lily is all about the wearing of the green this time of year. So Happy St. Patrick's Day (a few days late) and Happy Spring. (I look forward to warmer weather and the return of toilet paper to my grocery store's shelves.)
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    8. Since we are talking about Constantine, I will show you my own. Being in self-isolation, he hangs out with his figures, although he would rather hang out with friends.
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    9. Tell the handsom dude that this is a great time to reorganize!
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    10. I got 6mm glass eyes for two of my gang recently, so only one of my dolls needs different eyes. I know which ones I want for him, I just need to order them. I'm having a heck of a time finding the right wigs for three of them. I ordered a Leeke World 4-5 for one of them, and its perfect- except that its huge. And the company doesn't make it any smaller. :sigh And although I like the Monique wigs I have, finding one in the right style and color in the right size is a challange.
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    11. A group of friends gather to celebrate Easter. My dolls exist in an alternate universe that has never heard of social distancing.
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    12. Sweet group!
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    13. Thanks @El BJD! I thought of having them all wear face masks, but I was already cross-eyed after finishing the tiny pink dress. (That doll is probably 1/8 scale.) I could barely see to take the photo, much less make 7 tiny masks.:lol:
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    14. It's nice to see faces without masks! How tall is the little one?
    15. Yes, I agree with you.
      @vermont chick, great company, good when all together! I liked the idea of little masks and will try to make them for my dolls.
      Meanwhile, somewhere in Moscow, the third week of self-isolation continues.
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    16. @abris That's a great picture! It looks like she is getting a bit bored with sitting on the couch!
    17. Bardo Research Lami is 18cm (around 7 inches not counting the wig).

      @abris - Thanks. I love your photo! Great pose with great props--I wish I could find enough in-scale props to put together a room setting that makes sense.
    18. I just stumbled upon a Chinese doll maker I don't know anything about called "口口尢乙". They seem to have a line of tiny dolls that look like they could be sisters to Dollzone's 19cm special tinies. I can't read a thing, but was wondering if anyone knows about them?
      The website is here

      I also saw a few pictures on Instagram which led me to finding that site from a faceup artist:
      Photo 1 of "Quella"
      Photo 2 of "Muriel"
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    19. Grandao is making tiny Lucifer again!