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aGatti Doll - part 2

Aug 24, 2016

    1. Sno4wy you're right. my Guarvo has made mod nose and cheekbones . mod made personally Natalia . I asked her about it because for my the nose Guarvo seems to be thick
      . In certficate She write that Guarvo a mod .
      Thank you MadamMauMau

      ---------- Added notes ----------

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      * Part 1
      #1 Desdemona, Aug 24, 2016
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    2. Where have all the Mishas gone? The whole run sold out and they are nowhere!

      Anyway, I sort of finished mine. I say "sort of", as I had no clear plan on starting him and ended up in the middle of nowhere, unsurprisingly. I started out trying to make him look as little like Misha Colins as a good portrait head could be made, and used Sebastian Stan as reference. Then, halfway through, I changed my mind and tried to make him a bit more Misha. So, no idea. I will have another go at some point, but he is done for now.

      #2 MadamMauMau, Sep 3, 2016
      Last edited: Sep 3, 2016
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    3. Your Misha is gorgeous. Love the facial hair and the eyes. Bravo.
    4. He is fabulous!
    5. New head sculpt posted, possibly an MCC head. He's Gorgeous! If I remember correctly, wasn't MCC going to be released behind the new MCCC body, if so Natalia is right on target.
    6. Very nice. It says mCC, so looks as though there will be another mCC order coming up.

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    7. Got my Ntombi head back from her face-up, having real problems with the eyes though, just cannot get them placed properly at all, they just don't seem the correct shape. Will post some photos when I can get her sorted but having to hang doors and roller blinds today so not got much time.
    8. Love your Misha
    9. What do you think, folks. Who is the new MCC sculpt supposed to represent? I checked Natalya's photo chart, but couldn't decide.
    10. maybe hi is like Guarwo and Ilja. conventional
    11. Yes, could just be a fresh head. He gives off a Simply Divine vibe to me, with the pillowy lips. Simply Divine Harlequin is based on Andreja (when she was called Andrej) Pejic, but I don't think this is a direct portrait. But it is a beautiful head.
      #11 MadamMauMau, Sep 11, 2016
      Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
    12. Hey, thanks! I hadn't heard the name Andrej Pejic mentioned for at least six years. I pulled a photograph of Andrej and another exquisite human being for a lecture on gender in one of the university senior rated courses I was teaching at the time (Gender & Communication). Basically, I had twelve images of human beings. I asked my students to identify which were female and which were male -- and to itemize the reasons s/he believed as s/he did. It opened a VERY interesting conversation on the nature of gender.

      Andrej or Andreja -- is one of the most beautiful human beings on earth. Your suggestion has given me a pleasurable walk down memory lane.
    13. Yes, she is stunning and the inspiration for a few doll heads. I think there was talk that an IoS sculpt was based on her; Anima. Not sure how accurate that is, but I can see something of a resemblance. And someone did a direct portrait head. I now can't remember who. No one that I know has offered her as a female sculpt, though, which is unfortunate. I suppose a strikingly feminine man (when she was still presenting as male) is more exotic than just a striking woman.
    14. I'm loving the new face more and more.....I have Guarvo, and I love how ruggedly handsome he is. The new face looks more "classically handsome" with it's high cheekbones, fuller lips, and square jawline.

      Speaking of handsomeness....I love your Misha Max. I'm getting an "Artist as Subject" vibe off him....He's so cool.
    15. @Alfie. Yes, I suspect the new head will be one of the most popular so far. It is more in the traditional BJD line than the previous heads. If I can scrabble together the money in time, I might have to have a head.

      And that is an excellent idea for a character! I was so thrown with the whole Misha Collins thing (I have never had a portrait head before) that I just couldn't see past the Misha-or-not-Misha issue to an actual character. Yes! You are right. That picture at least looks like a contemporary self portrait painting. I don't have an artist character I should do a whole set of "self portraits" with him. Yup. Great. I have a direction. Thanks for that.
    16. Quick snap of Ntombi on the Raccoon doll mocha body, thought the neck might be a bit small but it is a very good fit, much better than some heads and bodies I own that are meant to go together, the colour is also a decent match.

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    17. Avrilpaeony Could you show your Natombi on Raccondoll body standing next to Misha ?
    18. Yes I will try and get one in next couple of days if I can, bit crazy week at work this week.
    19. Just love these dolls. Am on with the ladies, but have ordered Thor as well.
      I have also ordered some Iplehouse 5-6 wigs - that are for their fashion doll size - to see if they fit - will post when I try them.
      Am enjoying the Misha and ntombi vibes alot.
      @avrilpaeony - what sort of wig is she wearing?
    20. I can see him tucked away in a loft somewhere with painted canvases, and frames littered about the place. It's the feeling I got from the pic....He's awesome! Happy that I could add clarity. :)