Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

    1. So exciting!! Did she come with eyes? I think mine will, but I prob should get an extra pair. I think they are 6mm?
    2. Wow, so want this. It looks like porclain dolls, but in resin. This is absolutley amazing.
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    3. Yeah, I can't recommend them enough. I'm amazed at the quality.

      Yes, they come with 6mm eyes. Which is good because she can wear those while I figure out which ones I really want her to use.
    4. What color eyes did you get? I saw it was random, I hope to get the lavender color!

      How is the stringing, does she hold her poses nicely? It looks like she does...
    5. She came with blue eyes which works for the time being. She poses very well. :)
    6. Thanks for the reply! I will just hint for the lavender ones!!
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    7. Eli posted some photos of her newest girl. There will also be a new preorder next weekend!
    8. The preorder for the new girl and others (including the lovely Lily) is up for anyone interested!

      Also, my girl came back from her faceup. I adore her!
      [​IMG]Butterfly by Zalem X, on Flickr
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    9. I have to admit that I'm painfully tempted to put in an order during this latest preorder period (just like I was last time), but I really don't think I can justify that much at the moment, even if I get one on layaway :( These dolls are incredible, and the extra heel parts and accessories are just gorgeous <3 Such works of art! I hope everyone who does get a doll plans on posting lots of photos when they arrive!

      @zalem Her faceup is so beautiful - she looks stunning! :love
    10. @Zaliayn Layaway is your friend! :) It is pricey, but I do feel the doll is amazing and worth cost. Though if you are really tight on cash maybe wait for another preorder. My Lily is going to be sharing the body with the Butterfly because I can't really afford to buy another full doll right now.

      More pic spam:
      [​IMG]IMG_5043 by Zalem X, on Flickr
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    11. I think I could probably manage it if I went with layaway and just bought the doll (and maybe the corset waist too?), it's whether I should allow myself to do it or not. Also it would likely mean no more dolls for a long while!
      I'll have to have a good think about it over the next couple of days.

      If I did go for it, I think I'd choose either Lily or Orchid on the natural posing body, although Butterfly is pretty too. I'd also love all the amazing heel parts, but that would definitely have to wait! :sweat

      *sigh* ...sometimes I think things can be TOO gorgeous haha :whee:
    12. Oh, my... I really, really love Ellia even though I'm still a bit undecided about the translucent resin </3.
      Unfortunately I can't join this pre-order as I just got a new doll a few days ago. But I'll definitely think about getting into the next one.
    13. Pretty! I really love her soft faceup. Did you make the wig and corset? I've never made a wig nor have any sewing skills, but both compliment her well.

      I think I'm going to get one of the heeled parts, but not sure which one yet. I am wondering about the fragility of the resin that's mentioned, so I plan on emailing for clarification. I was thinking of getting the new Orchid head, as I like that mold too, but I don't know if it'll start to bother me that she doesn't have her own body, and I can't buy another one. Plus there's the boy who I'm interested in as poor wallet.
    14. No, no. I'm not so talented to be able to make such things. I got them from Etsy. :)
    15. Ah, the blog has pics of the new boy all painted up. Looks amazing. Very tempting, but I'm out of money at the moment.
    16. @zalem: Ah, even if you did buy everything, it's all well coordinated.

      Oh yeah the new boy is gorgeous. The faceup made me realize I do indeed like him. I'm interested in what accessories he might have, especially since he too has heeled feet.
    17. Has anyone had luck on finding clothes that fit? I have the natural body. I ended up with a white body, but a 3d printed head. The resin on the head is such a lovely translucent resin, reminds me of snow.
      Now a want that resin for a body- why do I always want the next thing!!??
    18. I've been hunting for stuff on etsy. Haven't actually pulled the trigger and bought anything yet though.
    19. Just popping in to mention the news that the preorder for the new boy is incoming! >look here!<
      He's simply stunning! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea If I collected male dolls, I would be sooooooo tempted (Who am I kidding? I'm already tempted!).
      Incredible!!! :love
    20. Wow, I love the poseability!