Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

    1. I LOVED the articulated top - but also loved the butterfly headdress and skirt- so I went with the butterfly pieces + Morpho heels (+ seahorse crown and a feather wig) - I already have a feather wig for my porcelain gal and it looks just divine :D

      Choosing was agony- but the pieces add up so fast...
    2. something so erotic about this one...
    3. Oh my goodness have you seen the new feet?? Both the jointed feet & the ballerina feet are just amazing. Unfortunately I haven't been in the position financially to get either the newer doll or the accessories (pets vet bills come first) but hopefully Eli will continue to produce things for her resin girls. Everything so far is so creative; you never know what's going to come next in the Angel Egg line but you know it will be amazing. I'm very glad Eli's feeling better and is able to get back in the studio. I wonder what will come next :) <3
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    4. Wow I saw the photo on her facebook feed- I thought that was a real foot! So beautiful - Eli is so talented and you can really see that she has reached a new level these last few years- SO glad she is still making dolls
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    5. FYI- she just added a bunch of new things to her catalog- so many beautiful things! The "posing" doll is truly EPIC...

      Also I asked if she would be offering her in porcelain, and she said that she wouldn't be doing any porcelain for a while due to the time that it takes to complete them-

      Great news for the resin line I guess but I am SO glad I got my porcelain dolls before she stopped-
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    6. Yes, the posing body is AMAZING! I missed out on the last preorder but this time I'm going to try to grab one of these girls. I sent Eli an email about layaway. I'm undecided on the face & skin tone. I wish I could see the body in tan. I'm super happy with my Moonglass girl still and would love a smaller porcelain Angel Egg but the resin girls are pretty easy to love so I'm not complaining :)

      ETA: each release is more intricate & detailed than the last. I have really enjoyed watching the evolution of the resin line.
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    7. Hi !
      I have been looking all over and can't find any thread about Doll Marmite bjd, usually 37cm, but also 39 cm with their new natural posing body.
      Does any body have one (or more) of these beautiful dolls ?
      I have just order one and would like to know your comments if you are the owner of one of those ?
      Thanks :)
    8. Here you go! Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

      The new natural body is lovely, isn't it? I have one of her earliest resin girls, and was pleased with her posing then. This new one seems even more impressive.
    9. Thanks for the fast reply ! the new one with its articulated feet and heels seems superb, but my question is : does your girl may stand up by herself or do you need a stand for photos ? also is the resine stable ? I have ordered a white resine because no choice for a translucide one I would love to get;how is yours ?

      I did order a new natural posing doll to day, and Eli told me about the "filigree ball for the anke" I am not sure if I understood right or not : is it the ball which replace the heel ?
      Thanks for you help :)

      Elie wrote on the site that the new limited edition of the natural posing body (ending to day) will not take commissions because of no time, do you have any photos of the work done by The Ugliest Wife ?
      Thanks :)
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    10. Damn, and I can't really buy a doll right now. I'd really love one of these with the Orchid face. So beautiful.
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    11. yep they are beautiful and Eli is easy going : she agrees for long layaways, that is if you'r still interested :)
    12. Sorry for a late reply! She stands fine, but I'm always too scared to have any of my dolls standing for long, so she mostly sits, but this new body looks like it'll do a find job at standing. My girl has very little yellowing, except for a part of one of her lower legs. For some reason, this area yellowed. I had ordered the normal skin, but it's really more pink toned. It's pretty, but definitely not a flesh tone color either.

      I got the new girl in tan, so I'm pretty excited to see this in person. I'm still deciding on what face sculpt to get.
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    13. Well, I'll be getting my natural posing girl :) They were sold out before the pre order ended; but Eli managed to get a few more dolls added to production. Mine will be light skin with the new Orchid face. I also ordered the filigree wrist & ankle joints that I plan on using on another of my Angel Eggs. Eli is such a wonderful person to deal with. Yes her production times are slow; but the dolls are completely worth it.

      As for posing, all my girls stand solidly and pose wonderfully, but I'd never leave them without a stand. They are so much fun to play around with :)
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    14. Oh I would not let her stand by herself for long, but just for photos only ! I understand that we have till March to decide of the face sculpt, I would love to have a Milk, but I do not think Elie is still making this face, so I might get another one, we will see.
      Mine might be the new Orchid too if Eli does not make Milk any more. I also will order the filigree wrist and ankle joints. Did you see those dolls will not have make up ? but Elie wrote she had some good address to give us, so ..

      Oh may I ask a question ? on the site Eli says that both jointed feet and ballerina feet will be included, but that nude heel not included" ?
      Do you have any idea of what Eli means by "nude heel" ?
      I must say, I am lost, English not being my first language :eusa_naug
      Here is the photo Eli has sent me :


      Also : can you see the kind of disk on the Inside of the feet (near the toes) ? first time I see such thing on a BJD ?
      Thank you so much for the help :hug:
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    15. I think I really like that butterfly face too. I am doomed. haha
    16. I decided that I had to have this girl ! Thankfully she had a few extras and I was able to order the posing body and I am getting the Orchid face! I can't wait to get her and see how she poses, she looks amazing. I had only a choice of Light Normal Skin tone, but I can't wait to see what the tan girls look like.

      ABELL Said:
      Also : can you see the kind of disk on the Inside of the feet (near the toes) ? first time I see such thing on a BJD ?
      Thank you so much for the help

      The plate in the foot is probably a spring inside or an S Hook for the jointed toes, I saw the Ingenue girls have a jointed foot and I saw one that had come apart and need to be fixed.

      I see her ballet feet but the only ones I really see are the ones with the ribbon threaded? Also do these jointed feet sit flat too as well as be able to be in high heel shoes? I need to go back and look again for the feet and try and figure which ones come with her!

      Never have I ordered a doll with this far a delivery date, not sure how well I will do with the waiting!!!
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    17. willobea : just have to get the exact measurements, then make some clothes and wigs, this way, time should not bother us too much :)
      We should ask Eli if she knows any body who would agree to make a couture mannekin at the Marmite size for us, would be great !
    18. So ... by now we know that there will be a short pre order in June for the new natural posable body but no tan nor white skin, only "normal skin" (shown on Eli's blog, the skin is like yellowed off white) and the great news : Eli posted two photos of two pairs of hands on her amstagram, one pair of girl hands and ... one of BOY HANDS !!!!
      Time for me to break my money box (excepted it's totally empty right now lol) :)
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    19. She posted the new boy face on her blog: Doll Menagerie Blog

      He's lovely. Alas, I just ordered a butterfly girl with a natural body so I can't afford him any time soon. I'm also very broke now. Haha.
    20. Yes, a boy! I've been waiting for her to sculpt a boy doll, and there he is. Too bad I'm broke, but I can't wait to see more of him, and maybe add him in the future.