Angell-Studio Youth (58-61cm) and Charm (62-71cm) Discussion Vol. 3

Apr 14, 2017

    1. The head is listed but "sold out". Sometimes I think they just list them to show the blank head
    2. Thank you for mentioning this information! I'm in the same boat and I actually e-mailed them yesterday asking about the compatibility between the 62cm head and 1/3 girl body. They only told me it was not compatible (without that explanation). I really want to get Cynthia since she's perfect for a doll I've been wanting to make for so long, but the default body doesn't work for the character in mind. *_*
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    3. Me too! But my preference is actually the 62cm body. I am so loving their long legs. Unfortunately, the heads that I want are only compatible with their 1/3 body.
    4. @be.enzo What a coincidence! I don't have an issue with the 62cm body in general, but my girl would wear a lot of torso exposing tops and I know the obvious division of the body would bug me. I would definitely be fine with the 62cm body for a fully-clothed doll, but all of the Angell-Studio sculpts I like fit potential characters that show more skin. :sweat I think it's a bit unfortunate that I can't combine certain heads with certain bodies.
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    5. I feel for you. I hope Angell Studio can do something about it. :-)
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    6. Ahh sorry about that...I know they have other heads for sale separately (and I'm planning on buying one) so I assumed that was the same for all their dolls. I swear at one point I saw Lan Ling's head was actually available for sale, with a price and everything...unless I'm remembering wrong. @_@

      I find it kind of strange that some heads are available and others aren't, especially since Lan Ling isn't even limited? I think it's worth asking them about it, at least.
    7. I decided to give up on Cynthia. :eek: I found a replacement sculpt from a different company that isn't as perfect but works very well. I'm keeping an eye out for new 1/3 youth girls from Angell-Studio so I can add one to my collection eventually. It would be a shame to not have one! :3nodding:
    8. For anyone interested, I email Angell-Studio and they told me that Lan Ling is only available with his body ;n; looks like i'll be stalking secondhand or finding someone to split! oh well, at least he's not limited *u*
    9. Hey guys!
      I’m a new doll owner and decided to get an Angell Studio as my first BJD!

      I recently placed an order for Chang E and I’m super excited to get her! I just wanted to ask if anyone else has recently placed an order with them? (I was looking at the waitlist wiki for AS and in 2018 there hasnt been that many orders)

      Im a bit scared right now since it is my first time ordering a BJD >.< thank you!
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    10. Congratulations, and welcome to the club! Angell Studio is a great brand with good resin quality and cute faces. I have a XiShi now and I just totally adore her. From her faceup to her height (62cm) to her joints. She's really a keeper. :-)

      Chang E is also one of the sculpts I considered before. I'm sure she's going to be more charming in person.

      I ordered Hua Yue last November through our local AS agent. According to her, production and delivery time will take about 2-3 months. But I'm still hoping that she'll be delivered by mid-January. Good thing that you ordered her earlier because I think they don't produce anything weeks before and after Chinese New Year.

      Looking forward to seeing your Chang E soon! :-)
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    11. When I ordered my Diao-Chan in November of 2016, she finally arrived in mid March. However, Chinese New Year happens in February, and getting ANYTHING shipped from China during that time is a no-go. This is a truism for BJDs as it is for every business I’ve worked for that has to deal with recieving items from there. So don’t worry if it takes an extra month.
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    12. @Maechen The new 2017 body is beautiful right? Its also an amazing poser and looks realistic unclothed. Personally, I would wait for someone that you like because I tried the Hua Rong head on the body and it did not sit right

      It made her neck very long because the neck type on the 62 girl head is very different from the one on the 1/3 girl head (its filled instead of concave? I dont know how to explain, but the 62 head perches and cannot rotate on the neck instead of naturally sits on it)

      Plus shortening the neck to make it fit isnt an option because theres a big metal ring tube type thing inside the neck, its not all resin like the other company dolls :(

      Im sure there will be one that catches your interest soon :) I can see them making something fancy this spring or Chinese New Year

      @pinnku I think finding a split partner would not be so hard if you choose one of the easy to hybrid skin colors, because I see demand for the 74cm body (there are two versions of Lan Ling, the 72 and 74, 74 is more popular)

      @Noodles Congratulations :)

      I ordered my Daxue on January 8, and got shipping notice on April 3

      I also ordered my tan version of Daxue Mermaid on June 28, but she isnt shipped yet.

      I guess because maybe the mermaid is a little bit difficult to process or because there is too many orders now, I dont know, but I prefer to wait than get a rushed doll

      Theres a new variation of ChangE (62cm girl) shes very pretty and I like her outfit and hat. I think shes also the open eye version or maybe it is makeup influence that makes her look more wide eye
      (AS Agency)Limited Edition BJD ChangE*Europe Style Girl 62cm Ball-Jointed Doll_Size 62 ~ 72cm_Angell Studio_DOLL_Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll

      Also, new 1/3 girl DongZhi. I really like her outfit, but its not sold separately
      Limited 60 Fullsets BJD DongZhi Girl 58cm Ball-Jointed Doll_Size 62 ~ 72cm_Angell Studio_DOLL_Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll
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    13. Thank you for the replies! :D
      Do you guys know if all the current limited girls come with the 2017 body? :O
      I'm wondering if my Chang E will have a 2017 body it looks really pretty >.<
    14. @GreenTeaSlug Yes, I think it is a gorgeous body! It's good to know that it will pose nicely as well. Thank you once again for all of the information. It really helps to get an idea of what would happen if you try to mix the two. DongZhi is so pretty with her full set and she seems very tempting! It might change my 2019 doll plans a bit, but I'm seriously considering her since she is limited. What timing! :lol:

      @NoodIes ChangE has the 62cm girl body and not the 2017 1/3 girl body. You can find the details on each doll's product page. I really like her, too! Her sculpt seems very versatile. :3nodding:
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    15. Hi! Newbie collector here. I find that I love dolls who look nice in hanfu (traditional Chinese clothes) the best, and looking through Angell Studio's catalog, I really fell in love with Huaxi 10th anniversary edition. He seems to be a limited doll though? I was checking the inclusions in the site for the fullset, and strangely enough, the wig and boots are listed, but not his clothes? At least, those are included in the checkboxes, but not the clothes.

      I can read a little Chinese, and the promotional image included in his page says that the fullset includes the clothes though. Can anybody help me clarify this?
    16. The message at the bottom says the clothes are not included. He was released a while ago and the outfit set may be sold out. You might ask Angell-Studio though!
    17. I already asked the local AS dealer for a quote. She said its fullset including a commemorative book. But I might check with her again just in case.
    18. I think he may come with the clothes by default? I was surprised to see him costing $700+ which seems much more pricey than other blank 71cm AS dolls. It could be that you just can't get the clothes separately from him and that's why they're not shown?
    19. Angell Studio left in the notice at the bottom of the product page that the price is for the basic doll only, no clothing or accessories included. If anyone wants to buy the full set, the chinese text seems to say that the full set purchase comes with a 12% discount, so it couldn't hurt to ask Angell Studio about being able to purchase the outfit along with the rest of the set.

      I'm also not sure why it's 700+ aside from it being a limited release. It's nice update of the original Hua Xi, with the outfit details being more articulate and the faceup style is updated. I feel like they also changed his nose shape slightly, I don't know if that's just me? However, it's a large jump in price.

      I'm still really glad to see this update of Hua Xi!
    20. I've seen Hua Xi V1.0, and I didn't like him as much as this 10th anniversary Hua Xi. The difference a good faceup makes, I suppose? And yeah, the nose does feel different, but maybe that's due to the blushing?