Angel Philia

Aug 8, 2018

    1. I attached them with tick-it (the stuff I use as eye-putty) and it not only works very well, it is removable anytime :D
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    2. I just ordered my second AP yesterday (and I also placed and order at Faithz for some spare parts)... I feel so guilty and happy at the same time XD
      why is this hobby so addictive and why did I ever find out about AP dolls? Well... too late XD
    3. I love my Angel Philia! I have an Emmy, and she is so darling. :blush Also, they are very addicting, as soon as I took her out of her box I was like "OK now I want more!"
    4. My AP Ellie arrived today!

      She looks so worried XD

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    5. She is so cute!!! I love her blue hair, it looks great on her!
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    6. Oh my god... I am really addicted to those girls... Having my third one on the way and being in the process of ordering a fourth one XD. I even started building my Diorama for them and it is getting closer to being finished every day!
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    7. Oh my.... I was on Mandarake (big mistake) and felt in love with the type-B muscle shaped body of the AP :whee:.
      But I can't seem to be able to find a head alone...
      Does any obitsu head could go on a AP body?
    8. The internal skeleton is the same for Azone 50, Obitsu 50, Angel Philia, Yamato, Pink Drops, etc. So ANY of those heads will go on an AP body and use the normal neck attachment. Note that AP, Yamato, & Pink Drops tend to be smaller heads (6-7 wig) while Azone and Obitsu tend to be bigger heads (7-8 wig), however both heads look the right "scale" for the body.

      I have an Obitsu 50 head on my AP body, looks great and fits perfect!
    9. Thanks so much for your answer!
      So I'll go on an adventure an look for the perfect head!
      It's so cool that we are able to choose any head. I love the AP bodies but the heads...
    10. Agreed, some of the AP/Pink Drops heads are a bit much, but there are a few "less suggestive" heads in their line up. The Type J, L, and M are quite nice.
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    11. The heads are not everyone's taste, that is true. I really couldn't stand some of them at the beginning, but after seeing more and more I fell in love with some of those. Type J and M are really nice and neutral. I'd love to get a Type L one day, but atm I already have 4 AP's and I have to stop xD
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    12. I actually kind of like the Q head, not so suggestive. J, L and M are cute but maybe a bit to much cute. As I wanted a muscular body I'd like to put on a more "badass" head... But I'm under the impression that I will have to go with a mature face and modified it
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    13. Type H can also be very nice! I wasn't aware of that for a long time until I saw some stunning repaints on Instagramm. The power of a face-up is overwhelming, sometimes! Type Q is nice, too, but personally I can't get used to the tongue sticking out XD.
      @gokkai: if you are looking for type-Q, there is an unpainted version available at right now, I think
    14. @Lornica: You are right, and it the same colour than the body I found. Thank you very much :cheer:whee:
    15. does anyone have or know anyone who has an AP with a more "realistic" faceup? I'm curious to see what it would look like since their bodies are so detailed but their faces still have that slight anime vibe.
    16. I have to admit, I quite like the J head. The faceup, not so much. But the head is nice.
    17. The various Type J face ups available from the manufacturers.
      And if you don't like those there have been blanks released in both white and tan.
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    18. Hey all! I’m just delving into Angel Philia’s now and have purchased a Type-O head off of yahoo Japan. I noticed on Faithz’s website they say the inner frame is Obitsu “48.5”, but Obitsu only has 48cm and 50cm so which one is it? It seems that the difference of the two bodies is purely in the legs??? I’m planning to buy my girl an Obitsu body and then eventually swap in an Angel Philia bust, abdomen and thighs, so would this work with both the Obitsu 48cm and 50cm bodies or are the AP parts only going to be able to fit on one of these bodies given the slight height difference? Thank you :kitty2
    19. Obitsu makes a lot of custom items for different retailers, so it's quite possible they make a special 48.5cm frame for Angel Philia, just like they make a special 48cm frame for Parabox (the 48cm is not standard release; it's exclusive to Parabox). If I'm not mistaken, the only difference between the standard 50cm and the 48cm Parabox variant is that the "rods" that come out from the knee joint are shorter on the 48cm (and then the vinyl external parts are shorter as well for the 48cm). Probably the same case with Angel Philia. You should be fine starting with the standard 50cm frame, you may just need to trim down the knee "rods" as you swap in the AP thighs.
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