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Russian artist Agattielle.


Clothes for MCC

  • SD female leggings can work as trousers, although they are a bit long and high-waisted.
  • SD girl clothing is good across the shoulders and bust but is long in arms and legs.
  • Some larger MSD clothes, such as baggy shorts, fit.
  • Some Iplehouse JID tops (shirts, vests) fit.
  • Soul Doll Vito and Idealian 51 are the closest dolls in size. Neca action figures are also close in size.
  • RawKiss on Etsy makes Soul Vito jeans that fit. They are slightly loose in the waist/hips and are slightly long, but he can sit without showing his derriere.

Shoes for MCC

  • Doll Mansion high tops fit perfectly (you have to undo the laces all the way).
  • Denver Doll Guessdoll "Gambler" boots look a bit bulky but fit the MCC feet exactly (no room for socks).

Eyes for MCC

  • 8mm eyes look best, especially those with 3mm, 2.5mm and similar irises.
  • Daniele (cat head) eyes: 12mm Dollshe and 12mm EDs fit well and fill most of the eye with iris. Soom 12mm eyes fit.