New Doll Aerial BJD: Eva and Aaliyah

Jan 20, 2017

    1. Aerial BJD

      1/4 dolls created by Satoshi of Aerial BJD.

      From sales page:

      The most beautiful 1/4 BJDs "Aaliyah and Eva"

      In 2016, there are currently two girls, Aaliyah and Eva, in the 1/4 Doll as the second edition. I designed their beautiful face and body line with 3DCG. The program used was "Blender" and it was for engineering and designing them both. I ordered the 3D printing from the company, "i.materialise" in Belgium. This has made it easy to maintain and replace the body parts. The 3D printer was able to produce a exquisite, symmetrical body that otherwise would be difficult to produce by the hands. As with usual ball jointed dolls, I have assembled them with elastic cords through their body. I had also used "Shin-Etsu KE-1310ST" for the Silicone mold and "AXSON FASTCAST F18" for the inverted Resin mold of the Silicone mold. These are the materials of super low shrinkage rate. For the doll body, I am using a high-quality resin of manufactured "R.C. Berg"

      There are currently 2, 1/4 size sculpts, Eva and Aaliyah.




      Doll Height : 16 inch (40 cm)
      Head Types : Aaliyah & Eva.
      Skin Colors : White Ivory , Honey Milk , Light Yellow , Doll's Pink , Asian Peach , Light Tan , Tan , Dark Tan & Chocolate black.
      Breast Types : AA cup , A cup , B cup & C cup.
      Wig Size : 6 - 7 inch
      Head Perimeter : 6 inch (15.3 cm)
      Eye Size : 10mm - 12mm

      Link to official site:

      Link to discussion thread: Aerial BJD 1/4 Discussion

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