Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

    1. BTW - I've noticed a DRAMATIC uptick on Instagram with regard to people posting photos of their Marmite Sue dolls since the last pose body came out. I am happy for Eli her dolls are finally getting the light they so richly deserve.

      Are any of you who have Marmite Sue dolls on Instagram? I joined just this year and it is surprisingly fun.
      Please give me your Instagram name if you are on there and I will follow you and like your posts!!!

      If you aren't on there, I encourage you to join. Already have one but worried about your family/friends weirding out about all your freaky doll pix? (That's how I felt!) EASY PEEASY! Just make a brand new doll account!!!! Then just add artists and people who also take pictures of the kinds of dolls you like. (Sorry if this is old news to many of you, lol)
      I'm glad I finally tried it, because it forces me to interact with my dolls more AND I've discovered a lot of amazing doll artists this way. It turns out that MOST of the artists who make gorgeous dolls, fashions, wigs, are way more active on Instagram now than anywhere else. Including Eli herself!

      Here is Eli's account! She has become quite active: Eli Effenberger/ Menagerie (@marmitesue) • Instagram photos and videos

      My instagram name is Sarah Galacticatt (@galacticatt2018) • Instagram photos and videos
      (I don't post many photos (yet) of my BJDs as I never feel like my pictures do them justice... but I promise I will try harder!!)

      I suggest "following" the tag "MarmiteSue" (that's how I find artists who are making cool fashions and wigs and just taking pretty pictures of Marmite Sue dolls)
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    2. @Galacticat I do hope the trend will move to showing some muscles instead of bones. This doll poses so beautifully but with this level of boniness I'll have to cover her up. :XD:

      Funny you should mention Instagram because I just created a separate "doll account" a few days ago (the Instagram name is teddycurrent). People might think I have lost my marbles if I use my regular account. So far my second account is blank and I'm just using it to follow people and see pretty pictures, but I will start posting once I figure out how to take better photos of dolls. Thanks for the tips!
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    3. I know what you mean but you should just take and post photos anyway- they don't have to be good at all. I'm finding that this is kinda the beauty of instagram is that MOST people just post meh photos of their dolls. It's only the artists and people with like 70K followers that take and post actual good photos. It is nice sometimes just to see other collectors enjoying their dolls like yours and taking amateur photos of them - it's nice.

      If I make a goal to post once or twice a week, I find that I interact with my dolls more which is a far cry better than leaving them all in boxes or cabinets.

      Go on, take a sloppy, dark, camera phone pic of whoever you have laying around and post it-! I will add you and like it :D
    4. @Galacticat You have given me a totally new perspective on Instagram doll photos. When I do post that first picture I'll @ you that's for sure!
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    5. Thanks so much for your reply Galacticat. I was so lucky to find a beautiful Orchid head on the secondary market and have had some success trying it on my Chimeradoll Mouse’s body! I knew the colour match wouldn’t be good as the head is white and the body normal skin but the proportions are really great!

      I will be getting her a body from Eli but until it arrives I’m happy she can share with Mouse!

      [​IMG]Marmite Sue Orchid head on Chimeradoll body by anne-uk, on Flickr
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    6. Can anybody do a comparison of Eli's older 36cm "natural" body from 2017/2018 with the "posing" body from 2018? It seems from photographs that the older body isn't nearly as bony, I'm wondering if I'd like it better. Eli said she might still have one of the older bodies in stock. Thanks!
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    7. I’m currently waiting for my Venus boy, and I often check Instagram to see owner pics. I admit, I actually like the older Venus prototype more from early summer last year, but hopefully I can give him a faceup to change my mind lol. I literally have nothing for him, which is pretty much the same for my girl. I’m terrible. :sweat I have an account I made for my dolls but I’m more active on my other one dedicated to my artwork.

      I only have the older body, but I assumed they were the same minus the additional joint?
    8. I know my sister used to have a popovy and she said the marmite doll head does fit on the popovy body but she had tan skin tone so didn't match. I'll ask her if she has any pix
    9. Anyone have suggestions for clothing/shoes for the boy body?
    10. New to the world of Marmite Sue Doll Menagerie, does she only do one preorder per year?
    11. Hello to everyone! Venus is my first fashion doll, and I was hesitated almost 6 month, should I ever buy him, or am I too clumsy for him... Got him blank a week ago, and now he has a wig, faceup and blushing, and I DO love him as doll :love Hope I'll be able to find something to cloth him up on Dollscar BJD con on Sunday!
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    12. I just received my Lily by Marmite Sue, the Natural Pose body version 1.2, she's really beautiful, but now she needs a face-up :)
      This weekend, June 15th+16th there will be the next preorder for the Natural Pose body version 2, with reworked joints + new faces... it's really tempting.
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    13. He is incredibly gorgeous- I got my boy too I love him :D SO TEMPTED by the new body order and faces!
    14. Unpredictable- sometimes longer than a year- but this time the last preorder was February 2018 I believe, before that it was August 2017.

      I love the accessories!!! I am so torn as to what to order.... arghhhh my shapeways cart keeps adding up to more than $1000 which is ridiculous.
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    15. @Galacticat thank you and congrats!
      Yep, the new release is intriguing!
    16. Thank-you, I signed up for the newsletter and was notified about the new preorder, already.
      I know how you feel about 'Shapeways'; my Pasha-Pasha sent me on a week-long binge loading and unloading my cart and then learning how to die, paint and smooth the printed accessories.
    17. Guys, I'm dying to get a guy doll... I just don't know though, I never get guy dolls and I'm worried I'll end up having to re-home him which is stressful for me (I don't have much experience but the little I have in re-homing has not been good; I like to buy a doll and keep the doll).

      Plus, I'm worried that finding clothes for him will be an absolute nightmare... still....
    18. Oh wow, he is gorgeous!