Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

    1. The bodies are different- I think Eli posted a comparison somewhere, I don't know if on her Instagram or blog- but the size of both the new boy and girl are different.

      I only have the old boy, but I have a new girl and an older girl pose body- I could take a comparison photo if someone were still looking and couldn't find Eli's, but I am no professional ;)

      I do love my new pose girl, the body is in fact better, much tighter strung and fantastic posing- it's amazing.

      [​IMG]Untitled by Sarah, on Flickr
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    2. I found the comparison photo! I think I like the previous girl body butter and I'm not sure about the boy. I love the new Orion faceplate, but the body seems soooo much larger! Maybe it's just me but just a couple of centimeters is such a big difference... I guess it's like he looks more muscular and broad, which normally what I like; however, there is a lithe elegance to the older boy model... I have too much time on my hands right now lol!
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    3. Did anyone order the newest iteration? I really wanted to order the newest body just because it looks like it poses so much better... maybe if the the original doll bodies are sueded they can pose better? I'm not sure. What do you all think?
    4. It just occured to me that I haven't posted a photo of my Menagerie girl here! :ablink: I adopted her from the marketplace a few months back - she's a Lily in white resin on the 1st gen posing body (I think). I've named her Ghost :)
      [​IMG]Ghost by Zaliayn, on Flickr
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    5. Love her! And appropriately named!
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    6. Ah thank you very much! :)
    7. No message. No notification or fanfare; Poe has arrived. He is a second-gen Orion. I thought the neck might be off-putting, but I love all of him, including his leatherette dance belt.
    8. Here is my first gen Venus- and I actually don't recall if this gal's body is 1st or 2nd gen, I think 1st.

      I finally found some clothing for them!

      by Galacticatt, on Flickr
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    9. I do love my Venus, I'd really like to order a 2nd generation boy now- I like the idea of one being taller and one shorter :D
      [​IMG]Venus by Galacticatt, on Flickr
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    10. Here is the "Tan" and the "white" skin- if you were curious

      [​IMG]Untitled by Galacticatt, on Flickr
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