ALL Iplehouse EID woman discussion thread

Dec 24, 2009

    1. Mayonaka, remember pictures!!!! :D Hope she makes it home today!!!!
    2. She's home! As soon as I can find the cable for the camera, I'll take them off and post her BO thread. :)
    3. Sweet!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Remember to give us a link pretty please :D
    4. I will! I... still can't find the cable and forgot to bring the camera yesterday to my grandparents' house (whose computer has an SD card reader XD). So it'll be a bit late. D:

      But her wig is finally staying (thanks to PamSD :aheartbea) so she's not bald. :D
    5. So, back to the conversation on wigs. Most of you use a 7/8 on your girls??? I'm amazed! What about Monique wigs? Still a 7/8?
    6. I've always used an 8/9, I found 7/8 too small but I put a silicone wig cap underneath which keeps them on.
    7. Ok. Glad to hear this. Thanks avril.
      I'll have to get some wig caps then.
    8. I have Monique wigs on my EID Carina and my YID Iris. According to Iple they wear the same size. Both of my girls wear Monique Gold size 8-9, and a month or so ago I switched the girls' wigs and they are perfect for size of course. The other thing is, Monique Gold 8-9 is not too small, and not too big, but all I have to do is put a rubber band around the head and that secures the wig perfectly, AND the fit behind the ears, not on them. That is really important to me.
    9. I saw for the first time THE Jessica from IH...and so far i think shes the perfection! I fell in love...but she cost $$$ XD ahhh life is hard on me :P
    10. Hehehehehe Sounds like the first time I saw Carina in NS :D It was instant BOOM for me :D
    11. YAY!! I haz ordered mine Carina and Jessica!! Must post notices eveh-where! :sumomo: :sumomo:
    12. Sweet!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS DanceCat!!!! I'm so happy for you :D
      I am leaning towards Yur still :D
    13. Dancecat, I think we ordered at almost the same time. Did you order faceups on your girls? I am not experienced in this area yet, so I ordered faceup B on my Jessica. Only 3 days waiting so far...

    14. HI newbie here. I ordered Lahela on June 3rd and now begins the long wait and anticipation! What glorious agony

      Jenny in WI
    15. I also ordered beginning of June on a split, I get the doll my split partner has the outfit so I am hoping for early August.
    16. Hey guys! I've been thinking about ordering a Jessica... Does anyone know how often or regularly Iplehouse offer skin options other than normal/white skin for their basic EIDs?

      And do you think there's a better time to order, like an annual event or anything? @[email protected]
    17. They have a Custom system that will repoen in usually lasts the first half of the month.
    18. Ooh, great. I had looked at their custom system but it didn't have any options in it, so I was worrying that they didn't offer it anymore, maybe because of their move!
    19. Anyone with Carina .. what size eyes do you prefer for her? 12mm?