Angell-Studio Youth (58-61cm) and Charm (62-71cm) Discussion Vol. 3

Apr 14, 2017

    1. The translucent pink and white are just too light for me - I have Bella & Rhea in these.

      I have HuaRong 1/3 And Rong Rong 1/6 in Normal pink (09). I also got HuaXi 1/6 in Solid Butter (06) which I was unsure of, but I love it! Not even sure what I would order next between Normal pink & Solid butter. They both look awesome.

      How about Solid pink (05) ?? Does anyone have it?

      [posting for skin tone only]

      [​IMG]Angell-Studio kids by Stellar Phenomena, on Flickr
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    2. I love my girl in Solid Butter, it’s no where near as yellow as I was afraid of. Honestly she’s not much different colored from my Volks Normal Skin. Slightly paler maybe?
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    3. Just popping in to share a pic of Xiazhi.

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    4. So pretty! I wanted that dress!! Rong Rong looks a bit like a tiny version of her. :)
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    5. davri: Yes, it was a happy surprise. I really like it.
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    6. About the tight stringing, I actually cut the strings when my doll arrived. I feel it was too tight and I was worried about the stress on the resin from the tension.

      I didnt want to come to regret it later because I saw some minifees with broken necks and deformed legs from the tight stringing :(

      I glue sueded her and restrung her. She didnt need the sueding but might as well do it since shes unstrung.

      @Noodles they dont update their english website as quickly as their local one, so if you see something that you want, you can email them and they will add it.

      I saw Youth TaoYao (she was called peach spirit from translate) on their local website, I asked about her and they put her on their english website for order, a week + later

      @fionvarre Ive seen ringdoll normal in person and its very white, its exactly like iplehouse white
      I think Milk would be a good match to their resin

      I did order TaoYao in milk as soon as she became available but she has not shipped yet, or else I would have shown you a comparison with iplehouse white

      @Qianna hello :)

      Which doll line are you interested in? I really love the body on the AS 1/3 Youth, the 2017 version. I think it is the prettiest female body, good posing and can fit most clothes made for other dolls and she also comes with non ankle high heel legs so she is more solid when standing in heels. I cannot find one thing I do not like about the body or their doll

      Nicest skin color is subjective. I usually like the whitest white skintone because of how lifeless it looks, like its drained of life. I have white and shes paper white, no under tones

      I also have their suntan doll head and it is very nice, a natural shade without the weird high saturation orange, its a nice cool tone and very natural and cool. @bickazer is 100% spot on with their description, I have olive skin and its very hard to see dolls with similar skin tone, it is always too orange, or too saturated, but AS is natural and also Iplehouse + Granado

      I also like how velvet the resin feels, the only thing I dont like is that the string is TOO tight for my liking, so I restring, but it is a personal thing. I also had a problem before with communication but recently it became goodish. I prefer to order from a dealer and I use Legend Doll to order their dolls.

      @davri I dont have that problem, maybe its something they fixed with their 2017 1/3 youth body
      when you say sitting upright, you mean sitting like on a chair on the dining table?
      Im reading and writing to improve my english but sometimes I have difficulty understanding.

      @stellarphenomena your kids are very beautiful, I realllllllly love Rongrong :D:D:D
      It makes me sad when I see DongZhi XD I love the outfit but I feel I have too many dolls so Im jealous of anyone getting the fullset
      It is the nicest fullset Angell Studio made it is decadent :love

      Has anyone noticed that many of the skin tones are now not available to order? Most of the listing have white, pink, butter and milk only

      Mermaids seems to be taking time, has anyone received theirs or seen someone that has? I paid in full my order in june 2018, but I guess because it is very complicated it is taking time. Im okay with waiting, I dont want it to be rushed and disappointing
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    7. Yes I mean sitting on a chair or similar. Mine kind of looks like she wants to be reclining on a fainting couch, her legs prevent her from sitting up straight.
    8. Sorry I took so long, my week was busier than I anticipated! I took a couple of photos today to hopefully give you a better idea of the resin. My Elizabeth is in their Milk 08.

      Body comparisons
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    9. @davri

      I put her on a chair and made sure that she wasnt leaning on the back, she sat on the chair effortlessly, I think they improved the new body (youth 2017 version) because I dont have that problem :( I undressed her to underwear so the body shows better

      This one isnt restrung or glue sueded yet, because the stringing on her is looser than the one on the other doll so Im not too worried about tension and stress


      for reference, she is solid white resin and is Daxue/Greater Snow on the 2017 youth body before they made her a mermaid doll exclusive.

      @Yuns I expected it to be more pink! Its very close to white, maybe with ivory undertones instead of white white
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    10. Yeah, she's pretty white! I've had her for a while now but I'm always surprised when I get her out of the box to look at her, haha. It's a pretty color, though if I had been given another option I think I'd have gone with Solid Butter like my Xi Shi, I'm just not a fan of overly white dolls myself.
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    11. Thanks!! Honestly I don't know which one yet. I really love their sculpts but I don't even know whether I want a boy or girl yet. Most people here have girls from them? All I know it's that it would be a 1/3. ;)

      I have two Ringdoll boys and their skin really is super light. I was afraid that my Granado white skin would be the same as Ringdoll normal but the white is just a tiny bit lighter. XD My Dollbom Girl had a really dark pink skin so I want to get something that's closer to her or on between her and the others... So I won't go for white if I go for a new doll. ;)

      I'm really shocked to hear that they strong so tight it can damage the resin. :O did that happen to anyone here yet?
    12. @GreenTeaSlug good to hear that Huaxi will match my Mo Dao boys then. My friend was telling me he'd make a good Nie Huaisang so I'm debating a custom order Nie Huaisang cos for him once he arrives.

      As for the skintones, my dealer actually said that AS only has four skintones available now, but i find it hard to believe that they'd remove the tan skin option.
    13. GreenTeaSlug: Aw, thanks. Really,you can't go wrong with AS dolls. I love most of them, but I'm at a limit with dolls - all these releases I now pass up. Not to mention all the great outfits!
    14. Popping in to share a photo of Polaris (XiaZhi). I'll admit to cycling through dolls fairly frequently, but there are some that I refuse to sell, and Polaris is certainly one of them.

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    15. NekoNyanMew: What a cutie! What brand is her nice outfit?
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    16. So pretty!!!!
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    17. NekoNyanMew: Yes, that's it - it looked very familiar. Mint Donuts.
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