ALL Iplehouse EID woman discussion thread

Dec 24, 2009

    1. Hi guys! Sorry to just randomly barge into your thread, but I've been considering looking into getting Jessica for a while now... However, I'm kinda stuck. Instead of buying alternate hands, I like to custom pose the fingers myself, and in a photo (may have been this thread or another, I've looked at so many now, I'm not sure) I came across, it looked like the outer 3 fingers on each hand were joined, instead of separated. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is true, or if it was just the way they appeared, do to angles of the photos.

      I'm so sorry! I saw the last post was Oct 17th, but missed the year. I didn't mean to resurrect an ancient thread :/
    2. No worries!

      If you buy a new Jessica from Iple, she will come with separated fingers on the new-style hands. (Check out the "option parts" section on the Iple site -- they have several hand poses for EID women.)

      This is a fairly recent change -- before this year, the default EID Woman hands did have fused fingers.

      Hope this helps!

      -- A <3
    3. Its cool Jade, after all, I didn't know IH started making separated fingered hands!

      Now, if they'd make some in gray so I can get a pair for Twyla, my Luna Tamer, I'd be happy!

    4. only thing you need to worry about is 'shade' of grey ^^ ITEM VIEW : E. I. D Option Parts - EID_Woman New hand parts01
    5. :aeyepop: OH WOW! That's good to know! :D I'm going to look into getting a pair!

      It looks like the clawed hands still have the fingers together. :...(

      If they would make separated fingers in clawed hands I'd be even happier! :3nodding:

    6. I have a quick question. I’m getting Jessica for my birthday with large busy and I have know idea what she could wear. Do SD17 pants fit like they do for SIDS or other 1/3 doll clothes. Also what size eyes, I was think of getting either 12mm or 14mm
    7. Hi @lili_707, and welcome to DoA!

      You would be better off asking your questions in this thread instead, since the EID woman thread hasn't been active since 2015. :3nodding: