ALL Iplehouse EID woman discussion thread

Dec 24, 2009

    1. I can't remember whether we were discussing it here or in the clothes thread, but I did a finger separation on my Asa. I would called it a qualified success. Getting rid of the flashing certainly looks better, but it still won't be possible to get gloves on her as there are areas where the knuckle of one finger rests on the next finger. At those points, it would look odd to separate them, as well as it being a Herculean task. This is in contrast to the SID male hands which really benefit from the knife. It is possible to separate their fingers enough to get gloves and rings on. So, if you are a perfectionist with a couple of hours to spare, a craft knife, some wet and dry and plenty of patience, go for it. If not, you aren't missing much.

      I will post pics if anyone is interested. I am just blushing them at the moment.
    2. I would certainly be interested in seeing photos of this. It sounds very interesting.
    3. Asked Iplehouse, they are planning for YID, SID, EID womans shoes with flat soles!!! :D

    4. WOO!! :D Having a hell of a time trying to find flat shoes for my incoming YID. Now to just wait it out.
    5. Thought I'd pop in because I was really excited that I don't have to done tons of extra work drafting patterns for my Luna Chimera! I just happen to think hmmm I wonder if any of my 70cm boy clothes would fit on my girl...and if they are close maybe I'll be able to just alter the patterns I have already done. And...
      ....tada. Definitely not her style, but yippy!!! No hours needed to be spent on drafting new patterns. The shoulders need to be taken in a bit and the pants need to be just a tad bigger for more of a relaxed fit. Now to get working on some proper clothing that is more her style. Sorry for photo spam and run, I just had to let someone know of my
    6. Totally!
      It is something that really bugged me for quite some time ;)
    7. Hehe, one Looks like Mauzi has the advantage at the moment.
      Sorry to have you take them off again. ^.^"
    8. @MauMau your girls are beautiful :) I didn't even know that was an Asa till I read it. Very awesome :)
    9. thanks. I actually make all my own clothing for my doll, but good to know just in case I ever think about purchasing. It was just that the pattern I had for my 70cm resinsoul boy worked because the fabric has some stretch, but it will definitly need to be altered to fit her legs and hips with non stretch. thanks :)
    10. Ooooh, great picture!

      I'd be so scared of breaking a finger if I tried to seperate them. :(
    11. [​IMG]

      After reading this INCREDIBLY useful thread (and a couple of others) on here, I decided to take a chance and try these SD16 heels (which I'd bought when I briefly owned an SD16), because I don't have any other dolls who can wear them and they're too pretty to go to waste!!

      Note: SID/EID feet are wider than SD16, so you may stretch the shoes out a little (which might make them harder to share back and forth with an SD16), and not all SD16 shoes fit SIDs/EIDs -- but a lot of them do!

      The angle of the arch of her foot is a little bit different, which was my main issue. I had to be careful, since the heels are resin, and there's a little tongue of resin that comes up the back of the foot, which I was afraid of snapping off.

      I wound up just slowly and painstakingly easing her foot into the shoe, wiggling back and forth a little to stretch the straps, one little bit at a time. One of the shoes was harder to get on than the other (probably a microscopic bit shorter in the toe straps), so the foot didn't want to sit flat in the shoe -- but patient wiggling, and pulling the ankle strap tight, eventually did the job.

      Thankfully, taking a risk paid off -- these are a perfect fit, they look AMAZING, and she is STANDING in them unassisted . . . and she kept falling over yesterday despite wearing *IpleHouse* heels . . . and yet, even on a windy day (as you can see by her hair and cardigan whipping around), she stood like a rock!!

      (I know that the angle of the calf looks like she's leaning, but she's a couple of inches away from the bush behind her, and she didn't budge even in gusts of wind!)

      SO MUCH WIN!!! (And now she needs more shoes, LOL!)

      -- A :kitty2

      P.S. More pics on my Flickr, including the shoes from various angles!

      P.P.S. Apologies to anyone who reads this twice -- cross-posting to a couple of EID/SID threads so that the info is available!

      P.P.P.S. D'oh!! I'd had the brand in the caption on Flickr, and forgot to copy it over! They're from rRabit shop:
    12. Those are pretty spectacular shoes. Where are they from?
    13. Ooh, nice! I had my eye on those shoes for a while too. Hehe.
    14. And thank you for the information.

      What a polite bunch we are.
    15. does anyone know how I can get my hands on the 'redish' wig shown on the Basic EID Luna? I am getting a custom SID with the Luna head and the basics faceup... but I adore the wig and even the order form show no sign of it or anywhere on the site??
    16. Asa and Carina all the way! Though the new Aria and Olivia both possess a mystic lure...
    17. that's not 'mystical lure' that's Ipleholism ^^ The first step is admitting the addiction hun ^^.

    18. I'm fairly sure it's M057 in saddle brown. They have done pigtail braids and then wound each up into a bun on either side. You can see where they have used elastic ties in some of the pics. I have this exact same style and colour and it's quite easy to achieve this look and other similar up-dos because of its texture.
    19. I finally figured out how to be able to ask questions directly (their message system is a tad odd). THEY said, IHW_M012 (Color choice)[FONT=Tahoma, 굴림] * Color : #9 (Sepia) O_o I am not so sure about their idea of color but but they said it's that one just braided and tied up... I've ordered it and the one you suggested in brown (which seems to show up nearly red? I also ordered a JID in saddle brown so at the very least I will have the 3 top contenders for color in my hands to see. And I don't mind extra wigs ^^ I got the new braided updo as well in brown... I will probably end up with those 3 styles in a few colors each (eventualy) . They really need to sort out their crayon box cuz it's doesn't have the same stuff as mine LOL. And is it elastic
      .... or ribbon? Either way I'll be able to try it out ^^. As soon as they answer my custom make up question I am ordering.... I can't wait anymore
      [/FONT][FONT=Tahoma, 굴림] [/FONT]:kitty1