Angel Philia

Aug 8, 2018

    1. Just to clarify, yes, Angel Philia dolls are on topic, and this thread is the correct place to discuss them. :) If people would like, they can feel free to join in the Obitsu diacussion thread, but it is not mandatory. If anyone would prefer to discuss AP dolls only, this is an appropriate place to do that.
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    2. What clothing besides Angelphilia clothing fits?
    3. It depends on the bust size! My Angelphilia has a small bust so most regular MSD-sized tops fit (not slim mini though). MSD dresses are very short on her. I haven't tried pants so can't help much here. <3
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    4. Thank you <3 I just ordered my first one and she has the small bust also
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    5. Hi all! :) Has anyone tried to hybrid an AP body with a bjd head? I am wondering how various msd heads would look on the body.
    6. I know that different people tried to do this with Obitsu, and it was nice.
      I'm interested in this question too!
    7. I haven’t done it myself but I’ve seen people do it in the angelphilia group on Facebook
    8. I've always had a quiet interest in them, just always felt a little weird and afraid of buying one. Its sad I feel this way... maybe its all the stigma?
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    9. Yes, I have seen this too. Recently an SD head, but I think it is too big. :l That is why I asked about msd size! :3nodding:

      Thank you so much for the photo and the links! I don't know the company HTT, I could not find any information about Bambee. What is her head circumference? I have seen some 8.5" doll heads on AP bodies and they are a bit big, so I thought msd ranging from 7" too about 8" would be a good fit.
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    10. I am very interested in getting an AP myself but I really don't know how ordering them is done... can you only purchase a full doll in the part-combination it is released in? I'd love to have a tan girl with a special upper torso and closed mouth... also, is there only one dealer? is it even possible to order them via layaway? I have not seen an option to buy the heads seperately... getting an AP seems to be very difficult... is there a FAQ?
    11. I've gotten most of my APs from Mandarake. They are released as full dolls in particular configurations, but you can order individual parts from a dealer (the only one I'm familiar with though is FaithZ Option Parts : FaithZ - A Hobby store for Toys , Nendoroid , BJD , Angel Philia and Collectibles - International shipping and Layaway available )

      If you want a custom configuration, your best bet is to buy a full doll with the face you want, in the color you want, then replace the bust piece, either buying the individual bust you want from Faithz or by trading with another person that wants the bust piece your girl came with.
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    12. Octarine Dolls does layaways. Faithz too, I think. There is no FAQ that I know of, just the Inner Collection blog.
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    13. so, quick update! After looking up almost every release and finally getting into all the head- and Body-types I finally found the combination I want and reached out for finding one... and... She will be on her way tomorrow!!! exactly what I want, tan, soft skin, smallest bust, nice face (Type-M although I would also have considered others). I am so happy right now and can't wait to welcome my AP at home :D
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    14. Congratulations!
      AP recommends padding the inside of SoftSkin girls to help the skins spring back into shape. I recommend using polyester fiber fill, the material used as batting in quilts, available at local fabric stores.
      Dollieh Sanctuary • View topic - Real Art Projects (RAP) Pink Drops #23 NSFW
    15. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, real life crap.
      The Bambee head is sold out. (sniff!)
      If I remember correctly she is on the larger side of the 7-8 size.
      MSD head sizes would be a good choice as the AP bodies are all 48cm and 50cm. Some of the AP heads are on the small side, very close to 7" and some of the larger 6-7 wigs fit them.
      As always it's a matter of personal taste.
    16. Wohoooo! My AP is at home with me and I am soooo happy! She is so easy to handle and soooo smooth! And I love her skin (soft skin). Just have to give her a face-up and wait for her wig to arrive (and I have to get some heeled feet for her!) but the best thing is, a nurse costume, I bought maybe a year ago and which never fit any of my dolls, fits her just too perfect! I have a feeling, that there are more AP's to come to my home XD
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    17. FYI, unless you are going to put her in strappy high heeled sandals, where a lot of the foot is exposed, you don't need to get the high heel feet. The regular feet fit well in most heels.
      Penelope (in pink) has the AP high heel feet. Diamond (in white and red) has regular flat feet. Both are wearing the same Volks Dollfie Dream plastic pumps.
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    18. @K-2! thank you for the advise! Unfortunately, the shoes I have here, don't fit my AP with flat feet, but I think heeled feet would porbably work... we'll see...
      Since my AP is in fact a boy, I have been busy today, sculpting his missing parts and attaching them (I am pretty surprised, how well it turned out!) next step was his face-up and now I am waiting for his wig an the rest of his outfit. I had planned on a boy-mod for AP before even getting one and now I am even more in love with them XD... Although my friends might be even more creeped out by me, if they ever find out. Well... they know me :whee:
    19. I also have a boy AP! I sculpted him some boy parts out of polymer clay, but I haven't found a good way to attach them yet. How did you attach yours?
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