Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

    1. The boy is on Eli's blog side by side with Butterfly !
      And, as I was expecting a ballet dancer boy, well, it's seems my sweet new natural posing will have to look after an other one, oh this is sad :sorry
      Understand : he is a beautiful boy, but so tall and his head so big that he would not make a good ballet couple dancers, what do you think ?
    2. Ah, there are photos of the painted new Orchid sculpt on Eli's blog! :love She's sooo pretty, I kind of wish I had placed an order now!
    3. Oh wow a boy!

      I love the photos of Orchid- I kinda wish I'd ordered her instead of Butterfly- but I'm sure I will love her as well- can't have ALLL the dollies I guess!

      I can't wait to see my doll in hand- and her accessories! Trying to be patient-
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    4. Ah the new orchid pics are lovely. Still looking forward to getting my Butterfly though. Now I'm running around trying to find wigs and eyes for her.
    5. Zalem- what size and kind of eyes are you looking for?
    6. Eli told me she wears 6mm eyes. Tough size to find eyes for! I love Oscar Doll eyes though and they do have 6mm, so I'll probably be grabbing eyes from there.
    7. Eli told me that the normal heads (not the larger Orchid one) are 11.5 which makes wigs 4/5.

      By the way, do any of you have notice that the lower body/uper legs seems to have change since we order our doll ?
      The way the leg joins the peanut flowed so nicely in those first bodies, the new one seems to be so much shorter and the leg seems skinnier.
      What do you think ? Of course I am not speaking about the waist corset, but the lowert part of the body and upper part of the legs.
    8. What does everyone think of Lily now that she has a faceup? I thought I was set on Orchid, but now I'm not so sure!

      I personally can't tell, but perhaps the difference in lighting may be why?
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    10. Lily is gorgeous! I didn't realize she was already sold, it's not on the main site in the faces section. And it's really hard to get a real sense of a doll when you see it without a faceup. That makes me sad. I really would have loved to buy a Lily head and have her share my Butterfly's body.
    11. We still have some hope : Eli told me she is to get some help next week and if things works well, we might be able to get a Lily head, she will let us know (if this is so) in a mail to all of those who have oder a new posable normal body;
      Also may be Lily is all sold in WS but may be not in other colors, I only asked for white, so ...
    12. Oh I love Lily with the faceup! She is so gorgous!

      But I wouldn't want her without a faceup by Eli specifically- the detail she puts into her faces is unmatched- even her resin girls look porcelain. But I gathered from the last email she doesn't have time to do faceups for a while (so sad!)
    13. I wasn't too keen on her without a faceup either. With a faceup, she looks different than I imagined. I hope we'll see Lily with a different faceup as I'm torn between her and Orchid, and I'm one of the people who didn't make a decision for which mold yet during the preorder.
    14. A certain girl has arrived:
      [​IMG]Butterfly by Zalem X, on Flickr

      I have a couple more on my flickr. The sculpt is really so delicate and stunning. I'm amazed at the details of the body. Don't have a name yet. Will probably come up with one once she comes back from having her faceup done. Please excuse the poor lighting in the pictures!
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    15. How beautiful! Love this packaging! (I wrote on your flickr pics!)
    16. Congrats on your arrival zalem! I'm looking forward to seeing her completed. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with my girl, though I did decide to go with the Lily mold.
    17. Awww Lily is too beautiful. I asked Eli about her. She did mention that she was trying to have more Lily heads made, so I hope to get one. I'll be sending this girl off for her faceup very soon.
    18. [​IMG]Lovely Butterfly by Zalem X, on Flickr

      She is borrowing this so the outfit doesn't quite fit. Will have to commission something perfect for her. Right now I already have her head off and ready to be sent for a faceup. Can't wait to see how she turns out.
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    19. Oh I can't wait to see her all finished too! I can't wait to get my girl so I can start making some things! Are you sending her out for a face up? I have to try and do my own... a little worried, but it will just have to be! Keep posting her photos -- I don't think anyone of us minds seeing these girls!

      zalem said: "She is borrowing this so the outfit doesn't quite fit. Will have to commission something perfect for her. Right now I already have her head off and ready to be sent for a faceup. Can't wait to see how she turns out."
    20. Yes, I just sent her out to get her faceup yesterday. The artist is very good and has a fairly quick turn around time so she should be back in no time. Now trying to get everything else together is going to be the problem. I want to get her a fancier, more elaborate wig with braids and things. And I still have to find the perfect eye color for her.