ALL Iplehouse EID woman discussion thread

Dec 24, 2009

    1. Oh yay! Do you know of any other shoes from the shop that can fit our gorgeous girls? :)
    2. Rootedinvanity, I don't know about rRabitshop, but Tata's Paradise carries some similar shoes (and I think some crossovers of shoemakers in a couple of places.) I had done a post in the other EID/SID threads about them, but apparently missed this one, so here you go! :D

      * * *

      I made a reference post with the different styles of SD16-sized shoes from Tata's Paradise -- since I can only post one photo here, check the link to see the styles I tried on my SID/EID high-heeled feet:!)


      Hope this proves helpful!

      -- A :aheartbea

      P.S. Thank you to Mier for the following list of Tata's styles that do NOT fit:

      - Yasi
      - Ice
      - Hone
      - Princess.S
      - Nayi, Nini, Nora

      Also, Mire Lapin says that the "honeSi" style doesn't fit.
    3. my new favorite doll: Lilith, most sweetest demon (fantasy Doria)

    4. WooSoo, she's GORGEOUS!!

    5. She's awesome WooSoo!
    6. she's really beautiful
    7. I honestly think they are way off if they think the colour is sepia. That's my favourite colour from Iple and I have many in that colour and it's a much deeper brown, closer to chocolate brown, without much of a red tint to it at all. The wig style also surprised me because of the shape of the fringe and bangs, but I guess that depends on styling. They are both very nice wigs either way. I have both styles and use them a lot. ^^
    8. I'm totally with you on this one... mine arrived today... I like them in the colors I ordered and will keep them... It had been my intention to have them in both colors anyhow... Just the reverse of 'when' I got them lol. For now my 'guy' can wear the pigtails while I work at learning to style teeny wigs >< ... I'm a twelve thumbs on a good day type :P. He is not gonna be happy with me lol... but I'll have some spam shots later for a couple of threads ^^. Either later tonight or tomorrow I will be ordering my dolls so I have say.... 6 weeks to get it right? lol And I adore my JID outfit! It came with cute socks and a pearl and button choker! How cute ^^ ... I just need to find some summer sandals for her. I will order the nine9style ones for the EID (-_- all 5 colors... I have no will power). But Cami will have shoes!

    9. Congrats on all of your new stuff ^^. Which nine9style sandals fit EID? I need some for my girls too. I bought the strap twist sandals from there in SD13 size but they look pretty tiny. I am not even sure they would fir my SDGR...
    10. according to the numbers they should fit... I had somone confirm actual foot measures, if anything they should be a teeny bit big.

      EID foot (quote from another thread where I asked for the measures) "I measure 7,3 cm in length and 3,1 cm width at the broadest part of the foot." So it should work ^^ Oh and this was for the FLAT foot, which suits this shoe. as they say "[TABLE="width: 100%"]
      [TD]Shoes size: approximately 8.3cm (length) x 3.3cm (wide)
      and yes its the SD13 according to them *shrugs*... we shall see. I just wish the msd fit the JID ><.

    11. Oh and a bonus post ^^ I just ordered my girls (yes TWO). I tossed in a couple of extra clothing items too... I already posted it to the waiting room (it's noon there on the 12th does this mean I bought them.... in the future O_O LOL)... But anyhow in a couple of months I will finally get my Cami & Melli (EID Luna & JID "I"). :aheartbea:love:XD::celebrate:whee::celebrate:dance
    12. Ok, I have these at home and can confirm for certain that they do not fit at all. Not even tightly. They won't even go on the foot at all without cutting one toe and some of the side of the foot off. Here is a photo to show what I mean:


      *edit* also just want to say I'm not trying to discourage you from buying these and it's totally your choice if you want to take the chance that they might fit. I just wanted to give you a heads-up on this since I know how frustrating it can be to buy things and find they don't fit. I bought these about 2 months ago for my SDGR girls and they barely even squeeze onto the SDGR flat foot >.<.
    13. that makes no sense O_o??? Are you dead sure thats not the "msd" size shoe? [TABLE="width: 100%"]
      [TD]Shoes size: approximately 6.6cm (length) x 3cm (wide) x 4cm (height)

      the shoe should be longer than the foot by more than 1 cm O_o.... I'm really confused now.... and technically if the heel foot is 7.5 cm an "8" is what you should shoot for.... someones math is off... the question is who is screwing up the measure... and no I actually mean the various companies not you ^^. [/TD]

    14. I don't own any MSD size dolls. Actually nothing smaller than SDGR. I ordered SD13 size and this is what I got. To be honest I was quite disappointed when I got them too, since they are too small for half of the dolls I own. :(
    15. I can confirm that those particular shoes run on the small side, too... I have a black pair of them on my Delf Elf Lishe at the moment and they fit her pretty well. Her feet are a fair bit smaller than my SD13 girls (Who can wear those shoes, but getting them on or off is a serious fight and a half-), so I suspect putting them on a doll with even larger feet would be impossible. The company probably just copy-pasted the wrong set of measurements for them. o_0
    16. this is the exact reason that there should be a standard for how to "label" sizes. Especially for shoes >< ... and the hunt begins.... AGAIN ><
    17. I know that the heel feet are slightly smaller than the flat feet -- have you tried those in the shoes?

      (But, yeah, they look tiny, and Delf girl feet are nowhere near EID size!)

    18. LOL you would have to ask mier ... she is the one with the doll! I just ordered mine 2 days ago
    19. The heel feet are slightly smaller, but as has been said, those particular sandals are tiny. There's no chance of them fitting on the heel feet either. The feet are too wide at the toes and also the arch of the foot is too high for those sandals. I can say for sure though that the nine9style ballet flats fit on the EID/SID/YID heel feet really well and because they are enclosed the foot arch isn't really an unsightly problem.
    20. Whoa, just saw this. LOVE IT. Adopting this term from now on!