Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 Doll Discussion

Jun 9, 2017

    1. Shouldn't be a problem - My Heyley head is on a Volks SD13 Seirei body.

    2. @Teddy You're right, it goes quite well!

      I've received my Aya and my Jane head today. They are lovely!
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    3. Yaaay!

    4. I've finished my Aya's face-up and wig!

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    5. {blinks}

      Well that's impressive

    6. A photo of my sweet Agnes (slightly modded Alice head)...

      [​IMG]Agnes by Lotte, on Flickr

      ....and I just adopted an Elijah head^^ I already have a boy Elijah, so I plan on making my 2nd Elijah a girl... can't get enough of AIL sculpts!!^^
    7. She looks lovely

      Here's one of my Edith (modded Heyley head), when I took her (and her cat) in to work with me last week:
      Edith (AiL modded Heyley/Volks Seirei) and her cat on The Shelf Above
      (I tried to post the image itself but whatever I try it won't show up except when I click Edit to try and change it)

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    8. @Teddy Your Heyley is a cutie- and you have dressed her in such sweet outfit! Is her wig from Natrume? :3
    9. Thanks.

      I cut up an old shirt to make the red gingham skirt and waistcoat (the white under-dress is part of an outfit from Atelier SODA)

      I've bought a number of wigs from Natrume, but I think the one Edith has on in the picture is from Ingriddollyshop on Etsy.

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    10. @Teddy haha how awesome that you cut up an old shirt in order to make clothes for your Heyley!! I just slaughtered one of my own shirts the other day because I thought the fabric would be perfect for a jacket for one of my dolls^^
      I have had such bad luck in the past with wigs purchased from Natrume- I'll check out Ingriddollyshop on Etsy instead- thanks :3
    11. Does anyone have photos of Jane?? I'm curious about her as she has such beautiful lips... but not many people seem to own this girl... ._.
    12. Good Hunting!

    13. @Teddy Thank you^^ Unfortunately, it appears that Ingriddollyshop on Etsy are currently closed.... so I guess my dolls will have to do with my own homemade wigs for now- but hey, at least they're not bald, that's always something :3
    14. This thread is slow moving so here's a little AiL spam to give it a boost.

      I took Edith (Heyley) and her cat in to work with me the other day:

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    15. Very pretty.
    16. @Teddy!

      Your Edith is very beautiful! :) really like her outfit! :)

      I recently got my AiL Alice as well.
      Here is a photo:

      She has got company faceup, since it's my first doll, I was afraid to do anything at all.

      I'm now a huge fan of AiL, I also ordered a sleeping head on its way. :D
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    17. You've styled her beautifully.

      Will you use the sleeping head as an alternative for this girl or will it be a different doll entirely?

    18. I'm actually not sure! For now, I think this new head will be an alternative for this girl.
      I might decide something else completely different.

      Working on a new doll is definitely a lot harder than just have it as an alternative. I think after my first doll, I can take a little time to decide what I wanna do for other dolls.

      In fact...the sleeping head isn't the only head that's coming. there is another head i got as well..
      I'm getting into the habit of buying heads only now...!

      In the photo you have for Edith. may i ask where you got her shoes from? I like them a lot!
    19. That's great if you can do the body-sharing thing (some can, some can't - I definately can't - the spare heads either never get swapped around on the body, or I crumble and start saving for a body for each of them). It sure saves on space if you can do it though.

      My absolute favourite place for doll clothes and shoes - Boneka
      Handcrafted Doll Clothing - Doll Fashion - Boneka Tradition

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    20. I guess we will need to find out!
      However I am a little scared of having to restring the doll all the time though? i have yet to take Alice apart!

      Thank you so much for recommending this to me. Often times i found it difficult to find shoes. Mostly I search for "bjd {insert_item_type_here}", and I usually can't find many options at all!