Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

    1. He's gorgeous. Alas, I don't have the money at the moment. Can't wait for my Lily head to ship though. She's a beauty. Wish I could afford a body for her, but she'll have to share with Butterfly for the time being.
    2. So my best friend has one of these beautiful girls and she says that anything that fits tonner Deja vu dolls as far as clothing goes will fit these girls. She says she buys her clothes from Elen Priv on Etsy. I have one on a LONG layaways so I've got plenty of time to shop for clothes!
    3. Tonner Deja Vu is going to be large and require a lot of tailoring. I have a Dejavu gown I am trying to make over for a girl, but it is slow going.

      Menagerie/Angel Egg dolls have very very small chests and narrow shoulders- I think in terms of sizing they are more similar to Enchanted Doll or Popovy- and there are Etsy clothes makers for both.

      size comparison

      While the Angel Egg here isn't actually resin, she is the same size. As you can see her shoulders and torso are more similar to Enchanted Doll or Popovy (on either side of her)
      The darker brown girl 2 dolls over is Tender Creations- and THAT doll wears Deja Vu gowns perfectly. She is much larger than any of the AE dolls.
      [​IMG]Posing comparison by Sarah, on Flickr
    4. Also, I forgot to share a pic of my Butterfly! Love her so much- can't wait for the boy now! So excited he finally cast. I don't collect male dolls but this is the most beautiful male doll I have EVER seen so I had to have him.

      [​IMG]Butterfly Dentelle - Marmite Sue by Sarah, on Flickr
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    5. I meant the new natural posing girl; sorry for not explaining that. I don't have pictures of my friend's doll but she says that the deja vu clothes fit the natural posing body.

      By the way, congrats on your new girl, she is gorgeous!

      Oh, I don't know how to link to the photo but o_cyranka_o hon Instagram posted a photo of the natural posing girl next to Tender Creation and a popovy.
      I'll try to post this:
      As you can see the natural posing girl is a little larger than the other marmite sue girls and larger (mostly longer) than the popovy girl too.
      below, Popovy to the left, then marmite and then Tender Creation. Photo by o_cyranka_o on instagram.
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    6. Oh wow you are totally right- I actually have a pose girl, I can't believe I didn't notice her size was so much bigger! (Still working on body blushing her)

      You are right she absolutely fits Deja Vu clothing (and oddly enough- the 16" designer "Disney Princess" outfits) - yes I did buy a couple for their gowns- I just tried Aurora's top on my AE pose girl and it fits perfect!
    7. I still need to buy clothes for my girl, so all this info is helpful! I had trouble finding measurements for other dolls, so I appreciate making the search easier.
    8. Happy to share the news... I cannot wait to get my girl! Galacticat, I'd love to see the disney outfits on your girl if you get a chance!
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    9. Progress on my girl has stalled slightly as I wait for another can of MrSuperClear in the mail :) Once I have her shading fixed I can dress her :D

      For those looking for lingerie- THIS person makes really nice sets that fit the slim tonner dolls and KD dolls- and I think they will fit our pose-girls too. ANEMOS
    10. OOo, thanks for the link!
    11. I just saw some shoes and outfits that Ursi Sarna is making for the marmite sue new posing girls and I'm dying! They are so beautiful!!! If you haven't seen them you can look at her instagram; I'm not sure if she is still going to be using Etsy though....
    12. I know, they are beautiful. Glad she’s now making things for the girls now, unfortunately can’t afford them right now. :(
    13. Yes, she is now selling through her own website- Ursi Sarna Fashion (Dolls'Symphony)

      Her prices are a just a little too high for me, for what they are.
    14. Hi!
      Just joining this thread as I’m thinking of buying one of these gorgeous dolls in this preorder period. I haven’t much time to decide as it finishes on 24th February!
      Does anyone know if the Marmite Sue head would fit on another body? Would the Popovy body be too small? Any advice will be much appreciated!
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    15. I just placed my order for her Venus boy in tan! I’m soooo excited as I’ve been wanting a male to fit with my Pasha girls :dance
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    16. I don't know if you could switch bodies- the heads are on so fitted and tight- for both dolls really. But, I haven't tried...

      The orders are open until Feb 28th, so you have a couple of days, although it looks like the white and light color are almost sold out.

    17. I went ahead and ordered a new pose girl in tan :D
    18. Last Friday I put my Lily on the Marketplace, and today I decided to take a few more photos of her for the listing. In the process I learned to appreciate her posing so much that I decided to keep her for now. She can fall into natural postures effortlessly. I know Eli has improved this body again this year, but honestly there is nothing more I need in a doll. I just have to get used to the jointed hands.


      This is my first fashion doll and to be honest when I first got her I was shocked at how skinny she is. Her spine scares me even now. Photos didn't prepare me for this reality. But then again, this can be hidden with clothing. Her face is odd but photogenic and even sweet. I'm starting to warm up to her.

      Where has everybody been getting wigs for their girls?
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    19. I ordered the first wig from Eli, not sure what to do about the second. I was thinking about getting one from Ursi Sarna's site, they seem pretty and reasonably priced.

      And yes, they are soooo skinny. I tell myself that this is what ballet dancers look like anyway, as though they have an eating disorder. I guess the extreme skinny/ballet body is on trend or something, Tender Creation, Marmite Sue and Popovy seem to have incredibly bony doll body's right now. SO BONY

      I hope more artists try experimenting more with rounder body types next.

      I know that the artist Emilia (I doubt she's on topic) has a doll body she is working on that she calls "athletic" and it is gorgeous.

      It would be awesome to see a round or athletic body type for Marmite Sue, although if Popovy or Tender Creation made one, I'd buy theirs as well. But I will admit I love Eli the best so I hope she does it first.

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    20. @Galacticat Thank you! I didn't know Usi Sarna made Marmite Sue wigs, this is very helpful.
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