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New Doll Amare Dolls - Millia, Tabatha, Delora and Nina (zombie head inside! warning!)

Jul 24, 2016

    1. Millia, Tabatha, Nina and Delora by Amare dolls

      the doll shown in these images is the very first cast produced, we can provide colour examples, just pop us a message!


      Height with head 43cm
      Neck 5.8cms
      Chest 16.5cms
      Waist 13cms approx
      Hips 22cm (at widest point)
      Crotch to ankle 20.5cms
      Arm length 14.3cms
      Foot length 4.8cms
      Hip to ankle 24.1cms
      Thigh 12.3cms
      Ankle 5.3cm
      Wrist 4.2cms
      Arm thickness at widest point 5.5cms
      Shoulders 7.8cms
      Takes 6-7inch wigs

      Millia and Tabatha take 16mm eyes (Millia can take large 14mms too)
      Delora and Nina take 14 and small 16s or large 12s

      Each basic doll is £370
      each bunny set is £420

      Layaway is possible but for no longer than 3 months
      all deposits and payments are nonrefundable as each doll is make to order and the making process starts when payment is made

      prices include all shipping costs, eyes, box and an additional pair of hands (see peace sign hand Tabatha has, you get a pair of those).

      PARTS, these prices are WITHOUT shipping costs included:
      Bunny Ears and tail £45
      Whole head £50
      Additional face £30

      you can have any colour you like!
      there is no charge for other resin colours, you can have pink, tan and whatever takes your fancy!

      there is only an additional fee for special effects, like glittering effects and glow on the dark or UV glow.

      Each doll is hand casted by ourselves and thus small flaws can be present, however the doll will not be shipped if this effects the doll herself.
      tiny pin size bubbles are possible but as long as they do not effect shown areas, we do not consider it a defect.
      Dye speckles are not a defect, but do make each cast unique with thier own blemishes, so keep this in mind.
      sanding lines and seam lines can and most likely will be present, these are normal and NOT a defect.

      Wait time is around 2-3 months.

      please understand when purchasing that each doll is made by hand with lots of care and love and we do our best to make sure you recieve something beautiful <3

      more pictures can be seen here! Amare Dolls - Photos | Facebook

      it is possible to purchase a defected doll at a much cheaper price, but these are first come, first serve when we have one available on offer, otherwise all dolls are make to order.

      you can order direct through our facebook page Amare Dolls | Facebook
      You can ask me questions directly through PM here too ^^

      we are still currently working on a website so please bare with us!

      a little about Amare dolls:
      Amare dolls was started by yours truely, i started making small parts at first like horns and ear pieces and then i moved onto trying to make a full doll, Millia is not my first doll but she is the first to officially not be a limited doll.
      i work at home and sculpt all of my dolls freehand and cast all of these dolls with the help of my dad, so when i say we, it really just is two people!
      we hope you will enjoy Millia and all of the future dolls to come!

      Thank you for looking!
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    2. Hi! How do we choose her color when purchasing? Do we send a picture of the color we want and you match it, or are there set colors?
    3. Hi there!
      You can choose colours, just be aware i cant colour match due to the different resin i use, colours never turn out 100% perfect , but if you tell me light blue, i will do light blue, if you say Dark tan, i can do dark tan! Just be aware that its best not to have a specific shade in mind because colours always change per casting batch.
      i do have a few colour examples for resin colours:

      and i can do so much more!

      and yes just state the colour you are after when ordering, youl recieve photos during the casting process so you can keep up to date with her progress!
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      Last edited: Jul 28, 2016
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    4. I understand, thank you for answering my question!
    5. I'm sorry that I have so many questions, I hope I'm not bothering you! Are faceups included in the price or are they an additional price?
    6. Its perfectly fine haha, face-ups are not usually included in the price and are an extra £25 on top of the purchase of the doll. If you have two faces or more, the other faces are only half of that on top
      So 1 face = +£25
      2nd and more = +£12 per additional face

      I do have a special opening event right now and i only have two slots left out of the 5, the first five include free face-ups, a wig and a simple pair of undies.
      After those two slots are gone the following come with an additional charge.

      Free face-ups will occur again on my personal favourite holidays (Halloween and Easter), but will be limited to 5 per holiday event.

      I hope that helps ^^

      (In regards to face-ups, i will not work from a reference photo of another doll unless you have permission from that face-up artist to do so, so please be aware.)