Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 Doll Discussion

Jun 9, 2017

    1. @ker246 Thank you! I'm eager to get the two of them :) . I agree with you, AIL body is beautiful with its short legs. It is more realistic.
      I already know what I want to do with Aya (she's going to be another Oni in my yokai crew), but I wonder what I'm going to do with Jane. I love this head but I didn't planed to get her! :lol:
    2. Ooh the Aya sculpt would be perfect for that! I really like all your yokai doll profiles. And I’m sure you’ll figure out something to do with Jane (don’t be like me who currently is hoarding 9 floating heads...)
    3. @ker246 Thank you! The Aya will be a perfect little sister for Yamaji, my Miracledoll Baiye. I will add horns on her head ^^
      You have more floating heads than me! Currently I've 6 floating heads...
    4. I need to get rid of 4-5 because it’s getting ridiculous at this point :lol:

      I emailed AiL asking if they offered layaway payments as an option, since I didn’t see anything mentioning it on their website. They responded:
      We accept order by installment payment.
      First of all, if you pay a third of the total amount, we will produce
      the product.
      Please pay the remainder twice every month.
      Product will be shipped after payment is completed.

      The “twice every month” part I think got translated wrong and probably means a layaway period of 3 months total with one payment each of the remaining 2 months after the initial payment, but I could email them again if anyone has other questions!
    5. Heyley and Alice are my favourites (I have Heyley, but have had the lips modded a little):

      I'm still tempted by Alice but... Well... The Heyley filled the role of Edith which is what I was looking at them both for in the first place.

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    6. @ker246 haha ! I didn't count the three I have for sale :lol:
      Will you take a body + a head with layaway, then?
    7. Yes! I just submitted my order asking them to invoice me for layaway payments :celebrate
      Normally I prefer paying all at once and avoiding layaway but I don't want to completely empty my hobby funds at the moment because I've been eyeing a few outfit sets elsewhere.

      I was playing around with my Alice head and last night. I'm halfway through giving her a new faceup so I finished blushing but haven't used paint yet (so she currently lacks eyebrows, eyelashes, lip lines etc). I put a wig and eyes on her and dressed her to see how the colors look. She's quite yellowed so I'm not liking the peachy pink color I used on her lips (should use brown-red instead I think) but I'll probably keep her eyeshadow the way it is since I used mostly brown and only a little pink.
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    8. I like the outfit. It would fit in with my own dolls' aesthetic beautifully.

    9. Thanks Teddy! The dress is from Volks and the blouse is from Rrabit (where Most of my doll clothes are from). Strangely the blouse is 1/4 size but still fits the SD10 body my AiL head is on.
    10. @Teddy Your Heyley is adorable! It seems not many people own this sculpt- which is strange as Heyley has such a sweet face^^

      @ker246 Hope you have a lovely time painting your Alice- please do post a photo of her once you've finished her face up^^ I just adopted an Alice head myself (2nd hand via the DOA marketplace) but I'm undecided on what hair colour she should have and how to paint her ><
    11. I certainly will! And congratulations on your new Alice head!! I remember you have a sleeping Alice and mini Alice, so that's fantastic you now have the original sculpt! I can't wait to see what you do with her. Is she NS or WS?
    12. Thanks - I always saw the Heyeley sculpt as pretty much a repeat of the Alice sculpt but with the mouth open (which is why I had a hard time deciding which one to get - the open mouth decided me in the end) so perhaps more people come down on the side of the closed-mouthed Alice instead...?

    13. @ker246 Thank you^^ My Alice head that I just got is normal skin colour (slightly yellowed). I always decide on wig and colour of wig first- and then do the face up afterwards in colours that will work with the wig... but with my new Alice head I can't seem to decide on the wig colour... ah decisions, decisions!! :3
    14. @Teddy Oh I adore dolls with teeth too^^ But reading the threads here on DOA it does seem that quite a lot of people prefer dolls with closed mouths/no teeth- so maybe that's why the Alice sculpt does seem to be the most popular of the AIL dolls :3

      I do wish AIL would create more new dolls... they are a very quiet company.
    15. That’s actually very interesting, I’m the opposite! I try finding wig/eyes afterwards to match a faceup. Tomorrow I’m going to try to finish Alice since I’m heading out of town on Saturday and also I’ve decided I want to mod my Chloe’s eyes. I didn’t realize until recently her previous owner had modded her eyes open and I’m not entirely pleased with the shape, so I want to sort of “fix” the state they’re in now. I realize she’ll basically look identical to the Isaac sculpt afterwards but it’s not like I can put back the resin that someone else already removed :nowords:

      I would love to see more head sculpts from AiL but I think it was probably a significant effort for them to develop their own body and maybe that’s why they seem to have new releases at a much slower rate than other companies.
    16. I think so - those of us who like the open mouth and visble teeth seem to be in a minority.

    17. @ker246 Oh so you didn't know that your Chloe had modded eyes when you purchased her? I wish you the best of luck modding her eyes to a style you're more happy with!^^ I'm modding my Alice head and her eyes (making them smaller using milliput). I already have the mini version of Alice, so I want this big SD version to look a little different from the mini one :3 I do find that eye mods are always a bit nerve-wrecking tho ><

      @Teddy I'm afraid you're right that those of us who like dolls with open mouth/teeth are a minority- strange tho as to me dolls seem so much more alive with slightly parted lips and teeth showing :3
    18. Oh I can’t wait to see how your SD Alice looks with modded eyes! Are you thinking of extending the upper lid?
      I understand what you mean about wanting the big and little Alice’s to look different. I didn’t like when my two Dollmore Dahlia’s looked similar so I completely restyled the small one.
      And yup, no mention of the Chloe eye mod when I bought her but after removing her eye makeup it’s clear she was modded *_* non-doll friends even could see it. I always thought her eyes looked a bit odd, but figured it was her faceup’s lack of eyeshadow (nope lol). I’ve only done very minor eye mods before so this’ll be an adventure :lol:
    19. @ker246 I'm sorry to hear that the seller didn't mention to you that the Chloe head had modded eyes- that was wrong of her (unless she maybe wasn't aware of the mod?) Are you going to mod her eyes so that she will have bigger, open eyes? :3
      I hope to be able to work on my Alice next week- as I have a face up commission first to complete.
    20. My Aya has been shipped! I can't wait to get her :dance
      I decided I will try to put the Jane head on my Volks SDgr body. I hope it will work!
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