Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 Doll Discussion

Jun 9, 2017

    1. @Allie27 My 1/3 AIL dolls used to wear Leeke wigs and they fit well. Most of the Leeke wigs I have had, have been in a size 9"-10" (I always got the biggest size so that my Volks boy could wear them as well). Leeke wigs are quite stretchy so size 8"-9" would prolly work fine as well for AIL dolls.
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    2. Thank you for your help. I've been debating which size to get. I contacted Leekeworld and they recomended 8-9" saying the bigger size would be loose. Then I started thinking that if it's a little loose, it might be easier to get on over the silicon cap.
    3. The Alice I used to own also wore size 9-10, from what I remember, the wig cap fit over her ears, here is a link to her wearing a Leekeworld fiber wig: .
      And in a 9-10 Leekeworld mohair: Eden

      The picture of your AiL body is great, she has such fabulous knees, thanks for sharing!
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    4. Thank you but, I only see one link here. Where is the link to the fiber wig?
    5. it is the tiny blue full stop dot after the colon^^ I didn't name my photo in flickr, so it shows as a 'dot'.
      Here it is again: .
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    6. I see, thank you. Both photos are pretty.
    7. I recently finished the faceup on Alice:
      Alice's faceup
      I think she turned out pretty well, given that this is only the third faceup I've done. I'm not sure how to curl the eyelashes, though.
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    9. Very pretty

    10. Thank you.
    11. I didn’t see that there was finally a thread for 1/3 AiL dolls! Hooray!

      @Allie27 - Regarding yellowing, I have two secondhand AiL normal skin heads from 2008 that I’ve been told were displayed out in the open and in my opinion they’ve yellowed much more nicely than the Volks body I have around the same age. The AiL resin did lose all its pink color, but that’s easily replaced with blushing. The yellowing itself is noticeable but not dark, if that makes sense... The Volks body I have turned a darker yellow while keeping its pink pigments, but the AiL resin didn’t get nearly as dark but did lose all the pink pigments. Overall I’m really impressed with how the resin aged, but I do think part of it has to do with being sealed. I’d recommend sealing your new AiL body with MSC because there is a noticeable difference in the way my sealed bodies have yellowed vs the unsealed bodies, regardless of brand.

      I also have one white skin AiL doll (Daryl) but she’s not a good candidate for analyzing yellowing because she spent so much time in a dark box, not in the open.

      Right now I don’t have any new normal skin dolls (besides Dollmore but their NS is practically white) but I can show you pictures of the AiL heads next to a few year old white skin SWITCH body if you want
    12. I'd like to see your white skin comparison. Thank you.
    13. I forgot I DO have a normal skin head!

      This is 2008 AiL Alice's headcap (left) next to 2015 SWITCH Yiho (right).
      Alice's headcap is yellower than Chloe's because it was never sealed (both had their faceups done the same year they were made, 2008).
      The SWITCH head has been in a box for a couple years and you can clearly see that it has maintained its pink pigments while pink seems completely absent from the AiL headcap (again, not much of problem for the face after blushing).

      Links to the photos:
      normal skin resin comparison 1
      normal skin resin comparison 2

      Here are the white skin comparisons. In the description under each photo I put information about which headcap is where:
      resin comparison (incandescent light)
      resin comparison (indirect natural light)
      resin comparison: normal vs white
      The last photo is why I need to buy a new 1/3 body and am thinking of taking the plunge on the AiL 52cm..... Chloe should not be on a white body but there she is! :lol: I don't like having her on an SD10 because it's too childlike and doesn't pose as well as the HD57, but that's probably in part because I need to restring it.

      It will be a few months before I have the funds saved to buy it, but I will definitely post pics of the resin difference when I put Chloe on her new body. It will be interesting to see a ten years difference in AiL normal skin resin.
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    14. Is anyone going to take part in the AiL free head event? I think I'm finally going to buy the 1/3 body because the body alone still qualifies for one of the free heads, and I've always wanted Bertram. The website even allows you to choose a different resin color for you free head than your original order and the AiL eyes gift still qualifies as well.
    15. Not me, There aren't any AiL heads that tempt me enough at the moment.

    16. @ker246 Me! I bought an 1/3 sized Aya and I took a Jane head with it. I took the Aya in white skin and the Jane in normal skin.
    17. @Follow-the-Wind I'm very excited to see what you do with your Jane head! I have seen only a handful of owner photos of this particular head, not many people seem to own it
    18. @Lotte Rotten I don't know what I will do of her, but I'm sure I will love her. She has beautiful features. IMO, at least. :lol:
    19. I got a body, gift eyes and a free Alice head during the last event. If I were going to buy another complete doll, I'd buy it during one of these events so I could get the same discount. However, I can't decide whether I'd prefer another complete doll or just another AIL head.(I'm thinking Heyley now but, I like most of the sculpts) Just another head would save space and money for other doll stuff... Complete dolls would be nice for display, for photos, plus I think switching the heads back and forth a lot would be a bit of a nuisamce... Decisions, decisions...
    20. @Follow-the-Wind Yay!! Congrats on your upcoming Aya and Jane! That's so exciting you're getting two new heads :D

      I'm planning on getting the free Bertram head in white skin because I want to use it on my white skin SWITCH HD57 body. I'm really looking forward to finally getting the 52cm body since the legs are a much better length than other SD bodies. Even the SD10 I paired with my Alice head seemed like its legs were too long and that bothered me.... I actually think I'm going to use the new AiL body with Alice rather than Chloe (so sadly Chloe will have to keep waiting for a new body!) If I had more funds I would buy a second AiL body and choose Elijah as a second free head but that's a dream :lol: